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by Joyce L. Vedral

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Vedral has created a total exercise programme that burns even more fat than her best-selling Fat-Burning Workout.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. She uses the secrets of champion bodybuilders to show how to change your shape into a tight.

Joyce Vedral's Cougar Workout. Bottoms Up! Paperback. 12-Minute Total-Body Workout Paperback. The Fat-Burning Workout: From Fat to Firm in 24 Days. The Fat-Burning Workout: From Fat to Firm in 24 Days Paperback. Definition: Shape Without Bulk in 15 Minutes a Day Hardcover.

Bottoms up! by. Vedral, Joyce L., PhD. Publication date. USA : Time Warner International. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

Any book by Joyce is a good book to own. This is my second copy of this book. easy to follow with picture to guide you to doing the exercises correctly. The author explains each exercise in common words so anyone can understand. Although the book is dated, the contents are still pertinent today to a healthier and more fit you. Like it said in the edging, Joyce’s books are fun, clear, and a good guide. I own several of her books and they all at a must to own. Highly recommend this fat burning workout book.

Very minimal signs of shelf wear to cover, but all pages are clean, bright and intact. She uses the secrets of champion bodybuilders to show how to change your shape into a tight, toned, perfect body.

Current City and Hometown. West Palm Beach, Florida.

Bottoms Up!, Joyce . P. Get Rid of Him by Joyce L. Vedral (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

Bottoms Up!, Joyce . Customs services and international tracking provided. My Teenager Is Driving Me Crazy by Joyce L. Vedral. Top Shape: 12 Weeks to Your Ideal Physique By Joyce L.

Weight Training Made Easy: Transform Your Body in Four Simple Steps by. Joyce L.

Bottoms up! Joyce L. Published 1993 by Warner Books in New York, NY. Written in English. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Bottoms up! from your list? Bottoms up! the total-body workout from the bottom up :from cellulite to sexy--in 24 workout hours. ISBN 10: 0446394211 ISBN 13: 9780446394215. Publisher: Warner Books, 1993.

Vedral has created a total exercise programme that burns even more fat than her best-selling Fat-Burning Workout. She uses the secrets of champion bodybuilders to show how to change your shape into a tight, toned, perfect body.

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I had this book in the mid-90's and used the exercises and it was very effective. After using a personal trainer for 6 months and paying out the nose, I decided I was going to do it on my own and remembered this book which I unfortunately must not have saved. You don't need a ton of exercise to get great results. Just the right exercises in a condensed session.
I got lots compliments after I did bottoms up , I am older but I got the shape of a 20 year old thanks to bottoms up
Bought this book once before but misplaced it in a move. Joyce's step by step instructions with photos is really a no-brainer for beginners as well more advance. Her exercise program really works and is a slow not difficult way to improve your health and figure. Good for both women and men,
I recommend this book. Price was very right!!!!!
Really a good book if over 40!! This is my second copy.
I am approaching 60 myself and have lifted weights for a few years. It is impressive that a book this "old" has such current information and advice for women.

Women have a great deal of difficulty overcoming their fears that they will get "big & bulky" if they lift weights. It is IMPOSSIBLE for women to do so unless they take steroids. Women do not produce enough testosterone to get big and bulky. Steroids increase the testosterone level which allows more bulky muscle to be built when working out. That is why so many male athletes take them.

Women -- you will NOT get the trim figure of your youth unless you lift weights. I don't mean machines, I mean free weights. No matter how much you diet, do cardio, aerobics, etc. you will not get the figure of your youth without muscle on your body. What happens as we get older is that we get more sedentary and we lose our muscle tone. The reduction in muscle is what also causes our metabolism to go down.l SO even if we eat no more than before -- we will gain weight. And that usually starts a spiral of overeating because everything seems so useless -- not working.

For example: When I first started lifting weights at the age of 56, within a year I lost only 5 lbs but went from busting out of a size 12 to slipping into a size ate. Plus I ate an outrageous huge ice cream Sundae every weekend. The reason lifting weights works is:

1. building muscle burns fat -- it is a little more sophisticated than that -- but for this review purpose - that explanation will do. Muscle takes up less room than fat. So if you build muscle and it replaces the fat on your body -- you can stay the exact same weight and become trimmer and go down dress sizes.

2. Muscle burns more calories that fat. -- If you build muscle which will replace the fat, you will be able to eat more and still lose weight. In fact you need to eat more if you have been on starvation diets (anything under 1200 calories a day) because your body needs fuel to feed the muscle you are building.

The reason starvation diets do not work in the long run is that, since you are consuming too little calories to sustain your body -- your body starts consuming itself for energy -- in particular fat but most critically muscle. SO you lose the weight, you are thinner but you don't look that great but OK and then you go back to a normal diet. Now, because you have lost so much muscle, your metabolism has dropped and you gain back the weight very fast and usually more because you don't burn as much as before when you had more muscle. Furthermore as you gain this weight back -- if you are not lifting weights to restore your muscle the weight comes on as fat and that makes you look even fatter than you did before you started all this starvation diet cycle, even though you are the same weight as before you started your starvation diet.

The author of this book has these principles down but she does a good job of disguising that what she is really having you do is build muscle. That way she doesn't scare off the ladies, That's why her program works.

She takes one approach to nutrition; there are others. They all support th conversion of fat to muscle and all its benefits. You should chose the nutritional approach that appeals to you -- that is because if it appeals to you -- it is right for your body. There are too basic approaches -- one is high protein "high" fat -- the most extreme version is identified with Atkins but there are healthier ways to do it. The other is to have a 40-40-20 split in each meal of 40% of your calories coming from protein, 40% of your calories from carbohydrates and 20% coming from fat. Whether you are a "protein" person or a "carbohydrates" person, you have to find out for yourself. This book advocates the 40-40-20 split. The only caveat to all of this nutrition info is that protein counts only if it comes form animals or fish: beef, chicken, pork, fish milk cottage cheese, etc or you can buy whey or casein protein powder -- which are proteins that come from milk (sometimes egg whites are in there as well. No Soy protein or any of the other non-animal proteins the US Government with the support of the medical profession so wrongly advocated for over 30 years. They now admit that they were wrong. Their analysis that consuming products with cholesterol will build cholesterol in your blood and body was also proved wrong. So embrace that steak, those ham and egg breakfasts -- you will look better, loose weight faster and be healthier. (It is possible to build muscle with a vegetarian approach but it is extremely difficult, needs careful monitoring and nutritional supplements. -- The nutritional supplements are necessary for a pure vegetarian approach any -- that is if you eat no fish or eggs or dairy -- which are variations on so-called vegetarian diets -- but if you are on one of those you are OK -- just get your macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, in line.)

And don't forget to lift those weights!!!

BTW -- all of the above apply to men too -- so heads up men -- if your wife follows these approaches and you don't -- you will find she will be gone for a younger man -- which she will get, because older women who are in shape are very, very sexy !! :-)
I have struggled with my weight all my life, especially since I turned 40. For three years, I religiously used a Nordic Track-- 5 days a week for 40 minutes--and it still did NOT change my body shape like this book did in three months! Vedral is so right. Put on the muscle and watch your metabolism change! Without consciously going on a diet, I lost 30 pounds. You can forget weighing yourself. Measure progress through the inches that disappear and then go shopping for beautiful sexy new clothes! At one point, I actually GAINED weight but LOST two dress sizes! Who cares what the scale says when your legs look great in a mini-skirt? Who cares what the scale says when you can sleep like a baby at night? Do this workout and your clothes will start hanging on you in a matter of weeks, even if you don't change your diet.
Forget the tempting Info Commercials with all those expensive gadgets, gizmos and pills. You don't need to waste your hard-earned money on a space-hogging Nordic Track, Total Gym or Susanne Sommer's Ab machine. I have tried it ALL and bought hundreds of dollars of worthless stuff that ultimately didn't work. NONE could do what this book did for me! (Example: I tried the Total Gym and found it very disrupting to have to stop and change the mechanical setup from exercise to exercise. I tried the Ab machine and it was awkward and boring.)
All you need with Vedral's workouts are some hand-weights and a simple exercise bench that you can fold up and slide under the bed. You can pick these up cheaply at any yard sale. Don't fall for the unhealthy fad diets and the " fat buster" pills that only make your wallet thinner. Vedral says the truth. There are no shortcuts. If you want to stay healthy, vital and beautiful you gotta exercise and eat right.
The hardest part is to START exercising. Once you start this workout, it is almost EASY to begin to eat right. When you work so hard, you are automatically motivated to stop eating fatty foods. When you give your body what it needs, the destructive cravings for unhealthy foods begins to vanish. It's almost magical. Your body wakes you up, and says, "Hey, listen to me now. I don't want that soda, give me fresh juice... I don't want that ice cream, give me a slice of watermelon instead." Your bad cravings STOP, your colon is stimulated, waste moves faster out of your system, and your skin begins to glow with health. When you exercise first for your health, the weight automatically does down. It's miraculous.
Something AMAZING happens to your body AND mind when you start to work out with weights. Your posture changes and you feel deeply connected at the core. Not only will you slim down and become firm and shapely, but you will gain an almost spiritual sense of what I can only call "centering," a kind of inner balance... like one sees in martial artists.
I DO suggest that you go slowly and DO NOT try and keep up with the instructions in the book. Even you are already exercising, you will be surprised at what this workout will do. Start with one set of exercise (not three) until you are comfortable, then add another set for a couple of weeks, then the third set after a month or more. Use very small weights in the beginning. I jumped right in with 10 lb. weights and did it all vigorously the first day and was so sore I couldn't move for a week. Dumb. Go slowly and gently and you will be up to target at your OWN speed. It doesn't matter HOW long it takes. You may feel like you have two left feet, but don't give up. After a couple of weeks, it gets SO much easier. This workout is good for anyone from teenager to senior citizen.
My only criticism (and it is an important one) is that the book SHOULD have some stretching warm-up and especially a cool-down to stretch out the muscles at the end. She has said that these ARE included in the Bottoms Up video, so I am glad to hear that. If you want to use the book only, be sure to do some basic stretching out at the end. Once you get good at it and don't rest between sets, you will find that the Lower Body part of this workout is strenuous enough to keep your heart rate up and give a decent aerobic workout too.
I originally bought this book because I admire the gutsy, no-nonsense, compassionate author. Vedral is a model of American rags to riches and her Bio is inspirational and heartwarming. She now has a website where you can buy her exercise videos (they're not here on Amazon.) I just ordered The Fat-Burning Workout Video Vol 1 and the set of 3 Definition: Upper, Middle and Lower Body Workout Videos and can't wait to get them! She also has 6 different inspirational audio cassettes to motivate you even more. (I ordered all six.) Check out the Before and After pics too!... LOVE yourself. Buy this book. You are worth it!
Excellent workout with real results. Detailed explanations of how to do the exercises, with alternative exercises for people with problems such as sore knees. Also includes dietary guidelines and cardio fitness. Highly recommended.
Classic but goody!
Bottoms Up! download epub
Alternative Medicine
Author: Joyce L. Vedral
ISBN: 0446394211
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Language: English
Publisher: Warner Books; 1st Thus. edition (July 1, 1993)
Pages: 290 pages