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by Ellen Gould Harmon White

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The ministry of healing.

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White Ellen Gould Harmon. Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, an increasing number of people are anxious about their health and appearance. This books trying to serve as a doctor has a task of answering such important questions. as how to deal with stress, how to hasten recovery, avoid illness and live a full life. It also rises the questions about the role of God in creating a health care plan for people of our world, the connection between our physical and spiritual health

In this book Ellen White deals with sickness of the soul and the healing balm to be found by trusting God for all things

In this book Ellen White deals with sickness of the soul and the healing balm to be found by trusting God for all things. Many things contribute to good health-cheerfulness, fresh air, exercise, diet, and positive relationships with other people, to name a few. Crucial also is a personal relationship with the Creator who gave us life and everything we need for health and happiness. In this book Ellen White deals with sickness of the soul and the healing balm to be found by trusting God for all things.

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The Ministry of Healing book. In brief, Ellen Gould Harmon White was a woman of remarkable spiritual gifts who lived most of her life during the nineteenth century (1827-1915), yet through her writings she is still making a revolutionary impact on millions of people around the world.

The Ministry of Healing. To understand the physical laws governing the body and to bring the life practices into harmony with these laws is a duty of first importance. There is a need for an understanding of the many factors contributing to true happiness-a cheerful home, obedience to the laws of life, proper relationship to one's fellow men.

The Ministry of Healing provides a well-rounded look at the principles of healthful living, beginning with the .

The Ministry of Healing provides a well-rounded look at the principles of healthful living, beginning with the ministry of Jesus and extending to the life and ministry of every Christian. To read this book for yourself, go to.

This adaptation of "Ministry of Healing" is a fresh look at the principles that make up Gods approach to abundant living. Additional Product Features. Ellen Gould Harmon White. Here are insights into the many factors that contribute to a life that is truly filled with health and healing. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

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In this book Ellen White deals with sickness of the soul and the healing balm to be found by trusting God for all things. Written in simple, beautiful language, Ministry of Healing will point you to a life full of joy and gladness-a life in touch with the Source of healing power.

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The Chapter "Extremes in Diet" really helps balance dietary fluctuations. The whole book approaches each person as a spiritual whole. Of course, the context is Christian. It is absolutely amazing that this book was written over a hundred years ago, and most all the principles in the book have eventually been substantiated. For example, she took an anti-tobacco stance, and obviously, no one promotes tobacco for health anymore. There are more controversial stands, but knowing her track record, it would be wise to err on the side of her writings. . .
This is an easy book to read, is divided into smaller sub-chapters for breaking up reading for a quickie read in a doctor's office or you can continue as long as you want. It talks about Jesus as the divine healer, explains many of the Bible stories, and then talks about our responsibilities to others and ourselves in terms of taking care of our health. It was the book that convinced me to go into nursing many years ago and I've never regretted it. Truly an inspired book for our days.
Thank you for the item above. I was surprised to see that the book was not used at all. It arrived to my address still in the plastic casing. Thank you for blessing me. Joyce James

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Like all of Ellen White's writings the language is that of the Victorian age, and might be difficult for modern readers to understand. However, the scope of the book, and the ideas it presents that apply to physical, mental, and spiritual health are well worth our attention and thought, and to realise the book was written before modern ideas on medical practice and psychological understanding had changed so much, and written by a woman without advanced education and covering so many aspects of health and wellbeing, is cause for wonder.
A very useful book that is well worth reading and then thinking about.
Hits all the bases. Leaves nothing out. Every subject of life addressed. A major find. Read it. You won't be disappointed.
This is an excellent book that we use in an informal group setting. Mrs. White's teachings are still relevant for today. As Christians, we are all medical missionaries bringing the health message to the world. A healthy body will produce a healthy mind. We communicate with God through our frontal lobe when we have a clear mind. Mrs. White talks about how Christ won the hearts of the people by His kindness, compassion, & humility. He took time to get to know the people, to learn about their interests, & what their needs were. He demonstrated His love through His healing touch. Christ lived in total surrender to God. Christ lived in vital union with God through regular time spent in prayer. We as medical missionaries are to follow Christ's pattern. We have to get involved in our community in order to reach the lost. Additionally Mrs. White gives tips for eating, drinking, rest, & food preparation. This is a well written book & one that is easy to understand.
Everyone will be greatly blessed by reading this book.
You cannot finish reading this book and still be the same person you were when you picked it up, so say goodbye to some of yourself knowing that all replacements will be 100 fold better. This is a journey in character change as well as an instructor in Christian human interaction paralled by divine example. Health and Spiritual experience are so cleanly blended that the reader is drawn like a magnet to what already lies deep within themselves. This read activates a Divine sense of individual purpose that was placed in the heart when God created us.
The Ministry of Healing download epub
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Author: Ellen Gould Harmon White
ISBN: 0816318816
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Publisher: Pacific Pr Pub Assn; Later Printing edition (December 1, 1942)
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