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by Graham McNeill

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The Ambassador Chronicles (Warhammer) Paperback – August 9, 2005. Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill joined Games Workshop's Games Development team five years ago.

The Ambassador Chronicles (Warhammer) Paperback – August 9, 2005. by. Graham McNeill (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

The ambassador chronicle. The Ambassador Chronicles, . of his magical warhammer. But these are far from civilised times. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. Table of Contents. This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of daemons. and breadth of the Old World, from the knightly palaces. of Bretonnia to ice-bound Kislev in the far north, come. rumblings of war. In the towering World's Edge Mountains

Home Graham McNeill Warhammer - - The Ambassador. former ambassador to the court of the Tzarina Katarin.

Home Graham McNeill Warhammer - - The Ambassador. Warhammer - The Ambassador, . KASPAR VON VELTEN reined in his bay gelding and stared up at the great walled city of Kislev, unwinding a woollen scarf from around his face.

The Ambassador Chronicles book. A Warhammer Novel, but with a twist. Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer. He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky, Black Sun and Storm of Iron.

Graham McNeill is a game developer for Games Workshop. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland and studied architecture and then building surveying at the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University from 1989 – 1996. In 1996 he started work in an architects’ office designing new flats and commercial properties, until he saw an advertisement for a writer in the December 1999 copy of White Dwarf.

After the creation of the Warhammer Fantasy universe by Games Workshop, novels were published as "GW Books" by Boxtree Ltd, but more recently novels have been under Games Workshop's publishing arm, the Black Library

After the creation of the Warhammer Fantasy universe by Games Workshop, novels were published as "GW Books" by Boxtree Ltd, but more recently novels have been under Games Workshop's publishing arm, the Black Library. Entries marked with have been collected in omnibus. These books and stories were authored by Robert Earl. The Burning Shore (April 2004). Wild Kingdoms (October 2004). Savage City (July 2005). Haute Cuisine (short story). Noblesse Oblige (short story).

The two books republished in this Warhammer omnibus volume by Graham McNeill are solidly written. I enjoyed following the main character, the plot was good, with some nice character development. Having just completed 14 Straight Warhammer novels by different authors, I can tell you this is a quality entry in the series.

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The Ambassador Chronicles . In the icy Northern Wastes, a mighty army of darkness prepares to sweep southward and lay waste to the civilised lands of the Empire. The Ambassador Omnibus is a two part Warhammer story set in the cold, eastern land of Kislev, full of intrigue, scheming, blackmail and, of course, battles. Part of the idea behind writing the Ambassador books was that I fancied a break from the hack and slash of the 41st Millennium to see if I could write stories where the suspension of disbelief wasn’t so great, where there was a more obvious connection to the kinds of characters we’d meet in a fantasy novel.

Ex-general-turned-ambassador Kaspar von Velten confronts new perils, power struggles, and intrigues at the court of Tsarina Katarin of Kislev as war threatens in The Ambassador, and becomes caught up in a desperate race against time to find the evil agents of Chaos hidden within the city, before the dark Lord Archaon and the forces of Chaos annihilate the city, in Ursun's Teeth. Original.

Comments: (7)

Enjoyable read. I would recommend buying this if you like the Warhammer fantasy world.
Frustrating books, with an abundance of characters and plot lines that never get going. A definite first draft feel.
This material fully fleshed out would have been engrossing, true Omnibus material.
Kislev vs The Empire, or difficult allies? Graham is Very thorough in his description of Kislev and his characters! Great story, and great for roleplaying background material.
This is another excellent WFRP novel that is a must read for GM's wanting ideas to create more depth and flavor in their game.

The author did an excellent job showing how followers of Tzeentch can use their Dark Lore (Tzeentch) spells with horrific effects.

I like how the author used 'careers' from the game and fleshed them out in his novel. My current charater in an WFRP game is both an Ambassador and an Acolyte of Tzeentch.

This book helped me to come up with many dark and twisted ideas so that I can better role-play my character.
I see this book seems to have some negative reviews, so I felt compelled to write a quick review to say that I actually really enjoyed this book.

The style of this book is more of a mystery book (murder mystery that is) then a hack and slash fantasy adventure.
And I think that might throw some people off that are used to some of the more action orientated Warhammer books.

But what I thought was interesting about this book was the fact that the main character was an old guy. And it made for some interesting situations when he was faced with bigger, stronger, faster foes that there was no way that he could possibly defeat. I kept thinking, how is he going to survive this encounter?

The main hero nice change of pace from all those young whippersnappers that are usually running around and fantasy books.

I know that they probably never will, but this is a book that I think would make an interesting movie.

The one negative thing that I can think of is that sometimes a little bit too much time was spent explaining (in detail) what the characters were wearing.
Such as something similar to the following (with a slightly exaggerated tone added by me),

.....he was wearing knee-high black boots, with gold trim around the heels and the emblem of a Griffin emblazoned on the toes. And a pair of blue pants and a red cape and some leather gloves that looked to be the consistency of some sort of leather and had the appearance.........
Plot - Ex-general, Kaspar von something, finds himself as ambassador representing the empire in Kislev. His job is to coordinate the war on chaos efforts between the Tsarina and the Emperor. The editorial review says it's about court politics; I guess the guy who wrote it didn't actually read the book. The plot mostly evolves around Kaspar hunting down a serial killer and trying to stop a vicious chaos worshippers design to harm Kislev from within.

The fact that the readers know in advance who's pulling the threads, pretty much ruins it.

Characters - The main character, the ambassador, was convincingly done. Kaspar is an honorable, brave man with just enough dark qualities to balance a rounded character. Most other minor characters surrounding him were nicely done too. I came to like the brave Panther Knight (captain of Kaspar's personal bodyguards), the alcoholic Pavel (coward and a hero), the dual natured manic serial killer, the cynic and brave pharmacist/healer/surgeon, the notorious criminal and his assassin and others.

It's impressive that a writer can bring to life so many memorable and round minor characters.

On the downside the main antagonist was ridiculously flat. It annoyed me that we didn't chance to understand the antagonist motives.

One major disappointment, as a warhammer fan, I thought that a plot involving Kislev politics will include deeper insight to the life of the mysterious and intriguing ice-queen. It didn't, and that's a big miss IMO. Her majesty remains a minor - pretty flat - character (though her role in the events is crucial).

Writing - Professionally done. Nothing brilliant, no memorable dialogs or amazing action scenes (except for an inspiring part, where a rat-catcher is killed by a skaven), but it has good enough flow not to annoy.

Action - Action is important part in Warhammer novels. This book have some nice action scenes, but nothing memorable that we didn't see before.

Summery - A decent read for any warhammer fan, don't expect too much though and you won't be disappointed.
this fantasy novel follows a former general-turned-ambassador send to what is loosely modelled on imperial russia (i don't know enough imp. russian history to know how many of the institutions here are indeed pre-soviet) to prepare for the empire's role in a major barbarian/chaos invasion army. the protagonist tends to get mad and scream and threaten a lot when he wants something from someone, a tactic which sometimes produces positive results. i do find the many instances in the novels of he and his knights acting as a private army in various parts of the city and country somewhat odd given his position and role.

despite my obvious complaint above, these are two enjoyable novels. the atmosphere is dark, including the apparatus ofthe allied state (kesliv), with many features readers will associate with soviet russia, correctly or not. there is a great deal of character intrigue and action, a reasonable maturely developed plot, and despite a somewhat anti-climatic and not entirely happy ending, I am glad i took the time to read this.
The Ambassador Chronicles (Warhammer) download epub
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Author: Graham McNeill
ISBN: 1844161994
Category: Literature & Fiction
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Language: English
Publisher: Games Workshop (August 9, 2005)
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