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the book is a success. Edward Simpson School of Oriental and African. Several texts in the reader. including some by Nader herself) demonstrate.

the book is a success. xxv, 548. p. maps, tables, figs, illus. Oxford, Malden, Mass. that such choices will cause only more. Some analyses of the pro-nuclear. lobbies prove to be outright wrong, for instance. Nader worked on issues of energy for some. As an anthropologist she joined.

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Laura Nader (born 1930) is an American anthropologist. She has been a Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley since 1960. She was the first woman to receive a tenure-track position in the department. She is also the sister of . activist, consumer advocate, and frequent third-party candidate Ralph Nader, as well as community advocate Shafeek Nader.

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Professor of Anthropology The book includes ten chapters written by advisees of Laura Nader and demonstrates how to use her concept of "the vertical slice" to understand an. .

Professor of Anthropology. The book includes ten chapters written by advisees of Laura Nader and demonstrates how to use her concept of "the vertical slice" to understand and address such important and pressing issues as the growth of debt culture, global financial crisis, indigenous land dispossession, food insecurity, institutional surrogacy in families, and mismanaged healthcare, among others.

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Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. Laura Nader (1980) Little Injustices- Laura Nader Looks at the Law 60 min. Laura Nader (2011) Losing Knowledge: Fifty Years of Change 40 min. Culture and Dignity: Dialogues Between the Middle East and the West. Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. Familia. Sus padres, Nathra y Rose Nader, eran inmigrantes árabes libaneses. Su padre trabajaba en una fábrica textil cercana y en cierto momento fue dueño de una panadería y restaurante donde animaba a sus clientes en discusiones sobre cuestiones políticas. Tenía tres hermanos:.

Laura Nader, American anthropologist, educator. Background (The Zapotec observe that 'a bad compromise is better than. { THE ENERGY READER } by Nader, Laura (AUTHOR) May-25-2010 Paperback. Nader, Laura was born on September 30, 1930 in Winsted, Connecticut, United States. Bachelor, Wells College, Aurora, New York, 1952. The Disputing Process: Law in Ten Societies. The Disputing Process.

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There, "little injustices" were the meat of everyday courtroom life

The Energy Reader presents a series of readings that examinethe energy problem from an anthropological perspective and look atenergy holistically, including social and cultural components andlong term implications for global and social environmental change.  Brings a unique critical approach to the problem of energy andits complexityPresents the topic as both a human and a technological problem,differentiating long-term perspectives from short term fixesIncludes coverage of  the politics of energy, theprotection of future generations, the avoidance of dangerous wasteproducts, efficiency, resilience, and democratic relevanceFeatures selections drawn from the work of physicists,economists, business experts, engineers, journalists, historians,and entrepreneurs

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For someone whose entire capacity of knowledge stemmed from a 4th-grade research project, but who was pretty self-satisfied about her knowledge of the energy problem and its possible solutions nonetheless, this book was an eye-opener. Anyone who believes that they are a clean-energy advocate -- or anyone who believes that renewable energy is not a necessity -- should read this book. It is a primer in the very best sense of the word, readying the mind to think critically about and discuss (and debate if necessary) our consumption of energy, our current energy sources and energy possibilities. The diverse set of readings show us where we've been, where we are and where we can go; it juxtaposes the dreams that scientists and policy-makers had decades ago with today's energy realities.

Laura Nader's Reader serves as an introduction to prominent thinkers in the energy field -- Amory Lovins, Duane Lockard Barbara Rose Johnston stand out in my mind -- and, perhaps most importantly, to the idea that while energy shifts must by their nature be revolutionary, they need not be radical. The idea that we must subject ourselves to authoritarian rationing in order to limit our energy use or change our energy sources -- the idea that placing limits on our energy use is somehow anti-progress or illiberal or undemocratic -- is soundly turned on its head in this reader. Through the readings, we learn that we have a choice. We learn to think about our energy sources as intrinsically tied up in the way we live, rather than merely fueling the way we live.

"Energy in Action" portions of the book give readers hope by providing examples of paradigm shifts in thought and action that are already being played out with regard to energy use.

While a few readings are a bit redundant -- for instance, the many mentions of Nader's work in the Committee On Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems study groups could easily have been replaced by one or two -- and the space in the book could have been used to flesh out other issues like energy policy's relationship with foreign policy or on energy possibilities other than solar, overall the book is a great read. While I used the book for a course with Professor Nader at UC Berkeley, this book is not only for students. It's a necessity for anyone who wants to speak authoritatively on energy issues, and to think critically about the way they live their lives.
Great information and compilation. However, it really needs a much better index. There are major time lapses so pay attention to when each piece is published.
Since I bought this book used I was expecting it to be a bit trashy, but it was in really great condition.
The Energy Reader download epub
Author: Laura Nader
ISBN: 1405199849
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Subcategory: Engineering
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (May 17, 2010)
Pages: 574 pages