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by Rudolf F. Graf

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From the basic elements of theory to the most cutting-edge circuit technology, this book explains it all in both words and .

From the basic elements of theory to the most cutting-edge circuit technology, this book explains it all in both words and pictures. For easy reference, the author has provided definitions for standard abbreviations and equations as well as tables of SI (International System of Units) units, measurements, and schematic symbolsModern Dictionary of Electronics is the bible of technology reference for readers around.

Modern Dictionary of Electronics is the bible of technology reference for readers around the world. Now fully updated by the original author, this essential, comprehensive reference book should be in the library of every engineer, technician, technical writer, hobbyist, and student. Скачать (pdf, 3. 1 Mb) Читать. Rudolf F. Graf has 45 years of engineering, sales, and marketing experience in the electronics field. He has written more than 30 books (about three million copies printed)and well over 100 articles. He is a senior member of the IEEE, a licensed amateur radio operator (KA2CWL), and has a BSEE degree from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and an MBA from NYU. He is self-employed.

Modern Dictionary of Electronics, Rudolf F. Graf Elsevier . Graf Elsevier Science 9780750698665 Современный словарь электроники : This reference includes practical terminology for consumer electronics, optics . It is widely accepted as the best single authoritative book on electronic circuit design, and is in fact so popular that it has been counterfeited - so beware if purchasing from a third party via an online retailer, as you may receive a very inferior physical product.

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Modern dictionary of electronics. by. Graf, Rudolf . comp.

Dictionaries & Thesauruses Education & Reference Electrical & Electronic Engineering Electrical & Electronics . More by Rudolf F. Graf. Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters: Projects for the Electronics Experimenter.

More by Rudolf F. Graf, William Sheets.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Modern Dictionary of Electronics. Graf Professional Technical Writer. 3. 1 Mb. Power supply and battery charger circuit encyclopedia. Graf Professional Technical Writer, William Sheets. Format Paperback 869 pages.

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I dabble in electronics as a hobby so a lot of times I will come across something with which I am unfamiliar. In those instances, a good reference is indispensable. I browsed this dictionary in a store once, and the entries I happened to look up were concise and thorough. However, it didn't seem worth the hundred dollars they were asking in the store (especially since the latest edition is over ten years old) so I picked it up on Amazon for about half that. After using it for a while I have discovered that some of the entries use language that is a bit technical for the hobbyist, but I can usually figure out what it is conveying if I think about it for a while, and perhaps cross-reference the material with another source like the Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary of Electronics by John Douglas-Young (which is written very clearly, but is much less comprehensive, with fewer entries, and is over twenty years old). I would actually give this book three and half stars. It's pretty good but not great.
Old and outdated, but still can be used for reference.
This excellent dictionary contains definitions of approx. 25,000 terms. The definitions are concise, and descriptively and explanatorily complete. There are over 100 well-labelled illustrations. The appendix contains tables of International Systems of Units and two pages of well-labelled schematic symbols used in electronics diagrams. I see that there are used copies of the dictionary here on Amazon.com for only $0.01. That is an incredible bargain.
Thank you
Graf is a legend. The fact that he put his name on a dictionary is very significant. It's the best I've seen and I've looked at a pile of them.
This dictionary is compete, larg and concice. It covers all aspects of electronics and is quite humbling. No one person can know it all.

age 79 retired from electronics.
I like this book and especially it gives people in college looking for projects to learn from a very good start so they can build on.
Modern Dictionary of Electronics download epub
Author: Rudolf F. Graf
ISBN: 0672220415
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Subcategory: Engineering
Language: English
Publisher: Sams; 6 edition (May 1, 1984)
Pages: 1152 pages