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by Mary Renault

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Hardcover, Large Print, 312 pages.

Hardcover, Large Print, 312 pages. Published January 25th 2002 by Transaction Large Print (first published January 1st 1962). The Bull from the Sea. ISBN. Mary Renault’s The Bull from the Sea takes up where The King Must Die left off and continues the legendary story of Theseus and his kingship of Attica. There are some differences between this volume and its predecessor, most notably in the fact that the scope of this tale is much broader. Book 2 of this retelling and interpretation of the Theseus myth carries on immediately after his return from Crete and the suicide of his father, who thought he had been killed.

Home Mary Renault The Bull From the Sea: A Novel. I looked at my team, the boys and girls of Athens’ tribute, carried to Crete to learn the bull-vault and dance for Minotauros on bloody sand. .The Bull From the Sea: A Novel, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28. A Novel. They showed me myself, as I must look to Attic eyes: a bull-dancer of Crete, smooth-shaven, fined down to a whiplash by the training; my waist in a gilded cinch-belt, my silk kilt stitched with peacock eyes, my lids still smudged with kohl; nothing Hellene about me, but my flaxen hair.

The Bull from the Sea is the sequel to Mary Renault's The King Must Die. It continues the story of the mythological hero Theseus after his return from Crete. The story is a retelling of the life of mythological hero Theseus after his return from the Minoan palace of Knossos. The novel follows his later quests, his friendship with Pirithoos, and his liaison with Hippolyta and marriage to Phaedra.

This story runs from his escape from the fall of Crete and the bull-ring of the Labyrinth to his death - an older, wiser and disillusioned ma.

Not her greatest book but as it was the first Mary Renault I bought when at school and lost it years ago I'm thrilled to have a copy again. This story runs from his escape from the fall of Crete and the bull-ring of the Labyrinth to his death - an older, wiser and disillusioned man, but still one who had the courage to master his own fate. These books should be required reading for students of English literature.

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I. It was dolphin weather, when I sailed into Piraeus with my comrades of the Cretan bull ring.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. THE BULL FROM THE SEA by Mary Renault. I. Knossos had fallen, which time out of mind had ruled the seas. The smoke of the burning Labyrinth still clung to our clothes and hair. I sprung ashore and grasped both hands full of Attic earth.

Transaction Large Print. For sweeping glorious romance of the highest calibre there is none greater than The Bull from the Sea. The story of Theseus, the great Athenian, famed for his bringing together the Greeks under his rule, encompasses great love, sacrifice, betrayal, hatred and revenge. My introduction to Mary Renault was The King Must Die, the first of two novels about Theseus-it was actually assigned reading in high school. What impressed me so much there was how she took a figure out of myth and grounded him historically.

The ancient Greeks always seemed larger than life to me as a child. They were playing on a cosmic scale, with gods and goddesses lurking behind every bush

Imprint ISIS Large Print Books. Publication City/Country Oxford, United Kingdom. The legend of Theseus provided the springboard for the earlier book, The King Must Die, but only the early portions of the legend were used

Imprint ISIS Large Print Books. ISBN13 9781850891239. The legend of Theseus provided the springboard for the earlier book, The King Must Die, but only the early portions of the legend were used.

Mary Renault was born in 4 Sep 1905

Mary Renault was born in 4 Sep 1905.

The Bull from the Sea is the story of Theseus, King of Athens, but also Mary Renault's brilliant historical reconstruction of ancient Greek politics. Throughout his reign, Theseus is torn between his genius for kingship and his truant craving for adventure. As Theseus for a dynastic marriage with Phaedra, Pirithoos, the pirate prince, lures him off to explore the unknown Euxine, where he meets and captures the young warrior priestess Hippolyta. She is the love of his life, and that love is the crux of his fate. The bull of Marathon, the battle of the Lapiths and Kentaurs, and the moon-goddess cult of Pontos are merely a portion of the legendary material that Renault weaves into the fabric of great historical fiction. Whether or not these myths have their far-distant origin in actual events, the author's imagination and scholarship have invested them with immediate amd magical reality.

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the second of a pair of novels personalizing the life story of Theseus, the legendary founder of Athens, as told by the hero himself - read first The King Must Die, it strongly puts the reader into the world and mindset of pre-Classical Greece - the novel "unpacks" the myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, and gives the tale of how it must have happened. The Bull From the Sea is the latter years of Theseus, how he founded the nation-state of Athens, made an Amazon his Queen, encountered the accursed Oedipus, lived as a pirate, and went to Hell and back - the ancient gods seem silly to us now, but once they were the guides and oracles of the progenitors of democracy, and they live again in the visions of these characters. I loved this duology, though Bull from the Sea is more elegiac - hey, a life has an arc, right? Worthy writing, good reading, evocative and spellbinding in a literate, immediate, and thoroughly compelling style.
This is the continuation of the story of Theseus beginning with his return to Athens and his assumption of the kingship following the death of his father. Of the two books, this is the more poignant, because Theseus is no longer the young, invincible hero. He is aging, and as with all aging heroes reality begins to take its toll. I found his relationship with this own son, Hippolytos, to be particularly powerful in its universality. Renault is a fabulous writer. She managed to flesh out a three thousand year old myth and to give it timeless applicabilty, a quality only really achieved in the great tragedies. I highly recommend this to any fan of ancient myths who hasn't already read it.
Why all the questions about sex and violence for this book? Anyone familiar with Mary Renault's superb writing, recreating mystical people from legend into real characters, and in all her books, including one at a time just after World War II in an English hospital, handles sexual subjects (it's told in first person by a man who is gay, she handles both violence and sexual matters with a great deal of finesse - never graphic, but you sure know what's "going on" in the minds of the characters. "Bull from the Sea" is a superbly written novel.
Wonderful follow up to "The King Must Die" also by this author. Really allows you to feel like you're in a world so different from ours but with the foundations of our own world visible.
Mary Renault's historical fiction is probably the most immediate and compelling I've ever read. Her intimacy with the details of period allows her to make her characters incredibly immediate and yet convincingly alien. NB, though, her novels tend towards engaging and complex rather than fun and easy reads. The Bull from the Sea is a great one to start with, since it takes a fairly familiar myth as its jumping off point and doesn't expect much knowledge of Attic history or military tactics.
This book completes Mary Renault's rendering of the story of Theseus, now as a mature man and King of the unified city-states of Greece well before the Trojan War. The book takes a much more introspective tone than the previous book---The King Must Die---and reflects the frustrations any great leader must face when dealing with the tides of history, the forces of love and sorrow, the machinations of others and the inimitable power of the gods. The last sentence of the book is the most perfect ending ever.
A fantastic depiction of the time & place, the possible explanation of events and motives. Totally believable treatment of the myth. Wonderfully well written.
This is a marvelous book, one of two that made Mary Renault's reputation as a peerless writer of historical fiction. I read it first more than forty years ago and returned to it, along with its predecessor, The King Must Die, with a twinge of worry that they wouldn't live up to my recollections. They are as convincing today as when they were written.
The Bull from the Sea (Transaction Large Print Books) download epub
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Author: Mary Renault
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Publisher: Transaction Large Print; Large Print edition (January 25, 2002)
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