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by Susan C. Cloninger

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This book provides a good overview of personality theories. It would be appropriate for graduate students who need a quick introduction or re-introduction to this information.

This book provides a good overview of personality theories. One person found this helpful.

Susan C. Cloninger (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0130209894.

It brings the theories to life through the interpretation of illustrative historic and current biographies.

Theories of Personality book. Before coming to Dr. Susan C. Cloninger is Professor of Psychology at The Sage Colleges, where she has taught since 1979. She teaches on both the Troy and Albany campuses, and is Coordinator of the School of Professional and Continuing Education psychology program. Her courses include Introductory Psychology, Personality Theory, Social Psychology, Senior Seminar, and Great Ideas in Psychology.

Cloninger, Susan . 1945-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Personality - Textbooks, Personnalité, Personnalité - Philosophie, Personality, rieën, Persönlichkeitstheorie, Personality. Upper Saddle River, . Uploaded by ttscribe10. hongkong on December 9, 2018. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

by Susan C. Cloninger(Author).

by Susan C.

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A person's behavior being the same as that of a model, considering the cues and reinforcements as well as the response. Behavioral theory, proposed by Staats, that includes traditional personality concerns as well as behavior. A procedure or environment in which no reinforcements are given in an effort to extinguish unwanted behavior.

This text provides an overview of major classic and current theories of personality, integrating explanation of theory with the latest research. It conducts an evaluation of the scientific status of theoretical assertions, bringing theories to life through the interpretation of illustrative biographies. The second edition has been updated to include the most current research available.

Comments: (7)

I was so looking forward to this class about personality theories, and this book is a major disappointment. While some chapters are educating and written in a fairly engaging and flowing manner, others are plain difficult to go through. There is a lot of oversimplification, a lot of mentioning important concepts that only get half a sentence and a reference - am I wrong in thinking that a textbook is aimed at teaching rather than merely referring?

It would have been more acceptable if the book kept a consistent level of addressing the various theories, but that is not the case. Some theorists get the limelight with in-depth discussion, while with others the author hovers quickly at 100 feet and fills pages with disconnected sketchy paragraphs that don't flow and don't really say much. Even the graphic presentation makes this book tiresome to follow, as it's hard to tell a chapter from a sub-chapter.

It's a serious challenge to not let this book ruin this subject, it's a challenge to keep reading and at times it's a challenge to understand what the author is trying to say. I fully agree with the reviewer who wrote "It's almost like it was written by some grad student for extra-credit... It's like a REALLY LONG, REALLY bad term paper...". Some of the chapters make one wonder if they were edited at all, as they are written so offhandedly and with so many repetitions.

I'm SO glad I found a used book of the 4th edition and didn't pay the outrageously high price for the new edition, which - mind you - is almost identical except for a more appealing graphic design and an additional chapter about Buddhism. This is not a book I'd keep.
Used in place of a newer edition for a college personality psych class and it worked just fine. Very simply laid out.
If it wasn't required for a class I would have never read it. Unless of course I needed something to help me sleep. After reading some course books I often wonder if the author(s) are as equally long winded in person. Don't misunderstand, you can always get some good information from any read, but whatever happened to clear and concise. I suppose a 2 chapter book wouldn't sell very well.
Snake Rocking
This author writes herself in circles, jumps around, interjects silly metaphors throughout, and ultimately vomits too much information at the reader that is not properly disseminated (too much information on the irrelevant, not enough on what she is attempting to describe). It takes 110% of your attention just to make down a page to try and follow the train-of thought. You will find yourself day-dreaming......even in the middle of the night!
A wonderful introduction to the major personality theorists of the past century or so -- from Freud to Kelly -- written with insight, clarity, and a creative educational 'gimmick' that encourages the reader to apply the theories to many well-known personalities. Not only does the reader learn the fundamental ideas of theorists such as Jung, Adler, and Maslow; he applies those concepts to analyze the likes of Shirley MacLaine, Donald Trump, and Martin Luther King.
If a textbook could be self-actualized, this one is it. Excellent!
I had to purchase this text for my "Psychology of Personality" class. While my online shopping experience was great, I don't even know where to start with the short-comings of the text book. Who in their right mind would choose this as a learning tool?! Not only is it VERY poorly written (it doesn't flow at all, it's so choppy and semantic and boring - this coming from a psych. major - that it's incredibly hard to read, let alone retain the information).

Secondly, the theorists in the book are people like Freud and Jung. People who, granted, contributed a great deal to psychology, but who's theories are NOT used in therapeutic practices in current days. To try to apply them as such is ridiculous.

Lastly, each theorist has their own point of view, and contradicts the other (and themself most of the time), yet the author seems to uphold the view of each theorist... Which theory is one to assume is the most true? Of course I don't agree with any, but if one were looking for one to choose, one wouldn't know which one was 'the right one'....

It's almost like it was written by some grad student for extra-credit... It's like a REALLY LONG, REALLY bad term paper...
The textbook was in good shape and it really was an interesting read as far as textbooks go. Considering what the new edition costs, there really is no difference from the new edition that will affect you learning the material.
Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons download epub
Psychology & Counseling
Author: Susan C. Cloninger
ISBN: 0134532279
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Publisher: Prentice Hall; Subsequent edition (December 14, 1995)
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