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The Evasionby Eugenia Brooks Frothingham. by Eugenia Brooks Frothingham.

Home Frothingham, Eugenia Brooks The Evasion. Visit Seller's Storefront. Frothingham, Eugenia Brooks. Published by Houghton Mifflin, Boston and New York, 1906. Condition: Very Good Hardcover.

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Whether or not you'll like this book depends on the type of person you are. If you're the type if person who always plays it safe and is a stickler for rules, you'll probably hate this book. This book challenges a lot of things we think about the society we live in. If you're open minded and willing to determine whether what the author says and does stands on its own merit, you might like this book. I would actually give this a 4.5 because I sometimes had trouble following the author in certain segments but overall it was stellar, I rarely read books in full unless they really hook me and this book hooked me all the way to the last page.
Longitude Temporary
This book was the kind of book that I truly love reading. Inspirational story of what is commonly referred as freeganism today. It's a very interesting book about a guy who was what I would call the "intentional hobo," doing the whole "no money" thing and restraining from drugs or alcohol. If I remember correctly, he was also a vegan dumpster diver who would often do receipt scams and shoplift to afford or get what it was he needed. He was fighting the corporate system from the bottom-up. I saw a lot of myself in him, not just through actions, but through thought process. An interesting journal to those who wish to follow that path. I've bought a few other books from Crimethinc and this one probably the best or the second best, behind Days of War, Nights of Love. Highly recommended and a great read from cover to cover. An insiders look into the world of what I would call urban exploration with a hobo twist.
For the literary critic, it's hard to get a grip on exactly what the author is trying to achieve. The protagonist, or viewpoint character is a one-man crime wave everywhere he goes, but limits his crimes to such non-violent crimes as shoplifting, loitering, and trespassing. One news reporter corners him and asks what his objective in life is, and the narrator offers no answer. He just evades the question and moves on.

The major conflict is between the viewpoint narrator and the social condition. He sees Americans mostly as a herd of sheep who have become internalized with the comforts, and the concomitant restraints, of middle class society. It is similar to internal conflict of Holden Caulfield, viewpoint character of Catcher in the Rye," whose name is used as an alias at one point near the rear of the book. The astute reader can quickly recognize Caulfield, like Nabokov's Humbert-Humbert, as a mentally unbalanced, yet convincing, narrator. The success of a good writer is to get the reader to accept a mentally disturbed person as a congenial character. However, this work appears to be more philosophical than psychiatric in nature.

The narrator is in an imaginary struggle with an imaginary villain. There is no linear plot and no denouement; therefore, no resolution of the principle conflict; the novel's philosophical nature proscribes a denouement. There is nothing unique about the book. Diogenes the Cynic had similar musings about the social condition back more than 400BC and held the same contempt for money, prosperity and conformity. As the book mentions, there have been many contemporaries with similar philosophical leanings, such as Kerouac and his Beatnik friends, Woodie Guthrie and others.

The viewpoint character lacks verisimilitude. The author-narrator is obviously well educated, perhaps self-educated, yet articulate, and his copy has adequate ease of reading. Ironically, that contributes to the a greater difficulty for the reader to suspend disbelief. If the reader compartmentalizes the apparent good education and logical thinking vegan and "straight-edge" youthful philosopher, and contrasts it against the reckless dumpster diver and petty criminal, he can enjoy the book as a good escape. You also must suspend disbelief about germs, filth and lack of hygiene, although, the narrator does bathe when it is convenient.

In summary, an author's achieving a reader's suspension of disbelief and affording an escape from the bourgeois' social prison of conformity, is apparently the dominating theme. In that vein the novel has a modicum of success, with the caveat to the youthful reader to be careful to not "internalize" everything in his book. However, the good reader should have enough intelligence to avoid being "socially-engineered" by it. Both of those quotes are used in this novel, and it stimulated my interest enough to review the meaning of the terms. If you read the web site, Crimethinc.com, you might draw the conclusion that such social engineering, or revolution of the mind, is the ultimate goal. "Evasion's" seemingly charmed life, in that he never gets arrested, might mislead the naive reader and tempt him to undertake some unhappy adventures. If a reader is too impressionable, he might get some crazy idea that he too can survive a life on the road without ever paying for anything. As a retired law enforcement officer I offer this advice: Don't try it, unless you're willing to spend a lot of time in jail. If you are so reckless and willing to risk imprisonment, then you defeat the author's purpose of emphasizing the freedom of lateral mobility--Walter LeCroy.
I picked the book up thinking it would be very uplifting,inspirational,motivating, and perhaps adventurous. Unfortunately it was a guy writing his personal essays about dumpster diving, sleeping on rooftops, and shoplifting. This book obviously has essays from the late 80's early 90's based on his explanation of shoplifting,music, and american culture. Nowadays people couldn't attempt to do half the stuff this guy did. Ok we established he was vegan....he mentions he is vegan on numerous occassions. Is the author trying to imply his message to non-vegans and somehow conform a hysteria of vegans? The author falls into a trap of redudancy, hipocrisy, and self-denial throughout this book. This book could of certianly been narrowed down to perhaps 100 pages to say the least. It was a story of redundant events told through his perspective. On the bright side of things, the author certainly has a very detailed yet persistent way of explaining things. Ie. The city he ecountered on his ever-lasting journey of poverty. However once he is done laying the ground-work for the reader, he does a horrible job explaining things through his own eyes....irrelevant rambling if you come to think of it. Should you read this book? sure if you want to understand the true meaning of poverty in the late 20th, early 21st century through the eyes of a straight edge vegan. Otherwise don't pick this book up, there are an array of other interesting books out there to benefit you.
I'm hooked! This book is amazing! I've had it a little over a week and I'm about halfway done with it, which is really fast for me! this is the kind of book you can read multiple times, and I plan to!
A fantastic book!
If you're eleven and think "anarchism" is cool.

Seriously, immature garbage at best. If you want to read about anarchism stick to Galleani, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin... or if you want something as heavy and beautiful but more relatable and newer Elements of Refusal by Zerzan and Against History Against Leviathan by Perlman are where it's at. If almost day those two along with Mutual Aid and The End of Anarchism? Are almost all you need but Property is Theft is still a fun read.
Stay away from Crimethinc. They're basically just romantics who like Che so much they refuse to shower.
The Evasion download epub
Author: Eugenia Brooks Frothingham
ISBN: 1113711345
Category: History
Language: English
Publisher: BiblioLife (September 21, 2009)
Pages: 424 pages