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The Twelve Chakras (Information & Meditation) download epub

by Diana Cooper

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The Diana Cooper School of White Light. Books, CDs & Cards. I have read/ heard conflicting information. Spiritual Information Portal. I read something you wrote recently that stressed the importance of working with the 5th dimensional chakras & that many practitioners are holding themselves & their clients back by working with the 3rd dimensional chakras. I do crystal healing so it would be really helpful if you could also give the associated gemstones/ crystals for each chakra. Thank you so much, in advance. Find a place where you can be undisturbed and quiet. Working with the twelve chakras and raising their frequency is the path to accelerated ascension both personal and for the planet. Sit with your spine straight and comfortable.

However, there are some excellent books on the seven major chakras, which is the essential starting place for chakra healing.

Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life.

Andrew Brel is an inspired musician who has worked with Diana Cooper to produce the musical background to many of her CDs. show more.

by Diana Cooper Mixed media product.

I invited you to start weekly Spiritual Practices (can be based on the book Angel Therapy & Angel Therapy Oracle .

WATER Signs August 2017 Ascension Oracle Card TWELVE CHAKRAS by Diana Cooper Affirmation "I awaken my 12 fifth Dimensional chakras" I invited you to start w. .

Healing master Diana Cooper offers guided meditations in this series of audio CDs. Each recording takes an aspect of Atlantis, the powerful and mystical ancient civilization, and provides steps for reconnecting with the magical and healing energies of that golden age. Based on the Atlantean idea of 12 operational chakras and strands of DNA, this spiritual journey describes how to reinstate and activate individual chakras to unite with the sacred powers of Atlantis.

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Amazing and insiteful, this is the new way to work with the chakra system - opening the chakras that have been closed down until recently - I do these mediations and others from Diana on a daily basis and it's AMAZING how they have helped me get clarity in every area of my life. There is an explanation at the beginning about each chakra and then the meditation to open and cleanse each chakra. Beautiful work!
Most of the information feels very inaccurate. I was expecting a deeper, more informational dive into each of the twelve, but was disappointed to find less information than what I could find in the internet and contradictory to most of the other available information out there. The meditation part is again something that I could have found on youtube. This CD should be priced at the $5.99 price point. It is way too much for such a simplistic explanation of the twelve. Wish I could get my money back.
This CD is phenomenal. It's rich in information, guidance, chakra clearing and support, music. So lovely! I listen to this often, so calming, so strengthening. I gave this as a present to a friend who run spiritual meditation medigroups, and she loved it also. She has used this in her work with others. Highly recommended.
Like a book to get u feeling that ancient place inside all of us where all the answers are . Beautiful .
I love Diana Cooper. Her British accent is so soothing. This CD is really long and will definitely put you in an altered state of consciousness. It's best for someone on a strong spiritual path, not a beginner. My CD player actually broke after playing this several times! The ENERGY is that INTENSE. I have been on a very disciplined Spiritual Path for 20 years. I meditate daily and I am a Psychic/Healer. This CD is great for tune ups but I wouldn't listen to it every night!
I have been doing chakra meditations for years now and this one is amazing. I even have my child doing this with me. We have been able to changes on our lives in a short time.
Beautiful and Informative! Now to purchase the book, and other Diana Cooper audios <3
Within a month I started to feel changes. I feel more energetic and relaxed, my attitude toward other people has changed dramatically.
The Twelve Chakras (Information & Meditation) download epub
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Author: Diana Cooper
ISBN: 1844095185
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Language: English
Publisher: Findhorn Press; abridged edition edition (October 1, 2010)