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by Joe Barrett,James King

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Bill Warrington's Last Chance. by James King and Joe Barrett.

Bill Warrington's Last Chance.

Bill Warrington's Last Chance book. Joe Barrett’s performance is excellent.

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Bill Warrington’s last chance : a novel, James King. p. cm. eISBN : 978-1-101-19030-2. Bill Warrington listened to the final huffs and pings of the engine and the crackle of the vinyl settling about him as he removed the key from the ignition and let his arms drop into his lap. He sat quietly for a few moments, staring at but not really seeing the rack of garden tools hanging on the wall in front of him.

Bill Warrington realizes he has Alzheimer's and his lucid days are numbered. Unflinching, funny, and poignant, Bill Warrington's Last Chance speaks to that universal longing for familial reconciliation, love, and forgiveness. Determined to repair a lifetime of damage to his estranged adult children, Bill takes off with his fifteen-year-old granddaughter April on a cross-country drive, bound for San Francisco, where she dreams of becoming a rock star. As the unlikely pair heads west, Bill leaves clues intended to force his three children-including April's frantic mother-to overcome their mutual distrust and long-held grievances to work together to find them. Read on the Scribd mobile app.

Written by James King, Audiobook narrated by Joe Barrett. A rich multigenerational saga, Bill Warrington’s Last Chance soars with humor, compassion, and unflinching insight into the pain and joy of all family life, while the promise of a new generation shines bright against the ravages of aging in a man who does not go gentl. nywhere.

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Will his children forgive Bill's former alcoholism and abusive behavior and reunite before Bill's mind is gone? Bill Warrington's Last Chance follows the cantankerous Bill Warrington, an elderly Korean War veteran and widower, on his quest to reconcile with his three grown children and his teenage granddaughter before he succumbs to Alzheimer's. When fifteen-year-old April runs away from home, she talks her cranky grandpa into driving with her from Ohio to San Francisco, where she hopes to be a rock singer. Bill's hidden agenda, however, is to force his three alienated children to work together to ''rescue'' April from the irresponsible old man. Tension increases as the reader realizes that Bill's mind is deteriorating so quickly that he cannot possibly protect April. Will Bill's children forgive his former alcoholism and abusive behavior before his mind is gone? Will the family be reunited? In this dazzling road trip novel, James King masterfully explores themes of aging, sibling rivalry, family dysfunction, and coming of age, against a backdrop of the American heartland. Unflinching, funny, and poignant, Bill Warrington's Last Chance speaks to that universal longing for familial reconciliation, love, forgiveness and a happy ending.

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Hilarious Kangaroo
I knew from the plot description this would be an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. But author James King uses the story of Bill and April's road trip to explore so much more. Each of the characters in BILL WARRINGTON'S LAST CHANCE is drawn so vividly and three-dimensionally (with their own issues, problems and concerns) that all the interactions -- and every step of the journey -- ring completely true. This is a novel that explores the way in which tangled memories--and the way each individual processes those memories--can both unite and divide a family. As Bill's own memory begins to fail, he devises a plan to bring the family back together. But its success depends on getting his grown-up children to respond to the memories in the way he thinks they should. Unfortunately for Bill, the kids he's raised all have their own lives and troubles and screwups to deal with, which means the journey from A to B is never likely to go according to plan, even if Bill's condition were not worsening along the way. More than a road trip, this is a messy, believable and memorable family journey, which James King steers expertly toward a surprising, inevitable and powerful conclusion. In a blurb on the jacket, Sue Monk Kidd says it's a novel that "lingers after you finish it." That was certainly the case with me.
Wonderful! Writing so clear in its brevity; well developed characters, easily pictured & understood. Same goes for descriptions of places & scenes. A family w/ a domineering dad, former Marine now losing his memory; deals w/ conflicts of their childhoods, death of mom, failed or ended relationships. Grand-daughter, April, is the catalyst who brings everyone together when she runs away w/ Bill.
Mr. King exemplified the bruised feelings of a dysfunctional family, giving us insight to their psyches w/out weighing us down w/ drama. Mike, Nick & Marcy are Every Child who lost mom at a young age; ill-equiped to deal w/ a dad helpless in parenting techinique w/out his wife; maybe relying too much on booze & Marine training. My guess is everyone can find something they can relate to their own life, even if it is as simple as our 1st driving experience!
This is a good book. If you like books about family dynamics and dysfunction, this is one to consider. It's fiction, so you have to give into believing characters, situations and dialogue. I am guessing that it's difficult to portray the mind of someone who is aging and "losing it" but I think Mr. King does a decent job with the Bill Warrington character. Everyone in the book is pretty believeable with the possible exception of Marcy - she comes across as a bit two dimensional. I enjoy stories that don't feel the need to end in an expected way, or make sure that all story lines are "finished" in a nice way - like this one.
I just finished reading this wonderful book. It resonated with me and I know it's message will stay with me. I cannot stop thinking about it. My own family is splintered and much of what is written in this book hit a very familiar nerve with me. I know this is Warrington's first published book and I anxiously await anything else he will publish. This book is beautifully written, easy to read....but difficult to put down. I highly recommend it!
What an amazing book! It's note-perfect: engrossing story, vivid and genuine characters, and a lot of heart. This is a book about so many things: redemption, coming-of-age, forgiveness, and loss. With such a broad canvas, you'd expect the book to fall short, yet it doesn't. I found it deeply moving and satisfying on every level!
Boring, depressing story of a ragged old widower and his highly dysfunctional kids and grandkids. It did not move me. I would not recommend this.
I can't say this book kept me on the edge of my seat, but it kept my interest and I enjoyed it. A few areas where I skipped pages, but nothing major. I especially enjoyed the relationship between the grandfather and granddaughter in the story line.
A lovely, moving and at times troubling story of a young teen's coming of age on an unexpected and unconventional adventure with her somewhat peculiar grandfather. It's a wonderful road novel, one that stays with you long after you've finished it. This book won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel award in 2009. Read it.
Bill Warrington's Last Chance download epub
Author: Joe Barrett,James King
ISBN: 1441751149
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged edition (August 5, 2010)