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by Peter Cowie

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After years waiting for a good Apocalypse Now book, Peter Cowie's comes out, right around the same time as "Apocalypse Now Redux.

He is now senior international advisor to the publication and lives in London. After years waiting for a good Apocalypse Now book, Peter Cowie's comes out, right around the same time as "Apocalypse Now Redux. The irony being that Cowie wrote the book in 2000, a full year before Coppola unveiled his reworked masterpiece.

The Apocalypse Now Book book. After years waiting for a good Apocalypse Now book, Peter Cowie's comes out, right around the same time as "Apocalypse Now Redux

The Apocalypse Now Book book. This means that, due to how long the publishing process takes, the book has hardly any information about Redux, which is a shame. As Cowie's interview with Coppola took place in 1999, there are no quotes or thoughts from the director Talk about bad timing.

The Apocalypse Now Book. Cowie, Peter "When you've seen "Apocalypse Now Redux," you should read Peter Cowie's. He is now senior international advisor to the publication and lives in London. It has far richer detail. - -New York Times 5/13/01.

Apocalypse Now Redux" hits . theaters, "The Apocalypse Now Book" is the type of tome film buffs dream about.

Timed to hit stores right before Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now Redux" hits .

The companion screenplay to the recently updated version of Coppolas groundbreaking masterpiece. The book features an introduction by Francis Ford Coppola, the entire screenplay, and 8 pages of color photos. Apocalypse Now is a retelling of Joseph Conrads classic novella, Heart of Darkness-set in the Vietnam War. This is the definitive vision of madness and folly of war in our times.

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At a screening at Cannes in May 1979, Francis Ford Coppola said simply, "There wasn't a truthful thing written about in four years.

Apocalypse Now Redux is a 2001 extended version of Francis Ford Coppola's epic war film Apocalypse Now, which was originally released in 1979. Francis Ford Coppola began production on the new cut with working-partner Kim Aubry. Coppola then tried to get Murch, who was reluctant at first

Apocalypse Now Redux Metacritic Page Basically the same kind of thing as Rotten Tomatoes, its arch-rival

Apocalypse Now Redux Metacritic Page Basically the same kind of thing as Rotten Tomatoes, its arch-rival. They're like the Montagues and Capulets. Except the Metacritic page is for the Apocalpyse Now Redux cut of the movie, for some reason. The Apocalypse Now Book by Peter Cowie If you want to take a deep dive into the making of Apocalypse Now and other dimensions of the film, here's your golden ticket to the Willy Wonka World of Apocalypse Now facts. Dispatches by Michael Herr Dispatches is a crazy, fragmented, psychedelic classic of Vietnam War reporting.

The Apocalypse of Peter (or Revelation of Peter) is an early Christian text of the 2nd century and an example of apocalyptic literature with Hellenistic overtones. It is not in the Bible, but is mentioned in the Muratorian fragment, the oldest surviving list of New Testament books, which also states it was not allowed to be read in church by others. The text is extant in two incomplete versions of a lost Greek original, one Koine Greek, and an Ethiopic version, which diverge considerably.

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After reading the screenplay i watched the film over again to catch all the little stuff that went on in the background that I missed.
I was disappointed to see that this book doesn't contain the original version of the Apocalypse Now script, by John Milius. It could have at least contained one of the later Milius/Coppola rewrites, such as the final revised 1975 version, which is easily found online. The simple fact is, those scripts provide a better reading experience; you're better off just watching the movie than reading this one. And, if you're a fledgling screenwriter, you're certainly not going to learn anything about the craft of scriptwriting from this book.
The reason being, as any viewer of the excellent documentary "Hearts of Darkness" knows, is that Coppola basically gave his actors free reign in expanding and ad-libbing their dialog on the set. Having read the earlier Milius/Coppola rewrites, I know that a lot of the lines in Apocalypse Now were in fact from the script. But many more of them (particularly Brando and Hopper's dialog) were in fact made up by the actors themselves. So to publish this book and say that it's a pure creation of Milius and Coppola is a bit misleading (something which Coppola himself vaguely asserts in his introduction).
A straight-up publication of an earlier version would have been preferable, if for the simple fact that it would give amazing insight into the twisted path this film took, from script to celluloid. For example, the '75 version mentioned above (the script Coppola started with on the set, but eventually rewrote day by day) not only opened with a psychedelic action scene, it also ended with one: a surreal, apocalyptic (of course) set-piece that involved untold VC, rampant destruction, and drugged-out GI's, with "Light My Fire" blaring over humongous stereos. It's interesting to imagine what the movie would've been like, had Coppola stuck with this ending, though from the beginning he claimed he had a problem with it; he found it too much like a comic book. Still, many have complained that the ending of Coppola's actual film is a bit underwhelming; there are many who would have in fact preferred the climactic sequence Milius envisioned. As for myself, I like both.
There are other interesting differences in the early Milius/Coppola drafts. For example, Willard is more of a devil-may-care super-soldier; he shares his joints with the PBR crew, and takes easily to murder: in one well-written sequence, Willard, realizing the French Plantation owners are attempting to trick him out of crucial fuel and ammo supplies, fools them by murdering some Vietnamese guards and planting their bodies in empty supply crates - crates which the French believe contain fuel and ammo. Kurtz as well is different, a blond-haired he-man who kills hundreds of VC single-handedly. Hardly the character Marlon Brando played in the film!
Actually, it's unfair of me to review these earlier incarnations of the script. The fact is, the version published here is far removed from them. But even though I'm unimpressed with this book, I still can't give it a poor review; even though it's mostly just a transcription, still, it's a transcription of my favorite movie, so that means it can't be ALL bad.
The " Apocalypse Now " Redux download epub
Author: Peter Cowie
ISBN: 0571214843
Category: Humor & Entertainment
Subcategory: Movies
Language: English
Publisher: Faber and Faber; New Ed edition (November 28, 2001)
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