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He had a hazy impression that his visitor, beneath her furs, was mostinadequately clothed; and seeking confirmation of this, his gaze strayeddownward to where one little slippered foot peeped out from the civetfurs.

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Sax Rohmer (pseudonym of Arthur Henry "Sarsfield" Ward; 1883–1959) was a British writer of songs sketches, plays and stories. Born in Birmingham to Irish immigrant parents, the family moved to London in about 1886, where Rohmer was schooled. His formal education finished in 1901, following the death of his alcoholic mother.

Sax Rohmer was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire. At the age of 18, he adopted the name Sarsfield, the name of a famous Irish general admired by Rohmer's mother. He married Rose Elizabeth Knox in 1909 and, at his wife's insistence, began using the name Sax Rohmer for his fiction, eventually employing the pseudonym as his actual name. Rohmer was basically a self-taught scholar. He started writing as a journalist; his beat was the Limehouse underworld in London

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Then-his brows drawn together-he stooped to the body of the murdered woman. Partially raising the fur cloak, he suppressed a gasp of astonishment

Then-his brows drawn together-he stooped to the body of the murdered woman. Partially raising the fur cloak, he suppressed a gasp of astonishment

The Yellow Claw book. The Yellow Claw is a crime novel written by the prolific Sax Rohmer.

The Yellow Claw book. While it does involve some sensationalist elements and there is a strong Yellow Peril theme to the book, it is a much more normal whodunit/mystery novel than any of the Fu Manchu books. That is mostly due to the personalities and actions of the two main detectives: Inspector Dunbar of Scotland Yard and Detective M. Gaston Max of the Surete (known to most Americans via the Pink Panther movies.

Follow the trail with Sax Rohmer's famous detectives Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar as they chase the international .

Follow the trail with Sax Rohmer's famous detectives Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar as they chase the international gang of hoodlums and their leader, the evil Dr. King. Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline. Bookmate – an app that makes you want to read.

Sax Rohmer was the pseudonym used by Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward. Ward was a British novelist born in 1883. He is most remembered for his series of novels featuring the master criminal Dr Fu Manchu. The evil Fu Manchu would disguise himself in order to have his victims destroy each other. Fu Manchu plotted against good and spent his time trying to out wit Scotland Yard. The series was extremely popular in the fist half of the 20th century. Besides the novels, there were comic strips, movies and a TV series. In this novel the Oriental villain Mr. King masterminds a plot to hold London's elite at his mercy. One person has died and other may soon follow. Two of Rohmer's great detectives, Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar are on the case. Can the cream of London's society be saved?

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First, if you have never read Sax Rohmer before, DO NOT start with this one. Start with Rohmer's "The Green Eyes of Bâst" or "The Golden Scorpion" (free for Kindles). Although "The Yellow Claw" does have some interesting plot ideas, it does drag in spots; however, it makes up for it in the last third of the book. So, read this one (which has Rohmer's French detective, Gaston Max) later. Rohmer is most famous for creating the infamous character of Fu Manchu who later became even more famous in the black and white movies of the 30's. Fu Manchu was portrayed in various films by Boris Karloff in the 1930's. Several of the first Fu Manchu novels are also available for free on the Kindle or search out the actual books in used bookstores - they are worth the time to discover the great, intellectual (and stereotypical) evil genius who is Fu Manchu.
Introducing m. Gaston max, this is an excellent story,
Far superior to the Golden Scorpion. It is fast paced,well-written, and totally entertaining.
Great read by a famous author old fashioned but great fun to read . Very sure you will love it too!
If you are a fan of Fu Man Chu this book is a must.
I thinkl it is as good as any book written in the series
Very good,old English writing ... Circa ; very early 20th century ...highly recommended ... Rohmer is also the author of the Fu Manchu novels, of the same time period.
A fun read, not as good as the insidious dr, Fu Manchu but worth it
Baa baa baa baa baa
Typical well written Sax Rohmer dark novel.
My 1915 read for Rich Westwood’s monthly meme over at Past Offences blog was I’m sad to say a less than enjoyable affair.

I wasn't exactly spoiled for options to be honest and after establishing that this was available as a freebie on Project Gutenberg that swung it for me over the other possibility – Russell Thorndike’s Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh. Doctor Syn was a fictional character I could dimly recall from my childhood. I was quite taken with him particularly as I used to holiday for a week at Cub Camp in St. Mary’s Bay – a stone’s throw from Syn’s stomping ground of the Romney Marshes. Maybe 30 pages into The Yellow Claw and I realised I made the wrong choice!

We had a murder and subsequent investigation into the crime, initially by Scotland Yard and Dunbar before the world famous French detective, Max Gaston arrives on the scene to contribute. Our crime has its roots in the opium trade and the mysterious Oriental, Mr King who Gaston has been pursuing since he smashed an opium den in Paris.

In truth, I found the mystery a bit dull and a bit stop-start though it did have its moments; most notably when Gaston goes undercover and infiltrates the opium den as an addict and devotee of the pipe. I found this section of the narrative quite chilling and claustrophobic.

Rohmer does offer up a couple of interesting characters which did help me turn some pages in between contemplation of whether to lacerate my eyeballs with a cocktail stick or not. Soames, our lowly servant, bed egg and chancer was entertaining; despite his cowardice. He did have my support and I was rooting for him to survive the inevitable conclusion. Helen Cumberly, the doctor’s daughter was the other character of interest who attracted my empathy…..all the rest I was fairly indifferent to.

There was an the odd pointless interlude, notably when Gaston turns up in disguise in the pub and tricks the investigating detectives as they are having a drink, almost shouting ………look at me, look how clever I am – you stupid English buffoons. The odd scene owing a bit too much to coincidence to be credible – Soames in the cinema, when the detectives who are seeking him stroll in and have a conversation at the back of the film-house.

Ending was a bit ambiguous……. does the elusive Mr King escape to fight another day or not?
We did have a lovely bit of romance at the end, as the guy who loses his wife, gets the girl, or at least secures his wife’s tacit deathbed permission to get the girl, but actually it’s the wife giving the girl tacit permission to get the guy.

209 pages long, though at times it appeared to be 2000 pages long. Not great and I can safely say I’m done with this author. Best thing about it was that I didn't spend any money on it.

A few reviewers over on Goodreads have made mention of racism within the book, with Rohmer taking a swipe at the Chinese or Yellow Peril. I take their point, but it wasn't something that particularly jarred me as I read.

Overall a 2 from 5.

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The Yellow Claw download epub
Author: Sax Rohmer
ISBN: 1605973882
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Book Jungle (March 27, 2008)
Pages: 280 pages