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by Laural Merlington,Laurell K. Hamilton

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Please note: Each book in this series is a whole story with a beginning and an ending, however the plot of each book relies heavily on the .

Please note: Each book in this series is a whole story with a beginning and an ending, however the plot of each book relies heavily on the prior books i. .

A Stroke of Midnight book. Laurell K. Hamilton (Goodreads Author), Laural Merlington (Narrator)

A Stroke of Midnight book. Hamilton (Goodreads Author), Laural Merlington (Narrator). and Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Fairie. My love affair with Laurell K. Hamilton is at an end. I should send her flowers and tell her how nice the journey was. We’re going different places, you and I, Ms. Hamilton – we need to part ways, literally. Both of Laurell K. Hamilton's series have devolved into orgies – all sex, no plot.

Laurell Kaye Hamilton is an American fantasy and romance writer.

Drama, Horror, American Literature, Magic, Erotica, Romance, Modern Literature, Series, Fiction, General Fiction, Adult Fiction, Adult, USA, Female Authors, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Sex, America, 21th Century, 2000s, Urban Fantasy. Laurell Kaye Hamilton is an American fantasy and romance writer. Hamilton is generally considered one of the most influential writers in the history of paranormal fiction.

Laurell K. Hamilton Products Books Merry Gentry Series Merry – 4 A Stroke of Midnight. Product Categories All Anita Blake Series Books Comic Books Merchandise Merry Gentry Series Other Books. Merry – 4 A Stroke of Midnight. SKU: N/A Categories: Books, Merry Gentry Series Tag: Merry Gentry Series. Autographed by laurell k hamilton. The Unseelie Court infuses me with its power. But at what price does such magic come?

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What were your injuries yesterday?" My left arm was in a green cloth sling that matched my suit jacket near perfectly. She gave me a questioning look but didn't argue. She picked another question from the throng.

San Jose Mercury News A Stroke of Midnight Nonstop action. This book will leave you breathless. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mistral’s Kiss Steamy. will have Hamilton’s fans panting for more.

Merry Gentry: A Stroke of Midnight 4 by Laurell K. Hamilton (2006, Paperback). Praise for Laurell K. Hamilton A Kiss of Shadows "I've never read a writer with a more fertile imagination. DIANA GABALDON "Sizzling. 5 оценок товара Об этом товаре. Memorable characters and wicked wit make it all delicious, ribald fu. Publishers Weekly A Caress of Twilight "Sensual, without a doubt. This book moves like a whirlwind. Louis Post-Dispatch " sexy, tension-charged dark fantasy mystery.

I am Meredith Gentry, P.I., solving cases in Los Angeles, far from the peril and deception of my real home—because I am also Princess Meredith, heir to the darkest throne faerie has to offer. The Unseelie Court infuses me with its power. But at what price does such magic come? How much of my human side will I have to give up, and how much of the sinister side of faerie will I have to embrace? To sit on a throne that has ruled through bloodshed and violence for centuries, I might have to become that which I dread the most.

Enemies watch my every move. My cousin Cel strives to have me killed even now from his prison cell. But not all the assassination attempts are his. Some Unseelie nobles have waited centuries for my aunt Andais, Queen of Air and Darkness, to become weak enough that she might be toppled from her throne. Enemies unforeseen move against us—enemies who would murder the least among us.

The threat will drive us to allow human police into faerie for the first time in our history. I need my allies now more than ever, especially since fate will lead me into the arm of Mistral, Master of Storms, the queen’s new captain of her guard. Our passion will reawaken powers long forgotten among the warriors of the sidhe. Pain and pleasure await me—and danger, as well, for some at that court seek only death.

I will find new joys with the butterfly-winged demi-fey. My guards and I will show all of faerie that violence and sex are as popular among the sidhe as they are among the lesser fey of our court. The Darkness will weep, and Frost will comfort him. The gentlest of my guards will find new strength and break my heart. Passions undreamed of await us—and my enemies gather, for the future of both courts of faerie begins to unravel.

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I'm a big fan of these books which overall, aren't very highly rated. I think it's because the series is so many things besides erotica and make no mistake about it, no matter what they're marketed as, these are erotic books. You've got romantic erotica + mystery + suspense + paranormal + urban fantasy, it's a lot to take in. Merry Gentry aka Princess Meredith and her posse of bizarre lovers have a PR nightmare on their hands after the murder of a human reporter takes place inside the unseelie faerie mound. This fourth book in the series has a much less developed plot than the others so I can't give it a full five stars. It was rushed in places but I still really enjoyed it. Hamilton's writing transports me to whatever weird whacked out world she wants to put me in. It's all about the writing for me and however odd she gets, this woman can write.
Life in the home of the fey is eventful with murder, assassination, life, getting back long lost power and the queen yelling off with your head. Merry has about all she can handle with getting her power base together and getting pregnant. Well-written with well-developed characterization. Adult reader due to extreme violence and to sexual content.
I’m started to get struggling with this series. It moved a bit slow for my taste. The sex scenes had been increased, Merry’s harem got bigger, she had sex with new guards almost every book. I don’t mind sex scene but I prefer the story to move on to the point. Or it was just that I didn’t like it.

I'm not going to read the next book right away. I'm going to sit it out for a while.
elegant stranger
Hamilton has done it again. She has taken a series that started off promising and lost it in the sexuality. I'd normally write a more wordy and intelligent review but this time I just don't care to try and say all that flowery stuff.

The first book of Hamilton's I read was A Kiss of Shadows. I had accidentally bought it with a handful of the early Anita Blake books so I figured I'd just read it first. I enjoy good erotica and I love a contemporary fantasy just fine so I enjoyed it and the following two installments.

Having recently read Danse Macabre and decided not to continue with Anita, I was hoping Merry would still bring something to the table for me. And indeed in some ways she does. I enjoy the characters in this series very much... but I'm starting to see where Anita's harem of men has become confusing with it's MANY members (pun not intended) suddenly Merry's harem is starting to feel much the same.

I still love Hamilton's ability to create a great "fantasy" world and give it depth. What is starting to concern me is that while Anita has no plot and is all sex, Merry's sex is the plot. In some ways that is okay because she has written the world to work with it... but it sure would be nice to have something other than porn style group sex to read. There's no real passion in it anymore. It all feels forced and perhaps it is just my romanticized ideal but I enjoy an erotic scene much more when the characters are lead up to it with some fiery tension.

On a side note. I am sick and tired of people calling Hamilton's writing erotica. It is NOT erotica. It gives erotica a bad name. It isn't even romance material IMHO. It's not even particularly sexy. As an erotica reader for several years I happened to stumble upon a book a while back about how to write erotic scenes that are good. One of the key elements is not to sound clinical, like a doctor describing how the medical details, or sound like you're giving a sports commentary on a porn film. Which is EXACTLY what I feel like I have read in the last two Hamilton books I've tried.

I'm done with Anita but I'm going to give Merry another try because at least her sex scenes are the plot. LOL
This novel picks up where Seduced by Moonlight left off. Merry is still in faerie starting off with a press conference in the UnSeelie court. There is a spell to keep the reporters from wandering away from the conference. Somehow a photographer wandered away and got himself murdered along with a pastry chef. This murder brings up a lot of emotion from the past for Merry. Her father's murderer was never caught, but she has a chance to catch this murderer. For the first time ever police are to enter faerie to help with the murder. There are also spells against Merry and Queen Andais that are almost catastrophic. Merry is the heir to the throne, all she has to do is get pregnant. The queen is so one track minded about this, she keeps throwing more of her royal guards to get the job done. During the murder investigation the Queens Head guard Mistral comes to greet Merry. As a vessel for Danu, Merry and Mistral bring back magic that has long been lost to faerie. Other Royal guards also bring back magic and faerie back to life through Merry and Danu. I adore Mistral! Who's your favorite guard??
This book is great, definitely one of my favorites! It is very fast paced, lots of action, steamy erotica, and deep character development. I admire the research done to tell the tales of gods and goddesses, and all the faerie history. Highly recommended series and novel!
Still In Mind
This book was really interesting. Some of the descriptions were a bit too long for my taste, however. The sexuality was ramped up in this book, I think, compared to the previous ones. I won't bore you with a plot summary as I know other reviewers are fond of doing that. I do appreciate that this book has chapter demarcations. Chapter demarcations make it so much easier to know how close you are to the end of a chapter or to be able to find a stopping place when you need to do so. If you liked the previous books in the series, I say you should give this one a shot. Have at it because I don't think you'll be disappointed, unless you have a limited tolerance for sex and violence, but if that were true, you might not have gotten past the first or second book in the series. I can't wait to read the next one.
A Stroke of Midnight (Meredith Gentry, Book 4) download epub
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Author: Laural Merlington,Laurell K. Hamilton
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