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by Richard Stark

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Richard Stark writes a harsh and frightening story of criminal warfare and vengeance with economy, understatement and a deadly amoral objectivity-a remarkable addition to the list of the shockers that the French call roman noirs.

Richard Stark writes a harsh and frightening story of criminal warfare and vengeance with economy, understatement and a deadly amoral objectivity-a remarkable addition to the list of the shockers that the French call roman noirs. Parker is a brilliant invention.

Richard Stark (Donald E Westlake). The Rare Coin Score (1967). He might be too hungry for a score, might be tempted to sign on somewhere even if the setup wasn’t one hundred per cent right. Lempke said, I don’t think you know Jack French, motioning at the man who’d been sitting next to him on the sofa.

In wraps; another great read by Stark, a pen name of Donald Westlake; PARKER SERIES/A FAWCETT GOLD MEDAL BOOK.

The Rare Coin Score book. Happily, it has now been resurected and republished by the University of Chicato Press. In this book, Stark's amoral protagonist plots the theft of a couple of million dollars (that's 1967 dollars!) worth of rare coins from a coin collector's convention in Indianapolis.

Parker is a fictional character created by American novelist Donald E. Westlake (1933-2008). A professional thief, Parker is the main protagonist of 24 of the 28 novels Westlake wrote under the pseudonym Richard Stark. A ruthless career criminal, Parker has almost no traditional redeeming qualities, aside from efficiency and professionalism. Parker is callous, meticulous, and perfectly willing to commit murder if he deems it necessary

A Rare Book & A Rare Treat. Published by Thriftbooks. Readers of the newer "Stark" novels might also be interested to know that this is the book where Parker meets his lady friend Clair, who in this 1967 version, is more of a femm fatale than she is in the present day.

A Rare Book & A Rare Treat. com User, 17 years ag. .It even has an excellent Robert E. McGinnis cover painting. The story inside the book, of course, is just as excellent. Just what I've come to expect from Donald E. Westlake, regardless of whatever pen name he chooses to write under. Bottom line: If you can find THE RARE COIN SCORE, grab it and read it! Typical Parker. com User, 19 years ago.

A slight tan to page edges ISBN : 0850318718. Authors : Stark, Richard. Title: The Rare Coin Score. Title : The Rare Coin Score. Product Category : Books.

Parker, the ruthless anti-hero of Richard Stark's eponymous mystery novels, is one of the most unforgettable characters in hard-boiled noir. Lauded by critics for his taut realism, unapologetic amorality, and razor-sharp prose style - and adored by fans who turn each intoxicating page with increasing urgency - Stark is a master of crime writing, his books as influential as any in the genre. The University of Chicago Press has embarked on a project to return the early volumes of this series to print for a new generation of readers to discover - and become addicted to.

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Decided to read the Parker novels in order — and they don't disappoint. I've noticed that Richard Stark (D.E.W.) always manages to make each 'caper' very different. I tend to read each title in a single day — they're that addictive. It's not just the Parker character that is so fascinating — Parker, after all, remains Parker (and you can completely understand why Lee Marvin was cast in the adaptation that became 'Point Blank'). What becomes increasingly obvious is the amount of depth the author allows the secondary characters. In this one, Claire is introduced — and her reactions to the situations she finds herself in ring true and fresh — not the usual tough girl formula that a writer like Spillane would apply to female characters. If you haven't met Parker before, you're in for a fun ride — no matter where in the series you begin.
Hardboiled crime fiction writing as smooth as silk. Parker, the protagonist of this and a series of caper novels, is a hardman but oddly sympathetic. He doesn't take sh*t from anyone, including the woman he's starting to fall in love with. After you read this one, you'll want to read the whole series. While originally published in 1967, the book doesn't feel the least bit dated. Ultra-smooth, unflashy prose. Could easily be a movie script as it sets up in detail the process leading up to a heist and and then the heist itself, when the sh*t hits the fan. A great escapist tale.
I suppose Stark's (aka Westlake's) main crime is that Parker gets away with it in all his books. I guess all one can say about that is, get over it.

Parker hears about a rather unusual kind of caper. Indeed his first instinct is to leave well alone. But his curiosity won't let him be, and also a rather interesting lady enters the scene. So basically he traps himself into a doubtful scenario.

The details are very interesting, as usual Stark seems to have gained some background knowledge that helps with the story, and Parker comes up with a way of handling the problems that is of itself interesting.

But primarily it is the overall efficiency of the story-telling that grabs you and you can't help but romp along with the tale as the action gets hotter and crazier by the page..

This is not one of his best, but it's a great tale full of elements of theft and background sex. It's probably worth a '5', but I know that Stark/Westlake can do better: thus my score doesn't reflect how good the book is but reflects where it stands vis-a-vis Westlake's own capabilities.
Another excellent Parker tale. This is where he first meets Claire, the woman who's to become his lady love. She's no shrinking violet when it comes to larceny and takes Parker for what he is. As always, Stark draws the rest of the characters well; they're a mix of likable miscreants and despicable rogues and when the bullets fly Parker's survival instincts are again put to the test. Another page-turner by the late Donald E. Westlake as Richard Stark.
I just love all of his books, and I'm surprised by how each book is different. I thought it would have some of the same elements but there is always a new twist and new choices of words to make the story an unbelievable good read. This is the book where he meets his girlfriend who will be mentioned and no doubt show up in the next books. It is refreshing to discover that Parker has a heart sometimes.
Well, I suppose this kind of thing is satisfying for those who like raw crime dramas, but I was less than intrigued. I couldn’t get very interested in any of the characters, including Parker, the lead .
Totally biased review--loved it because it was a Parker book set in my hometown of Indianapolis. Author did a great job with locales in the city, other than writing "Beach Grove" rather than "Beech Grove." But its a typical Parker caper, assembling the crew, planning the heist, having something go wrong, Parker fixing it as well as he can. Also meet his girlfriend Claire, who is in all subsequent novels. If you love the Parker books, you will also love this one. And I do.
The next one in the series. If you're thinking of getting this one, you've already read the first 7 or 8 and know how great they are.
The Rare Coin Score download epub
Author: Richard Stark
ISBN: 0850318718
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Allison & Busby; New Ed edition (January 1, 1988)
Pages: 144 pages