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First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors download epub

by Gabriella Oldham

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Gabriella Oldham is a freelance writer.

Gabriella Oldham is a freelance writer. Harrison Engle is the award-winning director and producer of more than 80 films, including the documentaries The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt and The LOST Kennedy Home Movies. Paperback: 440 pages. Библиографические данные.

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First Cut 2 - Gabriella Oldham.

The first book from Gabriella Oldham is now something of a classic

The first book from Gabriella Oldham is now something of a classic. It’s amazing what you can get away with. I know the things I do in the cutting room: flop shots, make people look the other way, make action go backwards, make jump cuts in the middle of the film and have things scoot out of the way.

First Cut offers an opportunity to learn what film editing really is, and to learn from the source. Gabriella Oldham's interviews with twenty-three award-winning film editors give a full picture of the complex art and craft of editing a film. Filled with animated anecdotes and detailed examples, this is the first book to provide a comprehensive treatment of both documentary and feature film editing.

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Golden Lama
I've been editing documentaries coming up on a decade now, and I always complain that there are no books written about the editor. So I'm glad I finally found one that is enjoyable to read. It's of the style where you can pick it up and put it down between readings. I keep my copy beside the toilet. And every post house should probably get a copy for their staffers to read during their "breaks."

I hope they come out with a second edition. Us editors, at least those worthy of a inclusion in a book, really do have some interesting things to say.

I'm kind of bummed at how expensive it is. 25 bucks is ludicrous for a trade paperback.

Unless you're a diehard cinephile or a professional editor, this might not be the book for you.

But still definitely recommend.
The first thing you'll notice about this book is how dated the conversations about film editing appear. The frequent references to physically cutting film and reviewing shots on a Movieola will - at first glace - make you think this book is not at all applicable to a modern-day discussion of film editing. However, give the book just a few pages and you'll quickly realize that there is a lot more taking place here... there are real discussions about editing, style, decision-making and the craft of editing a film. The conversations with film editors span the breadth of the profession, from drama and comedy to documentary and musical. There are some very valuable lessons to be learned about the history of the editing profession, the dedication it takes to become an editor, and the process true professionals have used to refine their craft.
Got the book for my Step Son, your guess is as good as mine, as how good it is.
Gabriella Oldham has collected a wide variety of editors from a wide variety of backgrounds to ask about editing.
A really useful book on the various approaches people have on editing and what their working methods are. Comphrehensive interviews from people who have worked on films such as Ben Hur to documentaries. Those who enjoyed this book should also have a look at Vincent LaBrutto's 'Film Editing'.
First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors download epub
Author: Gabriella Oldham
ISBN: 0520075889
Category: Humor & Entertainment
Subcategory: Movies
Language: English
Publisher: University of California Press; unknown edition (November 1, 1995)
Pages: 417 pages