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by Geoffrey Howard,Dick Francis

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Francis wrote more than 40 international best-sellers. Enjoy free online English audiobook Odds Against, a breathtaking novel by Dick Francis.

Modern Literature, British Literature, English Literature, Fiction, Novels, General Fiction, 20th Century, Adult Fiction, Adult, 1960s, Sports, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Animals, Horses, Murder, Horse Racing, Racing. Francis wrote more than 40 international best-sellers. His first book was his autobiography The Sport of Queens, for which he was offered the aid of a ghostwriter, which he spurned. The book's success led to his becoming the racing correspondent for London's Sunday Express newspaper, and he continued in that job for 16 years.

Odds Against" is the first book in the Sid Halley trilogy. Dick Francis never disappoints. Odds against lives up to his standards.

Dick Francis is a very dependable author who almost always tells an interesting tale that moves swiftly along, and this book is certainly no exception. Although the protagonists do vary in nearly every book, there is a certain formula at work in these novels, and the principal characters are almost always of a type.

Home Dick Francis Odds Against. I don’t know if he has a profession. He speculates on the stock market. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25. He waved his hand permissively.

Written by Dick Francis, Audiobook narrated by Geoffrey Howard. Narrated by: Geoffrey Howard. Series: A Dick Francis Novel, Book 1. Length: 7 hrs and 13 mins. Categories: Fiction, Contemporary.

Dick Francis After lunch she said she wanted to sort out some of her books now that we had a new book-case, and disappeared upstairs

Odds against (Sid Halley - 1) ONE I was never particularly keen on my job before the day I got shot and nearly lost it, along with my life. After lunch she said she wanted to sort out some of her books now that we had a new book-case, and disappeared upstairs. Charles Roland and I looked at each other in dislike, the afternoon stretching drearily ahead and the downpour outside barring retreat into the garden and park beyond. Do you play chess?’ he asked in a bored, -no voice.

When Dick Francis sits down each January to begin writing another of his popular . Geoffrey Mason, barrister.

When Dick Francis sits down each January to begin writing another of his popular mystery-adventure novels, it is almost a certain bet that his wife, Mary, has developed a new avocation. For instance, in Rat Race, operated an air-taxi service that specialized in carrying jockeys, trainers and owners to distant race courses. The first of the episodes, Odds Against, used a Francis title; the others were created for the program.

A classic mystery from Dick Francis, the champion of English storytellers. Praise for Dick Francis:'As a jockey, Dick Francis was unbeatable when he got into his stride. Champion jockey Sid Halley retired from racing when his hand was smashed in a fall. Now he works as a private detective - which is proving to be no less dangerous to life and limb.

item 4 Odds Against (The Dick Francis library) by Francis, Dick Hardback Book The Cheap -Odds Against (The Dick Francis library) . Dick Francis has written forty books, all of them bestsellers, the last being SECOND WIND.

item 4 Odds Against (The Dick Francis library) by Francis, Dick Hardback Book The Cheap -Odds Against (The Dick Francis library) by Francis, Dick Hardback Book The Cheap. He is widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest thriller writers. Country of Publication.

A hard fall took hotshot jockey Sid Halley out of the horse racing game, leaving him with a crippled hand, a broken heart, and the desperate need for a new job. Now he's landed a position with a detective agency, only to catch a bullet from some penny-ante thug. And things are about to get even more hectic?the agency is giving him a case to handle on his own. The case brings him to the door of Zanna Martin, a woman who might be just what Sid needs to get him back up and running. But he's up against a field of thoroughbred criminals, and the odds against him are making it a long shot that he'll even survive . . .

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Once I started reading Dick Francis's books, I couldn't stop with one or two. I hope to get through all of them, and now his son, Felix, is writing the mysteries since his father's death in 2010.

"Odds Against" is the first book in the Sid Halley trilogy. Sid Halley is a former jockey who lost the use of his hand when he had an accident during a race and a horse fell on him. He can no longer ride, so his father-in-law has taken him into his business as a private eye. Although Sid has been with the firm for two years, he has done little work but has observed and absorbed a lot. When he takes on the case of what's happening at Seabury racetrack when a shady property dealer appears on the scene, Sid risks life and limb to find out what is going on and to make sure Seabury is safe.

Francis's mysteries don't usually start off with a fast and furious beginning, but the story builds slowly and steadily with characters being introduced along the way. I can usually never figure out who the culprit is because Francis's writing makes it hard to guess. I like his style of writing that is not hurried and his charactersare so convincing they could be real people.

I recommend "Odds Against" for mystery readers and also for anyone interested in racehorses and horseracing. I always learn a little more about these subjects with each of Dick Francis's books I read.
Champion jumping jockey Sid Halley lost the use of one hand in a terrible fall - and with it his career. His marriage is over as well. When we meet him, he's been on the payroll of a detective agency for two years, and has just been shot in the gut by a small time crook. Loveless, crippled and injured, Sid has lost his enthusiasm for life.

Despite the failed marriage, Sid's father-in-law, retired Rear Admiral Charles Roland, still likes and respects Sid. Charles invites him to convalesce at his country home - and there unveils a challenge that he hopes will shake Sid out of his apathy.

A rich investor is plotting a hostile takeover of Seabury Racecourse, so it can be torn down and the land sold to developers. How would Sid like to save this grand old institution? He'll have to investigate its recent spell of bad luck that has everyone convinced the place is jinxed. Sabotage may be a factor.

Overnight Sid is transformed from a lethargic employee to a dynamo of detection. The resourceful, observant strategist who once won race after race is back.

If you're feeling a bit low or having a bad day, this is the book to read. Sid's resilience in the face of all kinds of loss is an inspiration.
I've read every Dick Francis novel, and have never been disappointed by any story he wrote. The point is the mystery. And no one does it better than Francis. The research is detailed and perfect. Whether or not you also like horses has no bearing on the essence of the mystery. Every book is a page-turner...you just can't put the book down. If you also like horses, consider some stories to allow you a bonus as sooner or later the protagonist will come in contact with a steeplechase track...a jockey, an architect, an artist, a glass-blower, a wine merchant, a pilot, and even a toy-manufacturer. Simply be prepared for a lively, well-told mystery that will grab your attention from page one, and never let go until you're done....and then you're sorry to see the story conclude...but will be satisfied with that conclusion.
I have searched high and low for this book for years before I finally found it online - for some reason it seems to have gone out of print and every copy at the library is always checked out! It's the beginning to his Sid Halley trilogy - the only trilogy ever done by Dick Francis. Great book, although I do believe he re-used some of the elements in other books - or I read the book a long, long time ago and don't remember. As always, Francis leaves you guessing until the end! He is one of the few authors I have found that I cannot always predict who did it and why - the reasons are almost as great as the person who did it! Definitely recommend it, as I do with all of his books - and this series just gets better!
Dick Francis is always a good read. Written before cell phones & other digital items, he's a consistently good writer who'll give you hours of reading pleasure. I grab 3-5 at a time because I find you can't just read one! Highly recommended!
I give ***** to the verson read by Ian McShane (avoid the other readers). I enjoyed McShane's read voice. Some actor/readers, try to act took much when they read - I mean males doing higher voices for females are such a pain. McShane give the right tone, a narrator and is it an enjoyed voice that carries you vividly into the world of ex-jockey Sid Halley. Injured in a riding accident, he now is a Enquiry agent/security expert that is looking into the strange accidents happening and Seabury Race Course.
Dick Francis' writing, quite naturally, is excellent, though it is McShane excellent narration that has me listening to this tape again and again. I have given it several times and gifts and recommended it to friends. All have thanked me for the enjoy listen.
My grandpa loves this book, said it's a great author so I buy books for his gifts.
This is a really great read. Very well written and scoped out and the story is told very well. I would say one of Dick Francis's best novels that I have read. The main character is very sympathetic. A couple of aspects of the story stretch belief a bit but generally good. Interesting commentary on physical challenges.
Odds Against download epub
Action & Adventure
Author: Geoffrey Howard,Dick Francis
ISBN: 0786114924
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Language: English
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Inc; Unabridged edition (February 1, 1999)