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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Here are the interlocking affairs of four men: Robin Woodfield, an architect in his late forties trying to build an idyllic life in Dorset with his young lover.

Alan James Hollinghurst FRSL (born 26 May 1954) is an English novelist, poet, short story writer and translator. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1989 Somerset Maugham Award, the 1994 James Tait Black Memorial Prize and the 2004 Booker Prize. Hollinghurst was born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, the only child of James Hollinghurst, a bank manager who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and his wife, Elizabeth. He attended Canford School in Dorset.

I, too, love Alan Hollinghurst, but I cannot pretend this book is anything but awful

I, too, love Alan Hollinghurst, but I cannot pretend this book is anything but awful. The storyline (in as much as there is one) concerns a father and son, both gay, and their lovers (present and former, which include some overlap). However, what should be a fizzy soap opera is merely banal and depressing. The novel seems rudderless – not This book, which has been much-praised, goes to show that if your standing in the literary world is elevated enough, you can get away with writing a shit novel.

Alan Hollinghurst The Spell 1998ONE He wondered if the boy had lost the way. They had started out on a driven track half-covered with small noisy stones; but it faded, was found again for half a mile, where it followed the rim of a dry wash, and then died away among the windswept contours and little dusty bushes of the desert. The pick-up roared on across long inclines of grey dirt. The boy kept his foot down and stared straight ah.

Alex gave a slow frowning nod of agreement and when Danny laughed slid a smile at him and held his eye for a second. Some of us do, he said. Some of us do, he said ntact and then took in Robin’s steady gaze across the table, the turned-down smile that said that he usually indulged him but tonight might side with the others. I’m an angel when I’m drunk, said Justin.

Alan Hollinghurst's masterly novel takes us through several generations . The 1995 Booker Prize finalist finally back in print.

Alan Hollinghurst's masterly novel takes us through several generations and across key periods of uncertainty and change in British society. The Spell is a comedy of sexual manners that follows the interlocking affairs of four men: Robin, an architect in his late forties, who is trying to build an idyllic life in Dorset with his younger lover, Justin; Robin's 22 year old son Danny, a volatile beauty who lives for clubbing and casual sex; and the shy Alex, who is Justin's.

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Hollinghurst Alan - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Книги 1-4 из 4. The Line of Beauty. Жанр: Современная проза. A New York Times BestsellerA Los Angeles Times BestsellerA Book Sense National BestsellerA Northern California BestsellerA Sunday Times BestsellerA New York Times Notable Book of the YearAnd chosen as one of the best books of 2004 by:Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, Seattle Times, Salon. com, Boston Globe, New York Sun, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News,.

The Spell is Hollinghurst’s most polished and entertaining novel to date. Here he marries Jane Austen’s delicious social asperity with a sly eroticism in a story as romantic and surprising as anything he has written

Author: Alan Hollinghurst. The Spell is Hollinghurst’s most polished and entertaining novel to date. Here he marries Jane Austen’s delicious social asperity with a sly eroticism in a story as romantic and surprising as anything he has written. Set in London and the idyllic countryside, the narrative tracks the interlocking passions of four men. As each character falls successively under the spell of love or drugs, country living or urban glamour, The Spell unfurls into a richly witty picture of modern gay lif. nd of all human affairs of the heart.

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Alex travels down to Dorset for a weekend visit to his old boyfriend Justin, who is now ensconced in an idyllic English cottage with his new lover Robin. It’s a rather daunting prospect for the rather shy and introverted Alex. Joining the three for the weekend is Robin’s son Danny. The weekend itself proves relatively uneventful, but in the months that follow the four mens’ lives become intertwined in an evolving, and sometimes revolving, relationship.

“The Spell” has the air of an Edwardian bed-hopping farce about it, although the setting is very 1980s, in the early days of clubs and club drugs. It was also a time when gay men were still largely confined to their own little world, so it’s not such an unbelievable stretch that our four main characters seem to move in circles where everyone seems to know, and often slept with, everyone else.
The characters may sound a bit shallow and self-centered, but they’re not nearly so one-dimensional. They are, at least at times, conscious of the situations they find themselves in and often display a bit of normal introspection. Like most of us, they’re just looking for someone to share their life with.

The characters are not only well drawn, but they’re described in a rather neutral fashion that allows the reader to draw their own conclusions. Different readers will identify with different characters, and it’s likely that your view of the way the various plot lines resolve themselves, or don’t, will be different than other readers.

In some ways, “The Spell” is a book of possibilities. People come into our lives, and sometimes we think they’re “the one” for us. Sometimes we’re right, and sometimes we’re wrong. Relationships between people of different ages can be difficult, but sometimes they do work out. Older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser, nor does being young automatically make someone immature. The characters in this book display all of these typically human traits.

If it’s so good, why three and a half stars? Well, while the writing is very good, the story just didn’t hit the mark in the end, for me. As discussed above, different readers will have very different reactions. Some, I know, will love it. Others, not so much.
deadly claw
Enjoyed it from start to finish. Don't understand the disparaging reviews. It's not "boring", it's engaging. I wanted to understand, and learn more about what happend to, each of the four principal characters, as I moved through the book. Of course it's well-written -- it's by Alan Hollinghurst. It doesn't have the depth of, say, "The Swimming-Pool Library", with its nested story of Lord Nantwich, and it doesn't span decades and generations, like "The Stranger's Child" (and the truly boring "The Sparsholt Affair"), but it was very satisfying. If you enjoy Hollinghurst, don't miss it!
Beautifully written prose by Hollinghurst describes the loves and betrayals of 3 gay men. How each cope and their feelings toward each other as they meet on a weekend. Two are ex-lovers and we find a contrived weekend merely to compare loves. It's cruel and Justin is cruel. Robbin is hot. Alex is dumped and lonely.
Hollinghurst manages to illicit emotions and feelings from the smallest things in life and encapsulate them and uses them to describe how a little stream, dust motes in the air all of these wreak havoc with Alex, a man who has had his heart broken. He tries to move forward but doesn't have the fortitude. Then he meets Danny a 21 year old. They fall madly in love. Tender, touching story of journey of the unsure older man and the a younger man in love, lust and life.

Found the book captivating and full of pathos, hate, love and misunderstanding. All the things that I love in a gay love story. The loves and lives of gays seems to me to be beautiful and cruel at the same time....especially in The Spell.
I've read all three of Hollinghurst's novels and must be the only one who thinks The Folding Star was his best, this the next best, and his first, Swimming Pool Library, the least enjoyable. It is a pleasure to read a book that one doesn't constantly feel compelled to edit in one's mind as one is reading it. Hollinghurst's style is lyrical, with a descriptive economy more typical of poetry than of prose. His descriptions of sex, moreover, are more true to life than most writers provide, without, in my view, becoming pornographic. Likewise, the standout aspect of this novel, it seems to me, is Hollinghurst's dead-on description of the interaction of ecstasy (the drug, not the concept) and music. I would not have thought it possible to capture that experience so well in writing. Also welcome is the interaction among this book's three generations of characters, which reflects the interesting ability that gay life sometimes has, contrary to certain stereotypes, to cross age boundaries. All that said, the characters are not terribly interesting, this novel fails to exhibit the skillful manipulation of multiple plot lines that characterized his previous two, and, again in sharp contrast to his prior two novels, the end of The Spell is a bit of a disappointment. Nevertheless, I sped through it with pleasure.
Unlike some reviewers of Alan Hollinghurst's The Spell who apparently prefer to rush to climax, I basked in the sheer pleasure of the author's command of the English language and ability to create kaleidoscopic, mesmerizing puzzles of the fabric of relationships. This short novel can be enjoyed on multiple levels - elegant prose describing England, a biting view of gay life in the 1990's at times acerbic and at times nostalgic, a guide to unravelling the intricacies of the webs we weave that define our public from our private selves. But with the last page closing we are left with the reassurance the savory prose is still being created...and eagerly await the author's next journey.
The Spell download epub
Author: Alan Hollinghurst
ISBN: 0701165197
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Chatto & Windus; 1st edition (1998)
Pages: 257 pages