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by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (June 3, 1930 – September 25, 1999) was an American author of fantasy, historical fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels.

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (June 3, 1930 – September 25, 1999) was an American author of fantasy, historical fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels, and is best known for the Arthurian fiction novel The Mists of Avalon, and the Darkover series. While she is noted for her feminist perspective in her writing,:28–29 her popularity has been posthumously marred by multiple accusations against her of child sexual abuse and rape by two of her children, Mark and Moira Greyland, and others.

Marion Zimmer Bradley. If they wish to suffer chains rather than lose the attentions of their men, or be different from their mothers and sisters, I shall not waste my pity on them, far less lose sleep or appetite. From this day forth, I renounce the right to marry save as a freemate. No man shall bind me in catenas and I will dwell in no man’s household as a barragana. They endure their captivity as you of the Domains, Lady, endure yours; and, truth to tell I see no very great difference between you.

The Shattered Chain book. Sorry-this was saved before I was done

The Shattered Chain book. Sorry-this was saved before I was done. As with most Darkover novels, you have intertwined narratives of a Terran and a Darkoveran. Lady Rohana, a woman of the Comyn, or telepath caste, is the Darkovan, and she begins a quest to save her sister, who has been kidnapped and taken to the Dry Towns. Fearing political and military reprisal, the men of her kingdom will not mount a rescue.

Marion Zimmer was born in Albany, NY, on June 3, 1930, and married Robert Alden Bradley in 1949. Mrs. Bradley received her . in 1964 from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, then did graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, from 1965-67. She was a science fiction/fantasy fan from her middle teens, and made her first sale as an adjunct to an amateur fiction contest in Fantastic/Amazing Stories in 1949.

Читать бесплатно Sharra's Exile Marion Zimmer Bradley. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: D A. WOLLHEIM, PUBLISHER 1633 Broadway, New York, . 10019 A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Like all previous Darkover novels, this story is complete in itself and does not depend on knowledge of any other.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover. Marion Zimmer Bradley aka Eleanor was born on 3rd June in the year 1930

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover. Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Marion Zimmer Bradley aka Eleanor was born on 3rd June in the year 1930. She was born in Albany, New York in the United States of America. She was an American writer who wrote books mainly dwelling on fantasy, science fiction, historical fantasy and also science fantasy books. Marion was well known for the Arthurian fiction novel she wrote called the The Mist of Avalon and also The Darkover Series. Marion started to develop an interest in writing as early as the age of 17.

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books, penguin books, second hand books, used books, rare books, fantasy books, sword and sorcery, science fiction, sci fi. more. Title: The Sword of Aldones The World Wreckers The Heritage of Hastur The Bloody Sun Star of Danger Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley Publisher: Arrow Books Year: Circa 1978/79. Condition: Show signs of age. Two have creased spines. The Planet Savers by Marion Zimmer Bradley Hardcover 1979 Darkover series - Gregg Press.

The Shattered Chain is a novel by American writer Marion Zimmer Bradley, part of her Darkover series. In terms of the Darkover timeline, The Shattered Chain takes place about ten years before Thendara House.

First published in 1976; a novel in the "Darkover" series, and one of the three "Renunciates" sub-series novels

First published in 1976; a novel in the "Darkover" series, and one of the three "Renunciates" sub-series novels. About the Author: Marion Zimmer was born in Albany, NY, on June 3, 1930, and married Robert Alden Bradley in 1949.

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The women of Darkover are treated like slaves, despite the fact that they alone can control the power of the matrix, but the Free Amazons provide a key to the future

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one of the best entries ion series
Each Darkover novel can stand on its own as a complete story, but taken together, they weave a rich tapestry about a world different from our own. "The Shattered Chain" is set after the rediscovery period when the Terran Empire discovered the planet of Darkover and that the inhabitants are descendants of colonists on a "lost ship" from thousands of years ago. This story is about the Order of Free Amazons. Darkover society is very restrictive towards women and women have few rights; and in some cases no rights to speak of. The Free Amazons reject that attitude and by law, any member of the Free Amazons does not have to submit to the rule of men. Rather, they are held accountable by the Charter of the Free Amazons for their actions and to the Guild to which they belong. They represent another option for women who feel the oppression of Darkovan society (some do not feel the oppression).
The novel is broken out into three sections, each focusing on a different character, though the same cast of characters moves in and out of the stories being told in each section. The first section focuses on the lady Rohana Ardais. Before the novel begins, Lady Rohana is given information that a kinswoman who had been kidnapped more than a decade ago is still alive and that she wants to be rescued for the sake of her children. Rohana defies convention, hires out a team of Free Amazons, and sets out to rescue Melora from the Dry Towns. This rescue results in Melora's daughter, Jaelle, being fostered by the Free Amazons. There is a twelve year interval between section one and section two.
Section two focuses on a Terran named Magda Lorne, and again, there is someone who needs rescuing. This time it is her former husband, also a Terran. Both are Terran agents working out of the spaceport at Thendara. Since they were raised in a Darkovan city, they are able to work undercover, learning the languages and the changes in language and style and culture to better assist the Terrans to interact with the natives of Darkover. Magda's ex-husband, Peter, seems to look identical to a relative of Rohana's, and with Rohana's suggestion, Magda disguises herself as a Free Amazon to negotiate the release of Peter.
Section three features a grown Jaelle. Jaelle met up with Magda during section two, and is a leader of a small band of Free Amazons. But she is still young, and has not yet known love and does have the experience to know if she will regret her decision to become a Free Amazon. This becomes the central conflict of the third section, after the action of section two.
Ultimately, this is a novel that looks at the gender roles in Darkovan society and how there is one segment of society that works outside the typical roles of women. The Free Amazons will also be a very important society in the relations between Darkover and the Terran Empire.
This is one of the better Darkover novels. With the three section structure, Bradley was able to pack the detail and story and emotion into a tighter form, and the novel is stronger because of that. Each of the three women (Rohana, Magda, and Jaelle) are characters that I want to know more about, they are well written and interesting, and this is an excellent chapter in the world of Darkover.
This was the first Darkover book I read, and I instantly fell in love -- with the story, with Darkover and especially with Magda Lorne. I think it's a good starting point, though male newcomers to Darkover might prefer _The Spell Sword_ or _The Forbidden Tower_.
This is a book that improves upon re-reading. There are so many layers to what is happening that I'd even say that you haven't *really* read this book until you've read it at least twice. Darkover is a bit like Roger Zelazny's Amber series in that respect, at least for me.
Although their world is different from ours, I could identify closely with Rohana's slow loss of her class-based prejudices, with Magda's feeling of being torn between two worlds, and with Jaelle's fear of sacrificing her beliefs for the sake of love.
It's the little things that make this book truly great -- the minor incidents between characters that portray far better than any lecture or even work of realistic fiction could the misunderstandings that exist between men and women, or even between "traditional" women and their "modern woman" counterparts.
In a word: WOW.
This is the first Darkover novel I read, and it made me hungry for more. Darkover and the Terran Empire in their diplomatic maneuverings. Free Amazons--a guild of women who renounce men's domination over women, the Comyn--the noble caste with psi powers, an intricate society with traces of the supernatural and feudal systems in place.
The novel starts with a daring rescue of a kidnapped, enchained, and very pregnant Comyn Lady from the barbaric Dry Towns chief who has kept her his prisoner/wife for over a decade. We meet the Free Amazons, the women who are hired as mercenaries to handle the rescue, as well as the Comyn Lady who hired them to rescue her imprisoned cousin and her young daughter.
The story returns to the Free Amazons and the Comyn Lady years later when a Terran woman needs their help to save one of her own. Their stories are linked in a series of adventures that establish Darkover as an irresistable world.
A Darkover novel, and at least at the first time that I read it, a fan favorite. The Free Amazons of Darkover were always one of the most interesting aspects of Darkover, in part because of how Bradley worked to turn the idea of Amazons on their head. The Shattered Chain brings together the Free Amazons, Terrans, Dry Town women, and the Comyn into a series entry which does a fine job of examining the life of Darkover women from many angles.

It may be that the interest Bradley has in the lives of women here comes to some degree at the expense of a broader plot. While it was decent, and kept me reading, it was also a little bit disjointed in time and character. The pacing also had its odd moments.

Flawed but still interesting Darkover book. Darkover is still by far my favorite body of work by MZB.
Marion Zimmer Bradley uses her fantasy world of Darkover as a backdrop for her close and brilliant analysis of any patriarchal civilization (fantastic or actual) and its affects upon the citizens who live under its sway. The three main female characters each holds and defends a unique position in a culture which forces them to choose in a manner which proves detrimental to the human soul. Her characters are well-drawn, her setting is beautifully creative, and the issues are shockingly relevant to every reader, female or male. With a carefully drawn plot, Ms. Zimmer-Bradley's fantasy novel addresses generation gaps, identity crisis, personal politics, spritual growth, and cultural conflicts which provide distance from and insight into the plight of Terra, circa 20th century.
The Shattered Chain: A Darkover Novel download epub
Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
ISBN: 0879979615
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: DAW (April 1, 1976)