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The Destroyer #18: Funny Money download epub

by Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy

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Series: The Destroyer (Book 18).

I said we're cutting down on hamburger to save money. Good, dear," said Castellano. In place of Step Ten, which at this date would have required digging up Assistant District Supervisor Nichols's long-dead body, Castellano flicked on the gun's safety catch and put the pistol in the inside pocket of his gray seersucker suit jacket.

Читать онлайн Funny Money. The special money paper of the United States government was not porous enough for the proper ink to dry. So far this bill looked good. In the corner of his office, underneath blowups of now-famous counterfeits-like the Hitler fifties that were so good they just let them stay in circulation-was the ultraviolet light.

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com: Funny Money: Destroyer mystery paperback.

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Remo surrenders to a sex goddess armed to seduce and destroy the Destroyer.

As the White House and Pentagon cover up with reflective tinfoil to ward off deadly superheated rays from an invisible object in space that vaporized biobubble habitat scientists, Remo and Chiun are sent to Russia to stop the attacks before World War III breaks out. Read online. Remo surrenders to a sex goddess armed to seduce and destroy the Destroyer. Arms Race To The Finish Line" Normally Remo didn't care how evil enemies were armed.

Remo and Chiun are back in a race against time to save the dollar from the devastating effectsd of a super-human counterfeiter...

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I have read every book in this series multiple times, although the Kindle version looks like it was OCRed and not proof read, many mistakes that would have been caught by human eyes, maybe they had Mr. Gordons do the proofreading... but still a great book, glad it is on the Kindle!!!!
Easy Read and Entertaining
This story was very intriguing due Remo's in ability to defeat the robot!! Chin had to save his ads. A good twist .
I first read this when I was 20, years ago and enjoyed it as much now as then.
There is lots of Destroyer action and it does feature the first appearance of Mr Gordons, the robot that ALWAYS is destroyed
and returns!

There is only a bit of dragging near the middle but otherwise a terrific yarn!
Lazy time reading. The books are basically all the same, just different settings and people. They are fun. Like I said, Lazy time reading, no effort involved
This is the ibntroduction of mr. Gordons. It is highly immaginative. Such a fun story line. The authors show great creativity with this character. I thoroughly enjoyed the escapist pleasure
Cheap pulp fiction at it's finest. I celebrate the entire destroyer series. If you read one, you have to read them all.
The Destroyer #18: Funny Money download epub
Action & Adventure
Author: Richard Sapir,Warren Murphy
ISBN: 0523005385
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Language: English
Publisher: Pinnacle Books; 1st edition (1975)