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Fabulous Shape Forever: Yoga-The Ultimate Shape System download epub

by Barbara Currie

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Television yoga expert and trained nurse Barbara Currie presents a fresh and vibrant new approach to the ancient art of yoga, making it accessible for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are 18 or 80, the benefits of yoga can work for everyone, helping to bring back flexibility in all joints for the older person and maintaining that youthful suppleness in the young. Barbara's exercise routines will help you achieve radiant health, improved energy and a truly Fabulous Shape Forever!

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This book truly is sensational. Whether you want to lose weight, improve body shape, firm muscles, increase flrexibility, or simply FIND A WELCOME ESCAPE FROM THE INSANE AND INHUMAN STRESSES OF EVERYDAY LIFE! THIS BOOK is for you! Add it to your shopping cart now! Now, I tell you!
As a devotee of Hatha (physical) Yoga for some 6 months now, I've searched high and low for great books which I can introduce to friends just starting out and yet also appreciate at my stage of advancement.
This book is the best I've found in 6 months of earnest searching!
The clearly set out lesson plans guide you as to how much to do and how to incorporate Yoga into everyday life without retreating to mountain solitude or throwing your 'real-life' schedule completely out of whack!
The pictures are wonderful as they show each step of the movement progression (rather than just the maximum position as is the case with maany other books!)
Breathing for each exercise is also included (VERY helpful for maximising effectiveness!)as are Barbara's own motivating hints and tips for both beginners and advanced students.
The diet plan and accompanying notes at front and back of the book will keep you on track to weight loss and muscular dexterity if you decide to use Yoga as an entire fitness program.
However, by far the greatest highlight of this book is the content, and the great ease with which it can be incorporated into your life routine. I am a full time student and part time secretary and waitress, extremely busy, but I spend one hour per night on my yoga while watching my favourite TV.This book strips away the mysticism and gets right down to the benefits. A session with Barbara Currie will open your body, mind, and soul and leave you refreshed, relaxed, REVITALISED! As she says, when you begin Yoga "you realise the brilliant stretches go systematically through your whole body, releasing tensions that may have been lingering for years..."
I cannot recommend it highly enough. Change your physicality, your flexibility, your life, even! Feel the best that you've felt in years, and gain that sense of achievement that comes from knowing you are truly doing something worthwhile for yourself!
I acted on Kathleen's review and bought the book. Of the five yoga books and three videos I have purchased in the past month, this is by far the best organised and most well presented.
For an absolute beginner like me, its clear, uncluttered and unintimidating format is essential.
There are ten lessons. You start with lesson one. Once that has been conquered, you progress to lesson two, alternating them. And so on.
There is no pretentious impossible to pronounce jargon. This, for a beginner, is distracting, meaningless and unnecessary.
If a posture is challenging, she says so while encouraging you in your progress. She does not make it look so easy that you wonder if the persons in the photographs are contortionists and you are just a stiff lump.
The photographs are large and clearly illustrate the postures.
The suggested meal plan to accompany the exercise regimen is very easy to adapt to one's likes, dislikes and budget and does not require any expensive shopping excursions to fancy food markets.
I appreciate most the clear progression of lessons that are challenging yet doable and are of reasonable length for the working person.
After one week I am on lesson two and I am already feeling more flexible and confident that at last I have found a programme that I can and will stick to. I am looking forward to my fabulous shape and I know that it will happen because I am already feeling the difference in my clothing. (Particularly around the waist)
Fabulous Shape Forever: Yoga-The Ultimate Shape System download epub
Exercise & Fitness
Author: Barbara Currie
ISBN: 0233992944
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Subcategory: Exercise & Fitness
Language: English
Publisher: Andre Deutsch (December 1, 1997)
Pages: 160 pages