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by Frederick E. Giesecke

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For over half a century Technical Drawing has been the most widely respected and used book in drawing and graphics.

For over half a century Technical Drawing has been the most widely respected and used book in drawing and graphics.

by. Giesecke, Frederick E. (Frederick Ernest), 1869-1953. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Frederick E. Giesecke’s most popular book is Technical Drawing. Books by Frederick E. Giesecke. Showing 24 distinct works. Technical Drawing by. Frederick E. Giesecke, Alva Mitchell.

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Comprising a book and a CD-ROM, this package contains step-by-step explanations of technical drawing procedures.

For courses in Engineering Graphics/Technical Drawing and Drafting/Technical Sketching. This authoritative text provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to Technical Drawing and provides instruction to help students create 2D drawings by hand or by using Computer-Aided Drafting.

Автор: Giesecke Frederick E. Название: Technical Drawing with Engineering .

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This book's practical, well illustrated, step-by-step explanations of procedures have successfully trained users for 60 years, and continue to appeal to today's visually oriented users. This book offers the best coverage of basic graphics principles and an unmatched set of fully machinable working drawings. For professions that utilize the skills of engineering graphics/technical drawing and drafting/technical sketching.

Comments: (7)

In an age where so many drafting functions are all done on computers, this is an increasingly rare guide to how to do many of these things by hand.

I had picked this up on the advice of a gent who was an editor of a woodworking magazine for decades. I was looking for something to improve my approach to basic multi-angle and isometric views of woodworking design sketches. I have some background in digital imaging but I was deliberately looking for manual drafting techniques that could be updated with a pencil and eraser in the woodshop as exact measurements changed and others needed correction.

The title calls it "basic" and some of the introductory bits are but also it goes into extraordinary detail on some fascinating representations of complex real-world objects. It covers everything from simple graphs and charts, to lettering on diagrams, to extraordinarily detailed views of machine tooling.
This rating doesn't have anything to do with the book - it came in great condition - my problem was I ordered two books and only got one. Understanding things can get mixed up in transit (or whatever), I waited a month or so before sending an email asking about the book. I was hoping to get a quick response but never got one (I think?). It is what it is. Anyway, this is an awesome book for anybody looking for an introduction to drafting standards/methods; I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about a starting position in the technical/mechanical drafting field. The book offers a lot of great visualization exercises that involve different follow-along practice methods for complex modeling.
The book arrived on time and for that I have no problem, the shipping service worked great. My unhappyness results from the book not being complete. During a recent classroom session we were directed to turn to the appendix, imagine my dismay when the appendix was not in the book. A further review of the book revealed several of the photos were not present and in place of the photo "FPO" in place of the graphics.
I have drawn many of the projects in this book, and it is a good reference too, yet it seems to be a workbook. Tear the pages out and put them on your drawing board.
This book is an excellent reference for anyone needing an introduction to or a reference for technical drawing. Most of the content concerning machine component drawings are geared (no pun intended) more toward traditional methods for technical drawings (i.e. compass, ruler and pencil), but the methods given are well suited to modern computer-oriented methods of solid modeling. Engineers in the manufacturing industry will find it especially useful, as it can be a helpful reference for weldment drawings.
It's great in depth technical drawing book. Sure, it's old but hey some information stays current for very long time, and this is one of them.

Funny thing that copy I got have authentic homework that's 21 years old. It was graded 91% and was handed in at 1993.
Came as described , great book on actual technical drawing rather than CAD. Just what I wanted . Arrived fast and in excellent condition. Highly recommend for someone who makes there own plans .
Technical drawing download epub
Author: Frederick E. Giesecke
ISBN: 0023426101
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Subcategory: Engineering
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan; 7th edition (1980)
Pages: 868 pages