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Her first novel, Monkeys, was published in a. .Susan Minot is an award-winning novelist, short-story writer, poet, and screenwriter. A conversation with Susan Minot, author of Rapture.

Her first novel, Monkeys, was published in a dozen countries and won the Prix Femina Étranger in France. Her novel Evening was a worldwide bestseller and became a major motion picture, an. ore about Susan Minot. Her first novel, Monkeys, was published in a dozen countries and won the Prix Femina Étranger in France. Q: Rapture is a very intense story that takes place entirely within one afternoon, when two former lovers meet by chance and end up back in bed. Where did you get the idea for the story?

Susan Minot’s book titled Rapture is the story of a man named Benjamin .

Susan Minot’s book titled Rapture is the story of a man named Benjamin and a woman named Kay who had an affair. The story takes place over the course of a blowjob. When I began to read Susan Minot's "Rapture", I was quite taken aback with the opening paragraph, which simply opens to a scene of oral sex being performed.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Rapture is the newest collection from a remarkable voice in American poetry. Susan Mitchell's poems are about self-discovery. In a decision that explains a lot of the fervor over her book, Minot sets the entire novel within this encounter, entering the characters' heads as they have sex, in the Bill Clinton definition of the word. Two bodies can hardly be closer, while two minds couldn't be further apart.

Monkeys by Susan Minot 1986 Hardcover.

Evening by Susan Minot. Evening by Susan Minot Advanced Reading Copy (SOFTCOVER). Monkeys by Susan Minot 1986 Hardcover.

Rapture by Susan Minot - book cover, description, publication history. Using a single interlude-a brief encounter of old lovers; two bodies entwined on a bed at midday-Minot defines the distance that erupts at what seems to be the height of connection, as well as the extent to which the senses deceive, and the intensely private eroticism of fantasy and the imagination. Minot's lovers are mesmerizing in their individual journeys-one moving toward a kind of holy consummation, the other toward abnegation and blank despair.

Книга Rapture автора Susan Minot оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её читательский рейтинг составил . 6 из 1. Читать онлайн "Rapture". Chapter One. Chapter Two.

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Chalk is to cheese as men are to women.
The difference between the genders is put on full display in a new novel that is grabbing the attention of the book world.
Susan Minot's "Rapture" finds two former lovers, Benjamin and Kay, in the midst of a reunion.
In a decision that explains a lot of the fervor over her book, Minot sets the entire novel within this encounter, entering the characters' heads as they have sex, in the Bill Clinton definition of the word.
Two bodies can hardly be closer, while two minds couldn't be further apart.
Kay romanticizes the encounter, and thinks about her addiction to Benjamin, how she likes all the things about him that she isn't supposed to and even telling him that her act is an act of "worship."
Benjamin, meanwhile, seems distant during the whole thing, as he contemplates Vanessa, the woman he can't get out from under his skin and wonders what Kay is thinking.
While all of this is going on, Minot has the characters remember the chain of events that brought them together, as well as the reasons they broke up.
"Rapture" is a daring work, to be sure, and Minot takes her time in telling the story of Benjamin and Kay's relationship.
But there's something missing. We never really connect with her characters as they rendezvous.
Ben, in particular, seems like more of a jerk than anything for leading Kay on, and we wish Kay were not so stupid as to fall for him again.
Which is exactly Minot's point in showing the differences between the man and the woman, but it leaves the audience without someone to root for.
Still, "Rapture" is short in comparison to some of the other lengthy tomes currently rocking the literary world (Jonathan Franzen's "The Corrections," for instance) and can easily be digested in one setting.
But readers will still be hungry after finishing it.
Susan Minot wrote one of my favorite books ever: Evening. The lyrical writing and the sad story were stellar. Rapture, too, is full of lyrical writing, and again it's a sad story, but this latest book just didn't move me the same way Evening did.
It's an old story (told in a very brief book, not much over 100 pages): two old lovers who managed to hurt each other repeatedly and badly in their past affair, meet again and fall into bed. The whole story is book-ended between the beginning and conclusion of that sexual act that was unspoken till Bill Clinton turned it into dinner table conversation. And it points out again how different are the meanings that men give to sex, compared to that given by women. She is dreamy and reminiscent, worshiping by her ministrations, remembering mostly the good times. He, in contract, is detached and focused on other things, remember what a cad he was and how much pain they gave each other. Through the device of alternating interior monologues, Minot has these two people, Kay and Benjamin, recall their past and all the events that have led to this moment. They never say a word to each other until the end of the book, when their differences again become agonizingly apparent.
It's good, it's revelatory, it's beautifully written. It explores the depths of an emotional relationship more deeply than I think I've ever seen done before. But the distance of the people is somehow passed on to the reader, and I felt just that: distanced.
Susan Minot's male characters have always been a mystery. They've obsessed and enthralled and ultimately disappointed her heroines, but we were always left confounded by them. I am thinking mostly of the love interests in Folly and Evening. We only find out through the casual discussions of disinterested characters that these guys are heartless. Finally, we are in the mind of one of these flighty males, and I for one am relieved to know what he's thinking. I understand him better than I thought I would. In that way, Rapture as a whole is insightful and comforting with its universal pain type theme. My only objection is that the whole time they are engaged in an act to give HIM pleasure, and it is in fact only the female who is transported by this, going so far as to call it "worship" (had to stop myself from throwing the book at this point). It heightens unnecessarily the degradation and the disappointment that the woman is facing. However, I really enjoyed this book, and struggled with the star rating. And for once it was nice to know what the man in a Susan Minot book is thinking. He wasn't such a mystery after all. In fact, I recognized myself in him. And of course that is the beauty of this novella- that we will recognize ourselves in both characters.
Very cleaver the way the book was written. Real hits on the complexities of relationships and only 100 pages. Real quick read and fun.
As can often hapen with the act that is the spindle from which Minot's rumination is spun, Rapture became quite tedius. Despite the at times really lovely prose and Minot's ability to capture the essence of how sex can make you stupid, I could not bring myself to care about either character: Kay is a fool, and Benjamin is a heel. I grew impatient waiting for the inevitable ending, devoid of any grace that "worship" usually brings.
I believe Susan Minot truly described how scary and vulnerable one feels when they are in love. So rarely does a book explore the reality that many people avoid intense love relationships, out of fear, and often these people choose safe, mundane partners they never need fear may leave them. She did a wonderful job describing all the emotions involved, I identified with them all.
This book has more sex than Cinemax late night. The characters were interesting. It was was well-written. The caveat? It was ok, but nothing to make me swoon.
I thought it would be better.
Rapture. 1st, First Edition download epub
Author: Susan. Minot
ISBN: 0007142250
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: KNOPF.; First Edition edition (2002)
Pages: 128 pages