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by Derek Strange,Colleen McCullough

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Home Colleen McCullough The Thorn Birds. The thorn birds, . 5. 10 519. 0. Published: 1977. Colleen mccullough series: Masters of Rome.

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Or so says the legend. Colleen McCullough, The Thorn Birds. The Thornbird pays it's life for that one song, and the whole world stills to listen, and God in his heaven smiles, as it's best is brought only at the cost of great pain; Driven to the thorn with no knowledge of the dying to come. tags: inspirational, legend. There are no ambitions noble enough to justify breaking someone's heart. ― Colleen McCullough, The Thorn Birds. and still, we do i. ~ Colleen McCullough ― Colleen McCullough, The Thorn Birds.

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I love this book. I originally bought it at a used book store for 10 cents because it was in the "must sell romantic novels" bin. My first copy was a cheesy paper back with meggie melting in the arms of ralph. I bought it because an old woman working at the book store said the love story was really "hot" (Exact words lol) and i wanted a quick read at the beach. The book was so good that i took it everywhere with me and it was destroyed by me reading in it the ocean, pool or bathtub. This book is so, so much more then the romance between meggie and ralph. it is beautifully written and there is so much depth in each character. the romantic aspect is an added layer but the story as a whole is wonderful. i read an interview the author gave about the book and it will give you a completely different perspective. i had to get the hardback with the cover of drogheda because it was so much more fitting for the story.
Stylish Monkey
I was 11 years old in 1983, when the sweeping epic “The Thorn Birds” was made into a mini-series. I was too young to watch it, but I knew it was out there. Everyone was talking about it – Richard Chamberlain was too much of a heartthrob for me to miss it completely. It took me over 30 years, but I have finally read the book by Colleen McCullough, and it was well worth the wait.
The book spans 54 years in the life of an Australian family, the Clearys, focusing on the story of daughter Meggie, who is 4 years old at the beginning of the book. The reader soon meets Father Ralph de Bricassart, an ambitious, handsome priest who is 24 years Meggie’s senior. Then begins an unlikely love story that spans over half a decade of love and pain.
McCullough’s characters come alive in the book. As a reader, I quickly became invested in them, especially Meggie. Her young naïve way of seeing the world contrasted nicely with Father Ralph’s world weary perspective. By the time she was born he had seen and done too much; she was a light to him, fresh air after suffocating. Until she started to grow up. As she blossomed into a young lady, his pure love for her was challenged; one of the central struggles in the book is the war between Father Ralph’s manhood and his priesthood.
Readers can plot the passage of time through the well-developed growth and changing of the characters; in contrast, the land that calls to them all, the station of Drogheda in Australia, barely changes. McCullough’s vivid descriptions evoke the beauty and the cycle of the land: from plenty to drought and back again. This dependable background allows the characters to change and develop, creating a beautiful storyline.
I first read this book when I was in my 40's and am now in my 70's. I recently had the opportunity to go to Australia for the first time and decided it was time for a re-read. Amazing how our opinions change over time. I still enjoyed the book very much but some of the characters really annoyed me. I thought Fee was not a very good mother - her non-emotional involvement with her children was distressing. Justine was more unlikeable than I remembered - her treatment of long-suffering Rainier was hard to read and I kept wishing he had given up on her. As for Meggie and Ralph, I found that I am still a romantic at heart so I kept pulling for them. On a positive note, I thought the author's description of Australia was great and I really got a kick out of going to or seeing places during my travel that had been mentioned in the book. Overall, I highly recommend the book to first time readers.
I read Thorn Birds in 1977 and liked it. But then my current book club selected it, and I read it again. I had forgotten the entire story. A young woman whose Irish family inherited a ranch in the Outback falls in love with a priest who has loved her since she was 10, but he continually leaves her to continue his priesthood, his first love and ambition. The priesthood requires him to remain celibate. She expects him to stay and he leaves her continually to return to his post, finally to Rome as an archbishop. She marries someone else and wants children. She resents Ralph, the priest, and wants his children. The story evolves over many years. The author's description of Australia is very vivid, through droughts and floods, sheep raising and kangaroos. You feel like you are there. The book is a quick read even though there are many pages. The author holds your attention throughout the story. It could have been written today, with some modern improvements. Highly recommended.
This story never gets old for me. I'm 67 and the first time reading was when Thorn Birds came out in 1977. It was enjoyed by then a young 30 year old and made the rounds to the other girls in that beach house. The second in 1983 when they made the story into a TV movie and I had to re-read and make the comparison. TV movies never are better than the books and this was no different. The third was read in 2000 while recovering from an illness. And the last was finished just last week. March, 2014 I traveled in NZ to AUS and wanted to relive where the plot took place. Re-reading TB was like reading it for the first time. This story never gets old for me.
Thorn Birds (Penguin Longman Penguin Readers) download epub
Author: Derek Strange,Colleen McCullough
ISBN: 0140814876
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd; Abridged Ed edition (March 30, 1995)
Pages: 96 pages