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by Judith Gould

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Forever by Judith Gould - book cover, description, publication history.

Forever by Judith Gould - book cover, description, publication history.

Judith Gould Judith Gould. Out to conquer Manhattan's dazzling world of high fashion is its most successful business woman and its hottest model.

Out to conquer Manhattan's dazzling world of high fashion is its most successful business woman and its hottest model. Escape to a Southampton estate, where they have a showdown that sizzles with electrifying suspense and blood-racing intrigue - in a delicious tale of wicked sins only the rich can afford.

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Misha Levin a world-famous pianist is a man who seems to have everything. Allegra Sheridan is a rising jewelry designer in Manhattan. A client offers her an extraordinary opportunity: go to Paris and bid in anonymity for him. Nurtured by loving Russian parents, he has a devoted wife, an adoring son, and the adulation of millions.

And then that, too, dissipated, and the first thing Stephanie laid eyes on was the most handsome young man she had ever seen. He was staring down at her, smiling gently. Just like in the fairy tales. Are you an angel?' she whispered. His English was perfect, tinged with a mere hint of an accent. Oh no, definitely no.

Judith Gould answers with deadly accuracy. Burghley's, the world's most respected auction house becomes a hotbed of greed, intrigue, violence and sexual passion among three woman and a criminal mastermind.

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Judith Gould’s Green Thumb the newly terraced Pocket Garden. Granted, the statues of the caryatids aren’t ancient Greek, but Victorian cement copies. But finally it’s completed.

Judith Gould is a fictional American writer of romance novels, and is the pseudonym used by co-authors: Nicholas Peter "Nick" Bienes and Rhea Gallaher, who are actually both men.

In addition to being writing partners, Bienes and Gallaher are also involved romantically. They currently live together in room 600 of the famous Hotel Chelsea in New York City, regarded as the hotel's most luxurious suite.

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Forever young. They want to be forever young. And oh, the things they'll do to stay that way!

In Forever, the duo who go by the name Judith Gould have in essence written a "Surprise! It's Sidney Sheldon!" novel. Not only that, it ranks among the better Sidney Sheldon novels-- which isn't saying much, I know. But it is what it is. If ridiculously stupid things tickle your funny bone, this one is sure to be a laff riot.

One of opera's great divas, thought dead these past 40-odd years, is alive and well and... hasn't aged a day? People are DYING to know her secret.

The Nazis, the children. What about the children? That would be telling.
When investigative reporter Stephanie Merlin gets on the trail of a professional killer, she enters into the life of the ultra wealthy and internationally influential from which she may not be able to intricate herself. When you're hooked, you're hooked and she kinda likes the luxury Edward can provide for her. When her ultimate destiny which hangs by a thread (where was Superman when you need him?) occurs and she descovers the identity of Ghost, the professional killer, Edward is lost in the process. Nothing is forever, and there is no fountain of youth.

They say time heals all wounds. It'll be a cold day in hell, she thinks, before hers can even start to heal. Only resurrection or resurfacing will aid the process along the way. Forgetting is essential. With Edward out of the way, the latent computer virus in their large, sophisticated system is spread to individual PCs and their programs. It erased the memory and filled the computers up with garbage. Some hacker(s) have tried that on mine because they don't agree with a single review. They are militants of the worse sort. Like that unethical crew of music players. The virus leaves nothing but useless hardware, which can be replaced, but all of the information is lost, as dead as Edward and the Ghost. Their computerized robotics with state-of-the-art machines were all destroyed. Before 1994, my biggest aim was to be able to operate robotics; Steve from Memphis who used my computer skills from the local temp group predicted that someday I would own a robotics factory. How wrong he was! As the song says, "Don't worry, be happy." Stephanie was given a huge emerald ring by Johnny from the wealth of Brazil's gem business, a cheap but enduring gift because she endured and is alive.
Forever download epub
Author: Judith Gould
ISBN: 0751501700
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk; 1st Edition - 1st Printing edition (June 1993)
Pages: 752 pages