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Ten Days' Wonder is a novel that was published in 1948 by Ellery Queen. It is a mystery novel primarily set in the imaginary town of Wrightsville, United States.

Ten Days' Wonder is a novel that was published in 1948 by Ellery Queen. Howard Van Horn, son of millionaire Diedrich Van Horn, comes to Ellery Queen with the request that Ellery investigate what Howard has been doing during a recent bout with amnesia

Ten Days Wonder Mass Market Paperback – March 1, 1972. The Ellery Queen mysteries is one of the few book series which is generally not as good as the television programs and movies based upon the books and character.

Ten Days Wonder Mass Market Paperback – March 1, 1972. by. Ellery Queen (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Ten Days Wonder may be the best Ellery Queen book I've read yet, and I'm reading them chronologically, so there are plenty of other contenders. By my count, this is number 19 in the Queen catalogue (including the novella The Lamp of God). It is certainly at least in my Top Five. The reasons? For one thing, it is a crackerjack mystery with a well-developed setup that doesn't just depend on somebody finding a body where there couldn't possibly be one, and then the detective figures out how that knife could possibly have wound up sticking in the corpse's back

To help an amnesiac, Ellery Queen must destroy the sick man's family. He has been unconscious for nineteen days - another in a long line of amnesiac episodes that have destroyed this once-promising sculptor.

To help an amnesiac, Ellery Queen must destroy the sick man's family. Howard Van Horn wakes up in a Bowery flophouse. His knuckles are bruised, his head is bloodied, all his valuables are gone, and he has a strong urge to leap out the window. As he comes to grips with this latest blackout, he realizes something awful.

Besides writing the Queen novels, Dannay and Lee cofounded Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, one of the most influential crime publications of all time. Although Dannay outlived his cousin by nine years, he retired Queen upon Lee’s death. Библиографические данные. Издание: перепечатанное.

Преземете ја Ten Days' Wonder за офлајн читање, означете ја. .Besides writing the Queen novels, Dannay and Lee cofounded Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, one of the most influential crime publications of all time.

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Ellery Queen is the pseudonym of Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee, as well as the name of their most. The books are sparse on details and the early ones are contrary to the later ones, but I am wondering if anyone ever tried to put together what limited facts about Ellery where revealed in the stories. For example, was there ever any discussion about his mother or how old he was when she died? Any relatives other than his dad?

Ellery is persuaded to accompany an old friend to his ancestral home when the latter arrives at Ellery's house covered in blood and unable to remember anything from the past few weeks. There, tensions erupt and foul play results in the murder of one of the household's members. Originally published by Little, Brown in 1948.

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One of my favorite authors is Ellery Queen. This a pen name for two cousins, Daniel Nathan and Manford Kepofsky. The writings cover 42 years. I have read the books several times but it has been awhile since I read his books. I want to read them again.
Ellery is a noted mystery writer. His father is an NYPD homicide inspector. Ellery often joins his father'cases. His books are noted for a major twist or surprise ending.
CALAMITY Town is set in 1940 just as American is emerging from the depression. Ellery is looking for a town to learn about American habits for his next book. He selected Wrightsville. After his arrival, he rents a small house next to the manor house. It was built for daughter, Nora as a wedding gift. On the eve of her marriage, the groom disappeared. Later a sale went ended with the death of buyer. The house has been vacant as it is known as Calamity house. Ellery rents and becomes friend with the first family, Wrights. The father is the prominent banker, the Mother is leading socialite, the three daughters are Lola, the town's scandal, Nora the town's recluse and Patricia, the town's beauty. Did Jim, More's husband try to poison her New Years Eve? All events of the evening point to him. The ending will surprise you.
This book is written in a completely different format and might be hard to understand. I highly recommend the book and series.
I love Ellery Queen books and tapes. I am reading/listening to them in order. I ordered the audio version of Calamity Town. The book was alright, but it is not one of my favorite. I thought Ellery was pretty dumb in this story. I knew immediately who poison the sister. Why Ellery didn't figure it out sooner is beyond me. Plus, why didn't Ellery or Pat question Jimmy not getting suspicious about the three letters. I would have thought that Jimmy would have missed them if he was going to kill his wife and figure out she found them. If I was Jimmy, I would have looked for them or surely not poison her. I was really disappointed in Ellery's character and this book.
Is there a six star option? This is a fantastic mystery. I love it! It is so complex that every time I was confident I knew who did it, I realized I was wrong. Ellery Queen books are marvelous. Ellery went to a town to get a plot for his next book only for him to get dragged into the life of a family next to where he is staying and criminal case. He tried to figure out who was trying to kill the daughter of a prominent family because he was not convinced it was the woman’s husband did it. The story is great and the characters well written.
Uninteresting story compared to the excellent TV series called Ellery Queen. It took too many boring chapters with sill characters and too much small talk and lingo to get to the murder-mystery. Sorry I bought it. The publisher also asks too much money for the Ellery Queen books. They're worth far less-under five bucks. Think I'll just stick with the old TV series.
I really enjoy Ellery Queen, but this book was a total downer. Very depressing. I'm not going to say it wasn't artfully written. Writers from the past seemed to hold themselves to a higher standard. Maybe they had more time because of the lack of social media and they weren't trying to be 'cookie cutter', but even so, this artfully written book was very depressing and affected my mood. It also had Ellery Queen doing things I felt were out of character. He would never let someone use him the way he allowed that silly couple to use him over and over, and then he would not have been so terribly manipulated in the end. That's all I have to say about it.
This is pretty much classic, but early, Ellery Queen. It's Ellery's first visit to Wrightsville, which figured prominently in several later mysteries by the duo who wrote pseudonymously as Ellery Queen. I thought Ellery came across as a bit of a jerk in this story. It's been a long time since I read any Queen stories but I don't remember him being this way. Perhaps he matured in the later stories. The story itself was pretty good, but a bit drawn out for my taste. I always liked the short stories better, so this may be a matter of personal taste, and yours might vary. For readers of classic cozies, this is a good, fairly well-plotted story, with a few mind-stretching coincidences. Recommended.
This was an okay outing with Ellery Queen. I found part of the twist to be not all that surprising, and the book is a pretty depressing one. There's an attempt to lighten things at the ending, but the book has already taken a trip down Depressing Drive for too long.
I love Ellery Queen, the 40's were so simple yet full of the mysteries that only Ellery can solve. Small town like wasn't always full of peacefulness, and gossip ran wild. Values and pride were precious commodities for small town populations.
Ten Days' Wonder download epub
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