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DIANA GABALDON and her novels. voyager is, frankly, an amazing read. An unusual mix of romance, suspense and history. If you can put this huge tome down before dawn, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am.

DIANA GABALDON and her novels. -Arizona Tribune. ROUSIN. UDACIOU. XCITIN. abaldon masterfully weave. lashback. rossing time periods with abandon but never losing track of the story. Intricately detaile. ich imaginatio. his could be the start of a series to rival james clavell’s oriental sagas.

These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.

Diana J. Gabaldon (/ˈɡæbəldoʊn/; born January 11, 1952) is an American author, known for the Outlander series of novels. Her books merge multiple genres, featuring elements of historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and science fiction/fantasy. A television adaptation of the Outlander novels premiered on Starz in 2014.

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I am hooked on this series.

I have become absolutely facinated by this series of books by Diana Gabaldon. Gabaldon's books are heavy on history and place and light on "romance" which is just like I like my books. She doesn't flinch away from the ugly parts of history either. If you haven't yet started the series, pick up "Outlander" and then "Dragonfly in Amber". After you finish those, go for a historical voyage with "Voyager"!См. оставлен shannon484009. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. I am hooked on this series.

Sorry Dragonfly in Amber!). I loved following Claire on a brand new adventure. READ BOOK: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon online free. You can read book Voyager by Diana Gabaldon in our library for absolutely free.

Diana Gabaldon is the New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels.

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Электронная книга "Voyager: A Novel", Diana Gabaldon. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Voyager: A Novel" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. In this rich, vibrant tale, Diana Gabaldon continues the story of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser that began with the now-classic novel Outlander and continued in Dragonfly in Amber.

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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon Audiobook 5 CDs - 6 Hours VGC Outlander. DRUMS OF AUTUMN Audio Book on Cassettes by Diana Gabaldon, Geraldine James.

AN EPIC HISTORICAL NOVEL FOLLOWING ON FROM THE BESTSELLING DRAGONFLY IN AMBER Their passionate encounter happened two centuries ago when the gallant renegade Jamie Fraser sent her back to her own time, pregnant with his child, believing he would be killed in the bloody Battle of Culloden in 1746. Now their daughter has grown up and Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Drawn back across the chasm of time she seeks once more the man she could never forget, the destiny she cannot ignore...

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After finishing the audiobook for the previous book in this series, Dragonfly in Amber, I found it very hard to move on to something else. My mind was still with Jamie. Even though I had planned to take a bit of a break between books, I ended up waiting only a couple of weeks before starting Voyager. I remember falling in love with this book the first time I read it and I am happy to say that I still am in love.

My teenage daughter asked me what this book what about and I really had a hard time answering that question. It is about so many things. Mostly it is about Jamie and Claire. I love the fact that in this book that are no longer as young as they were in earlier books. They are in their 40's and have done a bit more living. I think that their maturity really shows in how they handle everything.

This pair have both lived a remarkable lives up to this point. There were high points in this book and low points but beyond everything their love for each other never waivers. I think that the biggest strength of this book is how clearly the characters' emotions are felt on the page. The scene in the print shop made my heart melt. I have read the book before so I remembered that scene but it still got to me.

This book is long. There are so many different things happening in this book and after one situation is dealt with they move on to the next one. I did start to feel a bit exhausted from this book towards the end. I still enjoyed every moment but I was starting to feel like I might deserve a medal once I reached the end. I do feel like this book has a more natural stopping point than the previous book. I plan to take a bit of a break before jumping into the next audiobook although I don't plan to wait very long.

The narration for this audiobook was nearly perfect. Davina Porter is the perfect choice for this series. She is Clair and Jamie and all the other characters to me at this point. I never tired of listening to her voice and sometimes listened for up to four hours per day. I am amazed by how well this narrator is able to perform so many different voices and accents. I always knew exactly who was speaking and felt myself being pulled into the story. This audiobook is truly a wonderful way to experience this novel.

I do highly recommend this book. This is not a series that you would want to read out of order and I don't think that this book would work at all as a stand-alone novel. Anyone who has enjoyed the first two books in the series will not want to miss this installment. This is the kind of story that fans read and re-read and find enjoyment in it every time.
I watched both seasons of the show, I had never heard of these books before that. When I realized I would have to wait a year for the next season I immediately bought the book, patience not being my strongest attribute. Aside from the fact that Diana really knows how to weave intricate plots that never failed to surprise, it was lovely to discover that the casting for the show had been so brilliant and the characters were written for television just as they lived in the book, the voices are the same, the humor, the connection between characters. So reading this book (I have already bought the next one) was an absolute treat. And it didn't spoil the next season for me at all, now I'm even more excited to see how they translate the book to the screen. Diana's writing is vivid, descriptive and so colorful that one can see it all clearly and feel the depth of emotion and excitement. It is so visual that it's as though it was written for the screen.

Voyager was the first book I ever read on a Kindle and, frankly, I thought I would miss the feel of running my fingers over the paper as I turned the pages. But I got to the next page faster on the kindle, and with this book it's just what I wanted. If you love the series, you will love this book and it will NOT spoil the show, it will make you more anxious for them to hurry up and shoot! I'm just delighted and about to start the next book.
I can’t believe Droughtlander is almost done again for another year! The TV series is what originally hooked me into Outlander. Having now read way beyond the screen adaptation, I again thought it best to refresh my memory as to what occurred in Voyager. I’m pleased I did, because my recollection had me believing we would be seeing more of Bree, but I was a book ahead of myself LOL, easy to do!

First of all, if you haven’t read Voyager and wish to do so before it hits the screens, you best start soon! You’ll be delighted to know there is over 1000 pages you will want to devour and not rush through. If you haven’t read the other books in the series or watched the TV series, be aware there may be some details below from the first two books.

A lot of time has passed since we last caught up with Jamie and Claire – almost 20 years from memory! Claire travels through the stones again, this time deliberately so, to find the man who she once thought was dead but now believes to have survived Culloden. Arriving back in Jamie’s world again is a shock not only for Jamie but all others that knew or had heard of her. Each time she encounters someone for the first time, it provided for interesting dialog. Not all cordial, but understandable all things considered.

Jamie and Claire spend time bringing each other up to speed on what has occurred in their lives apart, there are some details Jamie is not quick on sharing. Call it wisdom or caution on his part, Claire was inclined to think she was being lied to by omission when she was faced with the missing details he thought best not to bombard her with to begin with.

What I loved about Voyager, was the moral and ethical challenges Claire again faced. A few moments stood out, the first being when Jenny noted she had not strayed far from Fraser lands. This was in stark comparison to Claire’s life even if you were to put aside the time-travel facet. Then the confrontation she experiences when she encountered slavery and the anguish she felt associating it with her dear friend Jo Abernathy, whom she studied medicine with back in the States. The other time was when she truly understood Mr. Willoughby’s plight, the culture shock he experienced and his ability to keep going in with little hope of acceptance.

Of course there is never a dull moment in Jamie’s life and this time his adventure takes him on the high seas. Plagued with sea sickness, his reason for heading out to sea was motivated through finding his young nephew, Ian, who he had promised Jenny he would look after. In other words, he had no choice but to do what he had to do! Ian has so much of his uncle’s spirit. It’s what worries and comforts Claire and Jamie simultaneously. We see young Ian begin to evolve into the man he will become later in the series.

There are many familiar faces from the past Claire sees again. Meeting up with Lord John Grey and getting her head around his and Jamie’s friendship is quite confusing to begin with. John is a man I have come to respect throughout the series, and my next books to read will be the Lord John Grey Series, which I missed reading when I initially read the series.

Fergus, OMG I cannot wait to see how they portray the man he has become on screen. He won me over in the book, making me smile at being torn between his love and respect for Jamie. Of course, being a Frenchman by birth, love wins out and this causes him and Jamie an awkward moment or two. Oh – I wish I could say more but if you haven’t read the book yet, you’re going to want to experience these moments without knowing they are coming!

This was my second time reading Voyager. The first time, I jumped from this book straight into the next. Not even balking at the price of the next book. These books are not cheap in comparison to other eBooks, but I didn’t hesitate. Jamie charmed and wooed me all over again while Claire inspired me with her determination to do whatever it took to be with the man she loved. The story ends with a Happy-For-Now moment but also heralds the beginning of a new adventure. An adventure that made me think the next Droughtlander is going to be another challenge!
I'm done with Outlander. Book 3 did me in. I began skipping pages then whole chapters. Violence, gratuitous sex, characters flat beginning with a most disappointing and lackluster meeting of Jaime and Clair after 20 years. Doesn't begin to live up to the quality of the first books. 800 pages of mayhem. No. I don't think so. Long is definitely not better!
Voyager download epub
Author: Diana Gabaldon
ISBN: 0385658699
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books (2001)