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by James McClellan

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principles of American government/James McClellan. p. cm. Originally published: Cumberland, V. James River Press, c1989. In this regard, it is quite unlike other intro-ductory texts. The book introduces not only the general design of the sys-tem but, more important, seeks to explain how and why it functions as it does.

It maps the history and philosophy that shaped the . A work of such breadth and scope is impossible to summarize.

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James McClellan (1937–2005) was the James Bryce Visiting Fellow in American Studies at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London.

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Particular emphasis is placed on federalism and the separation of powers. product description page.

The Liberty Fund edition of James McClellan's classic work on the quest for liberty, order, and justice in England and America includes the author's revisions to the original edition published in 1989 by the Center for Judicial Studies.

Unlike most textbooks in American Government, Liberty, Order, and Justice seeks to familiarize the student with the basic principles of the Constitution, and to explain their origin, meaning, and purpose. Particular emphasis is placed on federalism and the separation of powers. These features of the book, together with its extensive and unique historical illustrations, make this new edition of Liberty, Order, and Justice especially suitable for introductory classes in American Government and for high school students in advanced placement courses.

James McClellan (1937-2005) was the James Bryce Visiting Fellow in American Studies at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London.

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An absolute joy to read! I have never been so impressed by a text and feel like I benefited greatly. As a student of government, economics and history under the school of social science, I highly recommend this book. It is an in depth look into the principles of the American and English political system and the justification of natural rights. Many primary sources and important documents are included and this collection is written in a very manageable and explanatory style. Learn and embrace liberty, order and justice!
Tori Texer
If you serious about learning about our Constitutional system - get this book. If you're serious about teaching Constitutional theory and principle to middle and high school students - get three of these and do a learning center.
Book was in great shape and is full of knowledge.
Required reading for a class I took. However, I found this to be a great resource. I will hang on to this one.
Good book. Arrived as described. Thank you.
The ship was really fast! And the book condition is super good! it just looks like 99% new! only about 10 pages were highlighted, and this book is about 300 pages!! wow!!! love it!!! 5 stars!!!
Though this book reads like a college text book and the 650 pages are a bit daunting this too was a very excellent and enlightening read. This reader noted two incredibly valuable take-aways from this book. The first, was the exposure to the Magna Charter of 1215 and the Rights of Free Englishman. In that, the reader's mind was opened to a fresh and more accurate understanding of the Declaration of Independence and the cause of the Revolution. The many encroachments by King George and the British Parliament upon our Founders liberties. Freedoms they had inherited from their fathers and their fathers before. That finally required nothingless than an armed defense of their former way of life.

The second, was the laymen's introductory contrast between the French and the American Revolutions. The reader's mind was opened to the dangerous consequences that resulted from an unenlighted Peasant's Revolt. The America Revolution was led by wise and educated men whose passion was to restore and expand the liberties they once had under the old English Law. The wisdom of our Founders was revealed in their desire to preserve the ancient foundations of religion, law, and government. The result was a "more perfect union" built upon the rock of liberty. In contrast however, the foolishness of the peasants was revealed in their blood lust and murderous attempt to destroy all the foundations of their society, the church, the crown and the law. The immediate result was indeed a new form of government built upon the sands of anarchy that was soon restrained under the boot of a tyrant named Napoleon.
Liberty, Order, and Justice download epub
Author: James McClellan
ISBN: 0865972559
Category: History
Subcategory: Americas
Language: English
Publisher: Liberty Fund Inc.; 3rd Revised Third ed. edition (December 1, 2000)
Pages: 649 pages