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by Tom Wolsky

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-Jim Heid, Avondale Media.

-Jim Heid, Avondale Media. Focal Press has been making step-by-step software guides for some time and it shows.

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I bought this book recently to supplement my new G5 that was coming pre-loaded with Final Cut Express

I bought this book recently to supplement my new G5 that was coming pre-loaded with Final Cut Express I have to say it lived up to its reputation - it is clear and concise, but goes pretty deep into the program.

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Series: DV expert series.

Pages: 329, 332. ISBN 10: 0080494897. ISBN 13: 9780080494890. Series: DV expert series.

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Nonlinear, or digital, editing involves the manipulation of digitized video. Software applications permit the editor to cut, splice, make transitions, and edit film more precisely than was ever possible with conventional film editing techniques. Final Cut Express 2 is an inexpensive version of Apple's Final Cut Pro software, the leading nonlinear editing program for the Mac platform. In its first year, Final Cut Express proved to be a compelling alternative for hobbyists, students, and professionals who had formerly been limited to iMovie.Final Cut Express 2 Editing Workshop is a classroom-in-a-book that teaches readers the art and technique of editing with Final Cut Express 2. It features a series of tutorials that cover the complete range of tasks, from installing the application to outputting. All of the necessary materials, including raw video footage and sequences, detailed instructions, and techniques taught in film schools, guide the reader to a working knowledge of Final Cut Express 2. The companion DVD includes a video introduction to Final Cut Express 2 specially designed for iMovie users, as well as tutorial media and plug-ins. Go beyond the mechanics of Final Cut Express 2?learn how to edit with it! More than a button-pushing manual'this workshop gives you firsthand experience with the art and technique of editing.

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Not only is this one of the best titles on the market for getting you into the nitty gritty of Final Cut Express, it is written by a man who is clearly devoted to teaching the product. Just today I was on Apple's help forum trying to solve a problem that I couldn't find the answer for in his or any of the other books I have. It turned out the solution was simple, but it was such a nice surprise that Tom Wolsky himself (author of this book) was the one to respond!! Looking through Apple's and other web based forums on video editing I found that he devotes quite a bit of time to selflessly helping out people with questions that range from the simple (mine) to the very complex and particular solutions. Combine this with the online expertise from Wolsky and many others who are incredibly helpful, and you are off to an excellent start editing!
Whether you are a beginning video editor using Final Cut Express as your first editor, or an iMovie user moving up, this book in invaluable. Tom paces the lessons well: not too much in each one so you are not overwhelmed, and they build on one another. The included DVD includes source video for the lessons so that the still shots in the book come alive and make sense.
If you are an iMovie user, the short DVD Video (included) gives you a terrific starting point showing the similarities and differences between the programs.
The Editing Workshop can be used to learn the program and as reference. Items which may take painstaking searches int he FCE manual from Apple are found and explained better in Tom's book.
This is a must have even if you have read the Apple FCE manual cover to cover.
I made the switch from iMovie3 to FCE. I was very happy with iMovie2; but upgraded to enjoy the added features. I became very frustrated with the bugs. I now realize that I was expecting too much-my projects were becoming more complex than iMovie3 could manage.
The power of FCE is far far far superior to iMovie. I realized that I had not made an "upgrade"; I had changed to a very different application. The learning curve was steep. I needed a private tutor. Once this book (with DVD / DVD ROM) had arrived, I felt like I had that private tutor AND a reference.
If you're moving up to Final Cut Express: (1) order Tom Wolsky's Book, Final Cut Express Editing Workshop when you order FCE. (2) Watch the DVD where Tom tells us iMovie users what we need to know. (3) Read the first 2 lessons before you install FCE. (4) Be prepared to say, "I can't believe this Final Cut is so powerful" every time Tom teaches you something new as you go through his very well written tutorial.
If you're only planning to buy one Final Cut Express (FCE) book, buy Tom Wolsky's "Final Cut Express Editing Worship." If your planning to buy TWO FCE books, buy TWO copies of Mr. Wolsky's book.
Okay, you probably don't need to buy two copies, but once you've read this book and worked your way through the tutorials, you will have mastered FCE and won't need of any other guides for working with this powerful program. If you ARE intent on buying a second book, buy something that deals with the art of film making instead.
I give this book 5 stars for two reasons: First, it covers everything about FCE and is packed full of hints and tricks that will greatly improve your productivity and the quality of your work. Second, Mr. Wolsky covers all of FCE's facets from beginning to end in a manner that's logical, easy to follow, and he writes in a casual prose that gives you the feeling that your best friend (who also happens to be a genius) is sitting next to you, gently guiding you through the entire process.
My only regret is that this book wasn't available BEFORE I worked on my first couple of projects. Take my advice, buy this book and work through it before you take on your first project. You'll be glad you did.
I was hoping that it would still have the DVD, but no. I did not find that it was really helpful without the DVD and it was packaged poorly. The packaging paper was partially torn. The book is in fair condition, though.
Granted, Final Cut Express is a complicated program, but I can't help feeling that these lessons are more confusing than they have to be. For example, I find the author will sometimes embrak on a project without really explaining (in layman's terms) what it is we're about to do. It's almost as if I have to catch up to the point of the lesson. He'll also leave out certain details that might be basic to him, but are not to the novice (like switching back to the "Select" tool before embarking on a certain task.) Conversly, he'll sometimes go into way too much detail about all the different ways one could perform the same function. To be honest, I don't know if I've ever gotten through a whole lesson without being thoroughly confused or just not getting the results I'm supposed to. In short, I just can't help feeling that there is a more consise and logical way to teach this program.
With all that being said however, you can't help but pick up some knowledge as you go through the lessons. For myself, I'd venture to guess I'm retaining about 20%. Which is still 20% more than I knew before I got the book. And because it is organized in a workshop form, you do feel compelled to follow through.
Bottom line: If there's another Final Cut Express workshop book, I'd strongly consider it. If not, it's still not a bad thing to have.
Tom's book is by far the best there is on FCE. The book is organized into "lessons" that take you through the various aspects of editing video with FCE. The included DVD provides the footage to use to work through the lessons.
The DVD also includes a short video of Tom describing the differences between FCE and iMovie, which should be helpful for those making the step up from iMovie.
If you want to learn how to use FCE, this is the book to get.
This book is really dated and the illustrations are a bit confusing. This helped answer a couple questions I had but overall I was not as impressed as I had hoped to be.
Final Cut Express 2 Editing Workshop, Second Edition (DV Expert Series) download epub
Author: Tom Wolsky
ISBN: 1578202566
Category: Humor & Entertainment
Subcategory: Movies
Language: English
Publisher: Focal Press; 2 edition (January 20, 2004)
Pages: 304 pages