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by Teodore Bottiglieri,Richard Brown

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Stop Depression Now is more than a book about SAM-e.

Stop Depression Now is more than a book about SAM-e. It also presents a four-step program to lift you out of depression and prevent a recurrence. Step 1 is a self-assessment test to determine the severity of your depression. I am grateful to the three authors of this book-Richard Brown (psychiatrist), Teodoro Bottiglieri (neuropharmacologist), and Carol Colman (medical writer)-for giving me the confidence to try SAM-e. Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University and a practicing, has been using SAM-e to treat his patients-some resistant to all other h great success for five years. Teodoro Bottiglieri, P. is the world's leading expert on SAM-e and its impact on depression.

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Stop Depression Now : Sam-e, the Breakthrough Supplement That Works .

Stop Depression Now : Sam-e, the Breakthrough Supplement That Works as Well as Prescription Drugs in Half the Time- with No Side Effects. By (author) Richard Brown, By (author) Teodoro Bottiglieri, By (author) Carol Colman. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

for two decades in Europe, claim authors Richard Brown and Teodoro Bottiglieri.

as it has. for two decades in Europe, claim authors Richard Brown and Teodoro Bottiglieri.

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Brown also has co-authored the book Stop Depression Now: SAM-e, the Breakthrough Supplement that Works .

Brown also has co-authored the book Stop Depression Now: SAM-e, the Breakthrough Supplement that Works as Well as Prescription Drugs in Half the Time. With No Side Effects.

Homocysteine and folate metabolism in depression. Teodoro G Bottiglieri. Numerous studies have confirmed the association between folate deficiency and depression. Progress in logy an. 005. Homocysteine is a sensitive marker of folate and vitamin B12 deficiency. It is not completely understoo. More).

SAM-e (pronounced sammy), short for e, will revolutionize the treatment of depression in the . Choose to stop depression with SAM-e. com User, August 22, 2000. Depression affects fifty percent of the population. Every other one of us will suffer from some form of depression at some time. It can wreck relationships, take away your joy, and can be a terrible way to suffer in silence. Depression in fact stems from a combination of chemical imbalances and environmental factors.

A scientific exploration of the benefits of SAM-e, a natural antidepressant that can be obtained without a prescription, shows how this supplement can alleviate depression with no side effects and offers a complete program for safely treating this disorder. 50,000 first printing.

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Writing as an ex-Army officer and a retired university professor who has had three serious surgeries and suffered more than a dozen deaths of family members and friends in the past decade, some of my depression was "situational." Additionally, for over 60 years I had also suffered from a relatively mild chronic depression that I self-treated with exercise, music, and meditation.

About three years ago, my own remedies were no longer sufficent--a dozen times a day I would find myself thinking or whispering to myself, "I wish I were just dead." By luck, I stumbled across an article that mentioned SAM-e, and by further luck I had a friend (a neuro-scientist at Stanford Univ.) that I could e-mail and ask if he'd ever heard of it. He replied that Richard Brown, a friend of his at Cornell Univ., had co-written a book, STOP DEPRESSION NOW, which would give me more answers than he could. I bought the book, read it, and then tried SAM-e.

I began with 200 mg. of SAM-e, and within two weeks my depression was greatly relieved--it was as if a heavy layer of ice which was pressing down on the roof of a house had suddenly melted and slid off. Within four weeks, at a slightly higher dosage of SAM-e, my depression was totally gone. Of course problems and feelings of grief were still there, but I was able to deal with them without dark feelings of hopelessness getting in my way.

On pages 117-118 of this book, you'll find a standard psychiatric test ("Depression Severity Scale") with ten simple questions to answer. With it, you can determine easily your level of depression and can measure any improvements you experience. The pages following this test explain clearly what your possible scores signify. For many people, these will be the most useful pages in the whole book.

People who are bipolar are warned in the "Author's Note" (opposite the table of contents) that "bipolar patients may become manic on any effective antidepressant and may develop mild, brief hypomania on SAM-e. . . ." Apparently a few bipolar people have missed or ignored this warning (which is also printed on the side of all SAM-e boxes that I have seen). They are urged to take SAM-e only under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

I've read the whole book twice, underlining passages, and have marked up the margins with comments and questions. I've also thumbed through it to re-read specific passages. To me, the book seems a bit too dumbed down for "old people" (although I'm now old myself)--I wish it were a bit more "scientific" in its explanations. (There is a bibliography of scientific studies in the back, but how many of us have access to libraries that would contain such specialized materials?)

I am grateful to the three authors of this book--Richard Brown (psychiatrist), Teodoro Bottiglieri (neuropharmacologist), and Carol Colman (medical writer)--for giving me the confidence to try SAM-e. I would like to see a revised, updated edition of this book, since it has been more than a decade since it came out. One improvement I would strongly suggest is that they add an index.

In my judgment, this book deserves 4 stars for drawing people's attention to the benefits of SAM-e. And SAM-e deserves (based on my experience) to be awarded 10 stars.
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Recently I started taking 200mg of SAM-e again after not taking it for a year. Well, I am happy yo say that it works to lift my mood well.

This book is wonderful and it describes how SAM-e works and so much more This book I suggest if you are thinking about trying SAM-e. It really helped me.
A great book, a must read.....
Dr. Brown MD is a fantastic writer. This books can help many people with depression.
Lots of useful information.
The book is good. It help to explain how to use SAM-e. It is SAM-e that is the miracle worker!
For those who have lived with depression, SAM-e is a real spiritual lift. Never knew life could be like this!
No, the problems do not change or go away. But your ability to deal with them improves. And if you add some good self-help books and therapy, life can really be worth living. And worth fixing what is wrong in your life, too!
If you know some one who is depressed, get this book and read it! It will enable you to be more helpful. But don't be pushy or play therapist.
Just help your friend get the help they deserve and need.
God bless!
Stop Depression Now download epub
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Author: Teodore Bottiglieri,Richard Brown
ISBN: 0399145303
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Publisher: Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (June 21, 1999)
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