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by Joseph Andrews

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The Complete Win at Spades. I've been playing Hearts since 1963, and first bought a version of this book in 1984.

The Complete Win at Spades. The Complete Win at Euchre. Joe states his preferred rules that are employed in the tournaments he has been directing since the early seventies, and are identical to the way I've always played.

Joseph Andrews (Author). I had no clue on how to play the game of Hearts or Spades. After reading Win at Hearts, and Win at Spades it has helped me look like I knew what I was doing. With all games, the more you play, the better you will become. These books helped me feel comfortable playing the games.

With the development of multiple card-playing sites on the Internet, Hearts. Details (if other): Cancel.

Andrews has drawn on his own considerable experience to explain. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Complete Win at Hearts as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Hearts is a classic card game that has been around for more than 200 years. Win at Hearts : Revised Rules, Variations, and Strategy - How to Play and Win. by Joseph D. Andrews.

Joseph Andrews, or The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams, was the first published full-length novel of the English author Henry Fielding.

Published in 1742 and defined by Fielding as a "comic epic poem in prose", it is the story of a good-natured footman's adventures on the road home from London with his friend and mentor, the absent-minded parson Abraham Adams.

In Joseph Andrews, Fielding the author, magistrate, and moralist refuses to accept much of what he sees around him; in Book III .

In Joseph Andrews, Fielding the author, magistrate, and moralist refuses to accept much of what he sees around him; in Book III, he states that his purpose is . In Joseph Andrews, Fielding has written with both his head and his heart; he has refused some things and assented warmly to others so that the positive delight which we take in a book that admittedly has echoes of Shamela shows how far he has traveled in his literary craft. Pop Quiz! After Adams returns penniless from Pastor Trulliber's, who pays his bills at the inn? A poor peddler.

See, Joseph Andrews is all about mocking a little book called Pamela, by Samuel Richardson. And boy, did Henry Fielding go after Pamela. Joseph Andrews wasn't even his first foray into Pamela-land, since he also penned An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews in 1741. Actually, there's nothing little about it; it's about 600 pages long. The heroine of this hefty classic, Pamela Andrews, is supposed to be super sweet, virtuous, and totally unwilling to succumb to her master's sexual advances. You might say that Fielding recognized a gold mine when he saw it.

Of Mr Joseph Andrews, his birth, parentage, education, and great endowments, with a word or two concerning .

Of Mr Joseph Andrews, his birth, parentage, education, and great endowments, with a word or two concerning ancestors. CHAPTER III. Of Mr Abraham Adams the curate, Mrs Slipslop the chambermaid, and others. CHAPTER IV. What happened after their journey to London. CHAPTER XII. Containing many surprizing adventures which Joseph Andrews met with on the road, scarce credible to those who have never travelled in a stage-coach. What happened to Joseph during his sickness at the inn, with the curious discourse between him and Mr Barnabas, the parson of the parish.

With the development of multiple card-playing sites on the Internet, Hearts is more popular than ever. The author has drawn on his own considerable experience to explain such fine points as proper cards to pass from various Hearts Or Spades combinations, and explains all you need to know about popular variations like Cutthroat, Partnership, Three-Handed, and Jack Of Diamonds.

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Tough read, hard to follow.
Didn't use it much. You have to play the game to learn even if you read this.
Just finished reading "Win At Hearts". I found this book to be very informative and I consider it my bible for the game of Hearts! There is great instruction that covers all aspects of the game including the basics, the passing of three (3) cards, spade suit management, how to plan and play difficult hands, various strategies and defensive play. These sections include intermediate and advanced hand analysis. The instruction that I got out of this book has greatly helped me improve my skills in playing this great game. Since reading this book, I know play at a much higher level and feel like I've got an advantage over good players! I'd like to thank the author (Joseph Andrews) for writing this book and sharing his great knowledge of this fun game with all of us! I highly recommend this book to both social and competitive players at all levels. Good luck and good Hearts to all.
I am regularly one of the highest-rated players on Yahoo Hearts, and I bought this book some time ago to improve my game. It has some good ideas, but I was generally disappointed. There is too much discussion of trick plays, and definitely not enough on good solid fundamental play. The section on spade-suit management is pretty well explained-out, but I found the heart-suit management section lacking. (hearts do make up half the point total of each hand, after all). The style of the book is very home-spun, resembling a compilation of hearts tidbits, without a thorough discussion of principles involved in playing the game. At one point Andrews says offhand that one should generally slough minor suits before breaking hearts, but he doesn't say why, and under what circumstances you don't. The "hearts player's diary" was a big waste of paper and ink. There is a lengthy discussion of the 'partnership' version of the game, but the section on the -10JD game is altogether lacking (if that's what you want the book for), with only about 5 pages devoted to it. One of Andrews' 10 cardinal rules which nearly everyone online would disagree with is "Dump the QS on the first available player, unless your hand is absolutely safe". Rather, you save the QS for the low man at the table. The score of the game is always an important factor in determining your play (especially what hearts you pass), and this is not addressed at all in this book. Also not addressed is how to determine who has the QS, and manuever so the low man gets her. I also would've liked to see a section on how to shoot the moon, since this is an aspect of the game you cannot readily practice without torching your scores. This book does contain a few good ideas for the novice or intermediate player, but if another book on the subject becomes available on this site, I'd definitely suggest buying it before buying this one.
Joe's latest Hearts book is not only a good introduction, but it also teaches advanced techniques and strategies. Unlike most books, he actually goes into wonderful detail with examples of finesses, passing, conventions, leading, and play.
Joe has consulted with us on several of DreamQuest Software's Championship Hearts and Championship Spades card games and this book and its techniques were critical to making our computer games as challenging and close to live tournament play as possible. If you want to learn how the pros play, this is the book to read!
To my knowledge, this is the only book on Hearts strategy currently available. It's written in an exceptionally readable, conversational style. It's as though "Uncle Joe" was sitting across the table from you, commenting on the game in progress. You can just read the chapters that interest you (defensive strategy, psychological tricks, etc.) or jump straight to page 99 ("ten winning Hearts tips"). The entire book can easily be read in 2-3 hours. It's an excellent book if you're interested in improving your Hearts game. Strategies that you may have been following subconsciously are explained and demonstrated. New strategies that you may not have considered are developed. In addition to an explanation of basic Hearts rules and variations, there is a quite extensive section (which I haven't seen in print anywhere else) on how handle exceptional situations (such as playing illegal cards, playing out of turn etc.). All in all, a most useful book. At barely a buck per "Hearts tip", well worth the expense to get a leg up on your Hearts-playing friends (or enemies).
I'e been playing hearts for the past 20 years. I've read most books on the subject, but I must say that Mr. Andrew's version has been the most thorough and comprehensive thusfar. It's a delight to read and is chocked full of interesting variations and insightfull advice. I'm elated to have come across it. I'll look forward to Mr. Andrews live Heart's event in Las Vegas this year.
Win at Hearts download epub
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Author: Joseph Andrews
ISBN: 0486244067
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Language: English
Publisher: Dover Pubns; First Soft Cover Edition edition (October 1, 1983)
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