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by Clair M. Poulson

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10. Switchback, by Clair M. Poulson is a thriller and mystery novel.

10. Rocky is on a very nice vacation and then suddenly his phone goes off. Glenn Gridley a former employee was calling about a horse thief. Throughout the investigation Rocky and Shanice Gridley (Glenn’s daughter) fall in love and create a relationship.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. It was supposed to be a pleasant autumn walk in a quiet canyon with her German shepherd. But when Noletta Fahr stumbles upon a murder scene-the young law student becomes the next victim. Believing his bullet has killed Noletta.

Clair M. Poulson is an author specializing in mystery books. Before he became a writer, Poulson served for more than 35 years in the criminal justice system. He uses many of these experiences when he writes. As a result, he is able to portray characters and real life settings that many other authors can't do. Poulson began as a military policeman in the . After his service, he enrolled in the Utah State Highway Patrol as a trooper.

From Clair Poulson, the best-selling author of I'll Find You, comes a gripping story of a beautiful young woman in. .

From Clair Poulson, the best-selling author of I'll Find You, comes a gripping story of a beautiful young woman in the wrong place, at the worst possible time. Erika Leighton is on vacation with her family in the mountains of Colorado. Duchesne County Justice Court Judge Clair Poulson received a call one day from a Salt Lake Tribune reporter who wanted to know why the judge hadn't given a tougher sentence to a certain drunk driver. The reporter went on to explain that after release from jail, the man in question had resumed his drinking and driving, and had just killed an innocent teenager. The reporter wanted to know if the judge felt at least partially responsible.

Switchback by Clair M Poulson (Covenant). Vengence by Clair M Poulson - LDS Audiobook on CD (Unabridged - 7 Discs).

I am the author of numerous novels. Just bought my first book from Al's in Duchesne today. finished an E book from him and says he is a Great Author. I love these kind of books. Most of them are mystery/suspense  . I wondered if he was a local Author. Poulson uses his experience with law enforcement and the justice system when he writes novels. Because of his personal experience he is able to accurately portray characters and real life settings. Poulson has had over thirty-five year experience in the criminal justice system. He began as a military policeman in the . army and then he became a trooper in the Utah State Highway Patrol. During those years in law enforcement Poulson also served as deputy sheriff and later he was elected county sheriff for Duchesne County

Switchback by Clair M. Poulson.

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With warm sand between his toes, private investigator Rocky Revada is finally taking a well-deserved vacation. But he the emotional please of a pretty woman have some how lodged inside the usually practical investigator's head. What started out as a simple investigation of theft has escalated into a murder investigation.

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Just when you think one thing Clair takes you on a roller coaster ride! And oh the bad guys--some are a bit obvious but others come outta no where! Even the bad guys just seem a bit off--like no one likes them but there's no proof until wham Clair pulls it all together and not only are they caught but all the missing back history is revealed. And all makes sense.

This is written in first person rather than third. Normally it's kinda off putting to me but it was really easy to read and follow. I enjoyed my adventure in Clair's playground--his books.
Clair Poulson never fails to please with his novels. I have read almost all of them and there is not a throw away in the lot.
I think anything Clair Poulson writes is good, but this was exceptionally good. The people were real - they had everyday situations they had to deal with while they were confronting a major loss. The book kept me "on the edge of my seat" wondering what was going to happen next. I was sad when I finished the book because the characters had become real to me. If you like crime stories, I know you will enjoy Switchback by Clair Poulson.
The book is a little slow in parts, but overall it develops into a complex mystery with some romance thrown in
I like the way Clair Poulson weaves these mystery tales. As with others of his novels, the police work is good and well developed. The hero works hard and manages to come up with the answers even though he has difficulty getting along with one of the professional cops. I like Poulson's writing and will be reading others by him.
Road.to sliver
I have always been held spellbound by Clair Poulson and have all of his novels.I believe this is the best novel by far He was able to keep the suspense going until the very end.I am recommending Switch back to anyone who loves a good mystery.
Really starting to love this author's books. Great plot.
Poulson books are always well written and most of them I have loved. I didn't feel this was his best work, but that may only be my own opinion. It's still worth the read.
Switchback download epub
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Author: Clair M. Poulson
ISBN: 1608618919
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc. (2012)