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by Wendy Rosnau

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Published by Silhouette Books He dropped his gun into her pocket. So the game begins Now they would be scrambling to restore their success record in the spy world

Published by Silhouette Books. America’s Publisher of Contemporary Romance. He dropped his gun into her pocket. I look forward to playing. You know how I love a good challenge, Kisa. Now they would be scrambling to restore their success record in the spy world. But the really bad news wasn’t what Quest had lost, or businesswise what Yurii had lost-his empire was still standing. What he’d lost was far more precious.

Casmir said as she eyed the throngs of people coming and going at New Orleans International Airport. That would be just like him to be late picking us up. Who, Cassie? Casmir caught herself before. she said, the asshole

Casmir said as she eyed the throngs of people coming and going at New Orleans International Airport. she said, the asshole. Pierce Fourtier, Mama. He’s taking us to Le Mystère. A coworker? I don’t recognize the name. Have I ever met him? No, but once you do you’ll never forget him, Casmir thought. She spied a gypsy vagrant watching them and immediately she went on red alert. No one was supposed to know their destination but Pola. nd Fourtier, of course.

The Spy With The Silver Lining. One thing was certain - surviving this deadly game required the performance of a lifetim. mpression.

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The Spy With The Silver Lining by Wendy Rosnau released on May 09, 2006 is available now for purchase.

Comments: (3)

Another great part of the series. Entertaining to read with all the spy espionage. I read them all and tried to do it in order which makes it more fun.
.... Yet what that something is, I have no idea.

In reading this book, I felt it was a prime example of the words, "show don't tell." The author spends a good portion of the beginning *telling* us that Casimir is some kind of "super b&tch," yet rarely does she take the opportunity to *show* us. Those times that she attempts to, Casimir comes across more as a petulant child who cares more about whether her shoes match her purse than anything else. Imagine Paris Hilton with a dirty mouth and carrying a gun, with her mother trotting along behind. That's the mental image I often got.

No where did I perceive the smooth, sophisticated, cool super spy that Casimir was "supposed" to be. The male lead wasn't much more appealing either. Neither character made decisions or acted in a manner logical to trained, professional covert agents. And I'm talking outside of those "attraction makes them crazy" scenes.

If that wasn't enough, the details, those things that make a story a realistic story were lacking. The story could have taken place on a soundstage for all the descriptive detail included. And when the author did try to be descriptive, it was unconvincing and felt like she was pulling information out of the air. An equivalent of her whispering in my ear, "It was something like this. Kinda like that" or "You know what I mean."

Instead of living the story through or along with the characters, I felt I was watching the rehersal of a badly written off off off Broadway play. Never did I connect with any of the characters. A good or even great story this could have been if the author had offered more than a half-hearted peek into the emotional lives of these characters. Instead of wasting space on the lackluster attraction between Ruza and Lazie, we could have been offered more on the emotional struggle of Casmir over her feelings for Yuri. Or Pierce's growing up without a mother. All in all, I never even understood what attracted these two people to each other. Even the physical lust between them seems superficial at best.

If, as the other reviewer suggests, this was intentional on the author's part, then I guess she is to be congratulated. On the other hand, while a Linda Howard-esque thriller wasn't what I was expecting, a satire was not what I was looking to read either.
Casmir "The Actress" Balasi believes that the world is her stage, but recognizes trouble when the Euro-Quest agent with attitude sees Nasty Nicky scanning a room. This means the Red Mafia Don Yurii Petrov escaped from the Prague maximum security prison and is seeking the woman who sent him there, Casmir. One year ago she seduced him into a proposal and a prison sentence. Now he is back and she can only assume he wants to permanently annul her life for betraying him.

Casmir consults with her superior Polax who explains one agent is dead and her mom was almost abducted. Polax also informs her she will spend time at Le Mystere on the Louisiana coast with a bodyguard until Petrov is neutered. She assumes her bodyguard is a rat diner

American Onyxx Agent Pierce Fourtier is to protect Casmir and her mother who will stay with him in his Bayou home. He assumes his ward is an amoral femme fatale. Still she will bring Yurii who might bring out the Chameleon, the nasty adversary that Pierce chases. As Pierce and Casmir fall in love, the enemy is coming.

This is a fun spy loves spy vs. spy thriller that never takes itself seriously as ironically the prime cast is purposely stereotyped to satirize romantic espionage tales. Casmir is a terrific tough yet tender protagonist while Pierce is her perfect match cherishing the three different sides of his beloved. The secondary characters augment the fine entertainment by either being caricaturist enemies or superiors, or making agents seem like real people with real families. Bombshell Agent Wendy Rosneau provides a delightful tale.

Harriet Klausner
The Spy With The Silver Lining (Spy Games) download epub
Action & Adventure
Author: Wendy Rosnau
ISBN: 0373514034
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Language: English
Publisher: Silhouette Bombshell; Original edition (May 9, 2006)