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by Eric Bogosian

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From the award-winning avatar of contemporary urban theater and author of such modern classics as Talk Radio and subUrbia comes this outrageous novel about five suburbanites whose lives intersect in one violent and life-altering night - at the local mall.

Eric Bogosian (born April 24, 1953) is an American actor, playwright, monologuist, novelist, and historian. Descended from Armenian American immigrants, he grew up in Watertown and Woburn, Massachusetts, and attended University of Chicago and Oberlin College. His numerous plays include subUrbia (1994) and the Pulitzer-nominated Talk Radio (1987), both of which were adapted to film.

Eric Bogosian is the author of Mall, the plays Talk Radio, subUrbia and Griller, and the Obie Award-winning solo performances Drinking in America, Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead and Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

Eric Bogosian is the author of Mall, the plays Talk Radio, subUrbia and Griller, and the Obie Award-winning solo performances Drinking in America, Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead and Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll. He is the recipient of the Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Award, a Drama Desk Award, and two NEA fellowships. An actor who has appeared in more than a dozen feature films and television shows, Bogosian lives in New York City.

Penzler Pick, January 2001: Here Eric Bogosian, a playwright and actor, takes his keen eye to that particularly American venue, the mall.

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Подписчиков: 4 ты. себе: Armenian-American author, actor, monolog. себе: Armenian-American author, actor, monologist and playwright.

100 Monologues, written by Eric Bogosian, performed by some of America's most accomplished actors. 50 have been filmed; 50 more to go. Estimated delivery Apr 2016.

Comments: (7)

Actor/playwright Eric Bogosian is a very talented artist, and I've admired his work for well over a decade. However, he had never written a novel before, until now. Bogosian has concocted a dark, disturbing tale with his first novel, "Mall," telling the story of five people whose lives intertwine on a very violent, bloody day at the shopping mall: Mal is a speed freak who kills his mother at home and then causes more violence & mayhem at the mall, Michel is the widowed immigrant security guard who goes after Mal, Donna is a lonely housewife looking for sex & adventure, Danny is a married businessman with a huge weakness for beautiful underwear models, and Jeff is a teenager on acid who goes off on a philosophical quest.The book takes a little while to get going---about 50 pages or so---as Bogosian sets things up and introduces us to the characters, and it's a bit of a slow read. But once Mal gets to the shopping mall and begins his rampage, "Mall" finally hits the ground running and becomes a riveting book you can't put down, filled with lots of unexpected twists & turns. The book is mostly narrated, with only occasional dialogue from the characters here & there, but nonetheless, Bogosian is a very commanding tour guide as he takes you into the minds of these stressed-out souls (to say the least). Unfortunately, after taking the reader on a bravura ride through a suburban nightmare, the book's ending is a bit unsatisfying & inconclusive, as if Bogosian couldn't quite figure out how to end the story. It doesn't ruin the book for me, but it is disappointing.I don't think you could make a movie out of this book (nor would I want to see one), but for the most part, "Mall" is a very engrossing read. For his first stab at novel writing, Eric Bogosian has created a very good, disturbing dark tale.
This speedy book moves like a well-edited music video or television commercial: quick cuts, deft point-of-view changes, short intense character profiles. Like a good TV spot, we're with each character for a very short time before we move on to someone else. Like a good music video, I was drawn in and hooked in the first seconds and interested both in the message and the entertainment value. Each of Bogosian's well-drawn and memorable characters feels cut off from suburban mall culture, each considers himself or herself somehow above the mall masses, but each has different reasons for feeling superior. The violent stew created as everyone comes together on the fateful night makes for a great read - and I'm sure will eventually become a successful movie too.
I really enjoyed this book it was a very good page turner
Bogosian is creepy, smart, rebellious and brilliant. I truly enjoyed watching the video of his one-man show Funhouse. Also enjoyed reading Pounding Nails In The Floor With My Forehead, and Notes From Underground. He is a very, very good writer. You can tell that he hones his material. He is the type of writer who works very hard on making each sentence run smoothly & quickly.

This book, Mall, is not meant to be anything other than a fast paced action-adventure. It's just a bit of fun and a means for Bogosian to express various aspects of his personality. He realizes that this mortal world---especially the American part of it---is a totally misleading, misinforming, two-faced, selfish-minded sham full of lies, disappointments and quiet desperation. The result of this realization is cynicism & rage and therefore much of Bogosian's work expresses the darker aspects of his personality---and thank goodness! But don't get me wrong, he is not the least bit heavy-handed regarding his anger and sick, twisted fantasies. He knows how to make a point without going over the top.

Mall is an easy-read. It's not meant to be the novel of the century. It's not meant to enlighten anyone. It's just a good old fashioned action-adventure about a speedfreak who goes on a killing spree. It reads like it was written with the intention of making it ready-made for conversion to a screenplay. Is that a crime? Is it a crime that Bogosian wants to make money from his writing? No. He works hard for his money and it shows. So what if he poo-poos shallow materialism while also wanting to become materially successful by doing so? Consistency, or lack of hypocrisy, is the stuff of small-minded, idiotic, know-nothing mortals who have been brainwashed by college.

Bottom line: Mall is a good book. Not great, but definitely worth reading if you are already a fan of Bogosian's other stuff. Right from the start you will recognize and appreciate his unique voice, perspective, and writing style.
MALL download epub
Author: Eric Bogosian
ISBN: 0743206665
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: SCRIBNER (2001)
Pages: 240 pages