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Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting download epub

by Meredith Norton

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Lopsided '' is not your ordinary cancer memoir. has been added to your Cart.

Lopsided '' is not your ordinary cancer memoir.

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I bet,' she says, contrasting his success in all fields with her own feelings of inadequacy, 'he doesn't still debate what he's going to be when he grows up. I doubt that he looks at his own kids and wonders when someone else is going to pick them u. At the beginning of her memoir, Lopsided, the African-American Norton is living in Paris with her French husband and infant son.

Author of Lopsided: How Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting, Norton is a breast cancer survivor. She attended Columbia College, majoring in English

But this isn't a depressing book; it's a story of (temporary) survival, and it's wickedly funny. Norton has a great eye for the ridiculous and outrageous in others and in herself. Recommended to anyone who may die. 0.

Lopsided is not your ordinary cancer memoir. This book was absolutely hysterical which made such a real book very readable. I don't mean real like she described every little procedure in medical terms (which a lot of these kinds of books have done) but real like your best friend was real when she told you about that one night stand she wished she hadn't had. I loved this.

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She attended Columbia College, majoring in English

She attended Columbia College, majoring in English. She has traveled extensively and resided for several years in Europe.

An irreverent memoir about the author's life with cancer describes her early symptoms, decision to move back in with her compulsive parents, and frustration with receiving multiple copies of Lance Armstrong's book, a journey during which she remembers her childhood and rails against self-pity. 40,000 first printing.

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I bought this book a year or so after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was excited to see a black woman with the disease sharing her story. There aren't a lot of those voices out here. It is a good book but even though we share race and this disease, her life was still pretty different from mine. I enjoyed learning about her balancing act with the disease and her life as a wife and mother in another country. I was hoping to see more lifestyle similarities to my own. That said... it is a good memoir. And I'm grateful that she wrote it.
I picked up this book because I had heard it was hilarious. In addition, as a retired M.D. and former practicing radiologist, I was particularly interested in a patient's story of her ordeal with cancer. Though I have read thousands of mammograms in my day and have diagnosed thousands of cancers of various types, I have rarely viewed cancer through a patient's perspective. Radiologists, as you may know, have limited patient contact.

This book is light summer reading. Despite the fact that it is nonfiction and deals with a rather gruesome topic, the author has written a page-turner. The main reasons, it seems to me, is that she is an extremely funny and very talented writer, and an unusually pithy observer of human nature.

I had recommended the book to my wife, who said she had no interest in a cancer memoir. But once a number of our friends had also started raving about the book and she stumbled across a great review of it, she bowed to the pressure and started reading it. Now she's interrupting my writing with gales of laughter and exceptionally positive commentary.

So that's my bottom-line recommendation to you--if you're not interested in cancer, fine. Forget this book is about cancer. It's really about the human condition and will keep you in stitches from the moment you pick it up until it allows you to put it down, which won't be until you've finished it.
Very funny memoir. A good book for one with breast cancer and those caring for her/him. Lots of good information about breast cancer and treatment in a funny presentation. Good for a laugh during a stressful time dealing with this serious disease.
Lopsided is not about cancer or medicine. It's not politically correct or sugar coated. It's about the reactions of one amazing woman to a major speed bump of life. And it's not a downer. Without this kick a brilliant first-time author might never have written, and isn't that short hair cute! My only complaint is I finished two hours into a twelve hour flight. What comes next? When?
I had hoped this would be a pick-me-up for my sister, who has breast cancer. Sadly, nothing in it was light-hearted.
I bought this for a friend who was scheduled for surgery. Advised her to read it first so she would have some snappy answers for the idiotic things people say when you have cancer. She enjoyed it and has been ready for the remarks!
I couldn't believe I got this order in such a short time. Very pleased with merchant.
I read this book after searching for Miss Norton as I knew her, my 7th & 8th grade core teacher in the late 90's in the East Bay. She will forever be the one teacher who stood out for me. I never really enjoyed school but I would happily walk in to class for periods 1-4 every day for two years to sit and enjoy her many stories of life animated in ways I'd never seen or heard from an adult.
Having had a conversation looking back on my early teen years, I was asked who of all my teachers stands out and she was the first name that flowed out without A thought. I always wondered about this woman who made me see and think of life in ways that were out of norm to say the least. Her long curly hair bouncing around as she animated each story to perfection. So I of course did as any millennial would do, Googled it! When I saw she had written a book, I became proud as I remember her always talking about wanting to write. And of course I could understand why, her story telling was like no other. Only for my scrolling to be met by multiple obituaries. Which broke my heart. I then ordered the book and read through it hanging on each word. Laughing and picturing her in front of class just telling another one of her stories as she did in middle school.

This book was an amazing treat and I hope her family is doing well as I always felt like we knew them from her gloating of them. Get this book!
Lopsided: How Having Breast Cancer Can Be Really Distracting download epub
Diseases & Physical Ailments
Author: Meredith Norton
ISBN: 0670019283
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Subcategory: Diseases & Physical Ailments
Language: English
Publisher: Viking Adult (June 12, 2008)
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