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Acid Soil and Acid Rain: Research Studies in Botany and Relate Applied Fields download epub

by I. R. Kennedy

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book by Ivan R. Kennedy.

book by Ivan R. ISBN13:9780863801242. Release Date:March 1992.

Hardcover, 272 pages. 0863801242 (ISBN13: 9780863801242).

Includes bibliographical references and index. E5E5 Agenda setting and acid precipitation in the United States. Davis, C. New York, Springer-Verlag; 1993 Nov. Environmental management v. 17 (6): p. 807-816; 1993 Nov.

Subject(s): Soil acidification Acid soils Acid rain - Environmental aspects Nitrogen cycle Sulfur cycle Soil management. Tags from this library: No tags from this library for this title.

Acid Soil and Acid Rain (2nd edn), by I. R. ISBN 0 863 80124 2. Richard Bardgett. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 27 March 2009. Export citation Request permission. The effect of acid rain on root systems has not been adequately studied. This study examined the effect of simulated acid rain on the root systems of a common tropical vine. xvii + 254 pp. Taunton. October 1992 · The Journal of Agricultural Science. Acid Soil and Acid Rain (2nd edn), by KennedyI. Cuttings (10 cm) of Scindapsus aureus were grown for 7 weeks without soil in deionized water in which the pH was adjusted with sulfuric acid to . 5, . 6, ., ., and . (no acid added).

Acid Rain - Science topic. Acidic water usually pH . to ., which poisons the ecosystem and adversely affects plants, fishes, and mammals. Nickel aluminides have been extensively studied in recent decades to replace superalloys, in some components of aircraft turbines, because they have excellent corrosion resistance.

Acid rain and fog also damage forests, especially those at higher elevations. But recovery takes time, and soils in the northeastern . and eastern Canada have only recently shown signs of stabilizing nutrients. The acid deposits rob the soil of essential nutrients such as calcium and cause aluminum to be released in the soil, which makes it hard for trees to take up water. Trees' leaves and needles are also harmed by acids. Acid rain problems will persist as long as fossil fuel use does, and countries such as China that have relied heavily on coal for electricity and steel production are grappling with those effects.

Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it has elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low pH). It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and infrastructure. Acid rain is caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.

Examines the basic chemical processes involved in acidification in order to better assess their long-term effects on the status of soils, the health of plants and other living species that depend on them. Discusses acidity, pH and protons--their significance in bioenergetics and the consequent role of autotrophic organisms in acidifying ecosystems. The Second Edition incorporates and integrates recent findings that render more explanations of the causes of the environmental impacts of acidity, especially in forests and lakes. Also explores current research into acid rain and soil in order to devise appropriate measures for their amelioration. Features numerous case studies and a bibliography that has doubled in size.
Acid Soil and Acid Rain: Research Studies in Botany and Relate Applied Fields download epub
Author: I. R. Kennedy
ISBN: 0471934046
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Subcategory: Engineering
Language: English
Publisher: *Research Studies Press; 2 edition (March 1992)
Pages: 272 pages