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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Eddie Fanta is a fifteen-year-old boy entangled in tragic secrets which leave him questioning life, questioning justice.

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Eddie Fantastic book. I really liked this book. It was another great book by Chris Heimerdinger.

Eddie Fantastic book. It's been a few months since I finished it, but I think I remember wanting the ending to be different. Seems like that is the case a lot of the time.

This book is yet another of the many outstanding books written by Chris Heimerdinger. Not only entertaining to read, this book also provokes thought into spiritual matters. And the technology was cool, too.

by. Heimerdinger, Chris. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by sf-loadersive. org on March 5, 2010.

Eddie Fantastic, 1992, Covenant Communications . Lehi's Land of First Inheritance (2003): Documentary on Book of Mormon geography produced by Newlight Productions, Written by Chris Heimerdinger and Joseph Allen. Directed by Chris Heimerdinger (Dist.

Eddie Fantastic, 1992, Covenant Communications, ISBN 1-55503-403-9. and Sounds of Zion, In. ASIN: B000N3WAFM. Passage to Zarahemla (2007), a feature-length tasy movie based on the Heimerdinger book of the same name

CHRIS HEIMERDINGER is the writer/director of the movie Passage to Zarahemla and the songwriter/producer of the album . Chris has imagined a tale that bridges modern times with the world of The Book of Mormon.

CHRIS HEIMERDINGER is the writer/director of the movie Passage to Zarahemla and the songwriter/producer of the album Whispered Visions. However, he is the best known as the author of the popular Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Adventure series as well as Passage to Zarahemla. He has published a novel sequel to Passage entitled Escape From Zarahemla which ties together the Zarahemla world with the Tennis Shoes world in a unique and fascinating way.

Eddie Fantastic : a novel by Chris Heimerdinger. Choose file format of this book to download: pdf chm txt rtf doc. Eddie Fantastic : a novel by Chris Heimerdinger. by Chris Heimerdinger. Download PDF book format. Download this format book. Book's title: Eddie Fantastic : a novel by Chris Heimerdinger. Library of Congress Control Number: 2009291177.

Eddie Fantastic, 1992, Covenant Communications, ISBN 1555034039. Chris Heimerdinger at the Internet Movie Database. Book of Mormon Adventures: Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites: About the Author. Daniel and Nephi, 1993, Covenant Communications, ISBN 1555035663. Ben Franklin and the Chamber of Time, 1995, Deseret Book Company, ISBN 0875798780.

63 results for chris heimerdinger Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches: Book One By Chris Heimerdinger. Eddie Fantastic : A Novel by Heimerdinger, Chris.

63 results for chris heimerdinger. Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches: Book One By Chris Heimerdinger.

Eddie Fanta is a teenager entangled by tragic secrets that leave him questioning life, questioning justice, and questioning God. Louis Kossrinkoff is a savagely scarred, crippled old man who has remained in complete seclusion for the last forty years. After mysterious circumstances bring these two face to face, Eddie discovers the old man's extraordinary genius in the fields of science and technology -- a genius that has spawned a series of inventions that could change the universe forever. Although Eddie sees Louis' inventions as a way to improve his imperfect world, Eddie ends up wreaking havoc at every hair-raising turn. Join Eddie and his friends on an incredible adventure through time and space, reality and quantum physics, until at last Eddie discovers an ultimate wisdom and understanding about the Creator of our universe.

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I read Eddie Fantastic many years ago and loved it - over the years I lost some of my favorite books - this one is definitely one of them - I am now rebuilding my library and had to get it again - and Chris signed it - I live in New Jersey so getting my books signed would have been a chore - thanks Chris - not just for signing the book but for writing it - reading your books is never a waste of time
I enjoyed this book as a kid and now I’m reading it To my son, he loves it so far and begs me, “just one more chapter Mom!” Good quality and came fast.
Amazing storyline. Well told. A hidden gem.
I really liked this book. My only complaint is that the book never ended. It was set up for a sequel but there isn't one.!
Clean, fascinating, exciting and uplifting.
this book is really good with all the suspense and action! you should really get this book you will like it a lot!!!!!!!!!
This book has got to be one of the most imaginative things I've ever read. It is exciting, funny, scary, romantic--everything you need for a good read.
The story is about a teenage boy named Eddie Fanta who is going through some troubles. He can't get over his grandfather's death or his parents' divorce, he's unpopular, he couldn't get a girl if his life depended on it. Most of all, he's doubting God. But then he meets Louis, a crippled recluse who also happens to be an inventor. Eddie gets his hands on some spectacular inventions, and his life is completely changed.
While extremely entertaining, "Eddie Fantastic" makes you think. God is easily recognized as the Master Scientist, but what can copying His inventions bring about? I am strongly reminded of the scriptures "precept upon precept, line upon line." We could be given the most wonderful gifts imaginable... but are we ready for them?
Exciting and thought-provoking, this book lives up to its name: Fantastic.
I have a love/hate relationship with Chris Heimerdinger's work, but Eddie Fantastic is probably his finest novel. It's not overly "churchy" and it only does a little bit of preaching. The story is fun and interesting. The characters are believable. The dialogue is great. The inventions showcased in the book almost seem realistic. I often find myself wishing I had them. This is a fun, quick read, even if you're not LDS. Give it a try. Even if you don't like it, you didn't waste too much time reading it.
Eddie Fantastic download epub
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