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by Tom. McCaughren

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Fourteen Alone Against the Wind. Fifteen When the Hogweed Blooms Again. A cold east wind blew in across the meadows, stirring the clumps of withered grass that rose above the patches of crisp snow

Fourteen Alone Against the Wind. A cold east wind blew in across the meadows, stirring the clumps of withered grass that rose above the patches of crisp snow. It whistled through the leafless trees at the top of the rise and ruffled the feathers of a rook that still preferred the top-most branches to a more friendly perch farther down. In the hedgerow beneath, a single robin bared his red breast to the wind for a moment before turning tail and hopping off about his business.

They might well have wondered where all the new birdlife came from as the weather improved, but they didn’t. They were just glad to see it. It was also lambing time on some farms.

Run with the Wind book. Don't forget,' said the old fox, "If danger threatens, run with the wind. In the Land of Sinna, Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush, Fang and the rest of the foxes who live around Beech Paw are in trouble. The fur companies are hunting them almost to extinction. Join them in their spectacular "Don't forget,' said the old fox, "If danger threatens, run with the wind.

Outside the quarry, the cold wind drove the snow across the hillside. Inside, the younger foxes curled up and went to sleep, secure in the earth and in the company of one who had learned so much the hard way.

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Tom McCaughrean, Tom McCaughren, Jeanette Dunne

Tom McCaughrean, Tom McCaughren, Jeanette Dunne. The foxes Vickey, Sinnead, Hop-Along, She-La, Young Black Tip, from the books "Run with the Wind", which won the Reading Association's Book Award, and "Run Swift, Run Free", which won a Medal at the Irish Book Awards, are back in this story.

Manga Summary: Kakeru, a former elite runner at high school, is chased for stealing food. He is saved by a Kansei University student Haiji, who is also a runner. Haiji persuades Kakeru to live in the old apartment 'Chikuseisou' where he plans to team up with fellow residents to enter Hakone Ekiden Marathon, one of the most prominent university races in Japan. Kakeru soon finds out that all of the residents except for Haiji and himself are complete novices. Run With The Wind Manga Chapters List.

Don’t forget’, said the old fox, ‘if danger threatens, run with the win. In the Land of Sinna, Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush, Fang, Hop-along and the rest of the foxes living around Beech Paw are in trouble. As they journey through countryside and city, facing many dangers along the way, they find new friendships and rediscover what it means to be ‘as cunning as a fox’.

I read this book (and others in the series) as a child and they have made a lasting impression on me. At the time they were an incredibly entertaining read. I reread them while at university and found them every bit as entertaining.

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This is a fun book about a group of foxes trying to overcome their natural instincts to fight each other, and instead work together to overcome much more powerful enemies while searching new lands for the "secret of survival".

The characters are very likeable, and I was especially drawn to the leader of the group, Old Sage Brush, who drops many inspirational quotes along the way to teach the rest of the foxes how to use their cunning instead of relying on brute strength, which would do little against foes like man and hunting dogs. In addition to him, there are three vixens and three males in the group, one of which has a handicap that he manages to overcome by learning to use his mind to solve problems that his strength cannot.

I found the talks of the "secret of survival" a bit repetitive, though a younger reader would most likely not notice them. There really isn't a tangible answer for this at the end of the book, implying that the secret was simply learning how to work together and use mind over matter, and even that fell a little flat considering that the group splits up at the end and the individuals seem to return to the "normal" life of a wild fox.

For young readers, this will most likely be a great book full of little inspirations about how to look at challenges at life. For older readers, it's a fun little rainy day read.
I could not find it anywhere else. This was a gift for my daughter and she loved it. I read it when I was her age but couldn't find my copy anymore.
Amazing story loved when I was a child bought it for my daughter to read to her. She loved it buying the series.
I love this book from the time I first bought it on a trip to Ireland. The entire series of fox stories by this author are wonderful and suitable from anyone from child to adult. The language is beautiful and the stories feed the imagination. I read all of the series to my son about ten years ago when he was in Kindergarten and he loved them. So glad to see this author is available at Amazon U.S.
Run With The Wind download epub
Author: Tom. McCaughren
ISBN: 0140121315
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks; New Ed edition (1989)
Pages: 160 pages