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Understanding Conflict Resolution: War, Peace and the Global System download epub

by Peter Wallensteen

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Peter Wallensteen′s recent addition to the study of managing conflict, Understanding Conflict .

I have taught a seminar in conflict management for eight years in a row using eight different textbooks, none of them sufficiently analytically developed to provide students with a coherent way to think about managing global conflict.

Putting the word ‘understanding’ in front of the subject matter in the title of a book is always a bold move.

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Coverage of the actions of the Obama administration.

Peter Wallensteen Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars . Armed Conflicts and Peace Accords within States Civil wars during and after the Cold War Peace agreements in civil wars . Dealing.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding conflict resolution in today's global world. Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars . Dealing with Incompatibilities over State Power . Democracy and the Settlement of Civil Wars . Dealing with the Internal Security Dilemma . State Failure and State Reconstruction . Civil Society.

Understanding Conflict Resolution book. This book will help you build up a clear idea about peace concept and the main 7 mechanisms for conflict resolution, eventually empower your capability to make a resolution for any conflict you are encountering.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding conflict resolution in today's global world

This book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding conflict resolution in today's global world. In the first part, Peter Wallensteen introduces the fields of conflict resolution as they have developed since the end of the Cold War and demonstrates various approaches to conflict analysis and conflict resolution. The core of the book explores three major types of international conflict: inter-state; internal; and state formation conflicts.

69 Wallensteen, Peter, ´´Understanding conflict resolution- War, Peace and the Global System´´, London, Sage Publications Lt. 2002, p. 34 70 Crisis Group, ´´The Syrian regime´s Slow motion suicide´´, Middle East Report . 09, 13 July 2011. Furthermore, under the burden of the conflict all state institutions have collapsed, determining Assad to reform the state at all levels in response to the insurgency.

The eagerly awaited new edition of this highly-popular text continues to be the most lucid and engaging book available on conflict resolution and peace agreements.

Peter Wallensteen, a renowned academic in the field, draws on recent research and examples from around the world, linking the theory of conflict resolution to real-world cases throughout the book.

NEW to the third edition:

• Expanded coverage of the making of peace agreements, including peace and justice, disarmament, and gender-peace connections

• Coverage of the actions of the Obama administration

• Explores the ongoing situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, the Cote D'Ivoire, Iran, Pakistan and the Arab democratic wave from a conflict resolution perspective

• Updated coverage of the continuing 'war on terror'.

• Attention is given to the comparison of different outcomes, whether negotiated between parties or victory of one over the other with references to Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Liberia.

Understanding Conflict Resolution remains an essential text for all students, lecturers and researchers of peace and conflict resolution in international relations, global politics and political science.

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Understanding Conflict Resolution: War, Peace and the Global System download epub
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Author: Peter Wallensteen
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