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by Deborah Moggach

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In this richly imagined international bestseller, Deborah Moggach has created the rarest of novels-a lush, lyrical work of fiction that is also compulsively readable

In this richly imagined international bestseller, Deborah Moggach has created the rarest of novels-a lush, lyrical work of fiction that is also compulsively readable. Seldom has a novel so vividly evoked a time, a place, and a passion.

Home Deborah Moggach Tulip Fever. the sensuality that permeates the book-its vivid, fleshy detail-grounds the fable in experience. At the same time, its elaborate philosophical ruminations transform a tale of an ordinary doomed triangle in just the way that the Dutch painters elevated bald reality into something transcendent.

Deborah Moggach’s wonderful Tulip Fever can offer you that. Deborah Moggach is the author of many successful novels, including The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Tulip Fever, and two collections of stories. Taut with suspense and unexpected revelations. Entertainment Weekly. The Philadelphia Inquirer. From the Inside Flap. A tale of art, beauty, lust, greed, deception and retribution - set in a refined society ablaze with tulip fever. In 1630s Amsterdam, tulipomania has seized the populace. Her screenplays include Pride and Prejudice, which was nominated for a BAFTA. She lives in North London. New York Post Taut with suspense and unexpected revelations. Entertainment Weekly Elegantly absorbing.

Tulip Fever: A Novel - Е-книга напишана од Deborah Moggach

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The 17th century tulip fever and the art market are so interesting, but in this story they were just on the sidelines of some sort of soap opera. onstant dropping of names and 'this painting will be at the Rijksmuseum in a few hundred years!" over and over again were pretty annoying. hutspot is not stamppot.

Deborah Moggach OBE FRSL (née Hough; born 28 June 1948) is an English novelist and screenwriter. She has written eighteen novels, including The Ex-Wives, Tulip Fever (made into the film of the same name), These Foolish Things (made into the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Heartbreak Hotel. Moggach is one of four daughters of writers Charlotte Hough (née Woodyadd) and Richard Hough.

by. Moggach, Deborah. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Deborah Moggach talks about her bestselling novel Tulip Fever, a story of love, greed and betrayal in 17th Century Amsterdam. Artist Jan van Loos falls for his married subject Sophia during 'tulipomania'. Prices for the recently introduced flower reached extraordinarily high levels - one bulb could fetch thousands of pounds - and then suddenly collapsed. James Naughtie and a group of invited readers discuss the story and its resonance with 21st century boom and bust economies, as well as the paintings that inspired Deborah to write the novel

Tulip Fever

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This book has many layers which made it interesting. There is the surface love relationships between Sophia and her older husband, the illicit affair with the young painter, and the relationship between the maid and a common peddler.
As the story unfolds, it shows the unanticipated effects of deceit on the lives of so many, the questioning of faith and the power of belief in God, and the historical aspects of tulipmania including the destructive greed that consumed lives. Appreciated that the author tied up all the loose ends at the conclusion of the book.
After all the hype, I expected something with much more substance. This was a boring and tedious read; I cannot believe that a motion picture is being made from this novel. The plot was simplistic and contrived, the characters not well developed, and the historical details were superficial. I was very, very disappointed.
I read this in anticipation of the movie that will be coming out. I didn't know the history behind Tulip Mania in the Netherlands. It's a great read and easy to see why it will make for an intriguing movie. I liked the plot twists - it kept me guessing as to how it was all going to work out. The story is crafted like a beautiful painting - each character lending its own shade and depth.
If you enjoyed Girl With a Pearl Earring, you'll like this book. It examines much of the same subject matter, time period, and location. I have always found the Dutch School of art intriguing and rather mistifying; art for the wealthy middle classes and largely intended to decorate their houses, the typical Dutch painting (as we understand it today) was a new art form, something that had not been seen before. Most art, up until this time, had been religious in nature, often allegorical with allusions to classical mythology, and was usually done for wealthy aristocratic families. A pretty little picture to look nice on the wall in a comfortable but not ostentatious middle class home was l'arte nouvelle.
Tulip Fever is an interesting examination of the little known time when vast fortunes were both made and lost in the tulip flower bulb industry. Rather like post-bellum "paper railroads" in America, speculation on tulip futures was intense, frenzied, full of graft and greed, and, ultimately, largely built of nothing but grandiose dreams and worthless paper. Moggach captures a bit of this tulipomania in its effects on one family. As an historian I would have loved to have seen much more detail about these people's lives, and more about the art itself, which was significant part of the novel. All in all, a good story, interesting characters, pretty well developed setting and cause of actions, and a little twist at the end that leaves one wondering. Give it a try. You won't regret it.
Tulip Fever is a story infused with metaphor and imagery laced through a time in Dutch history when the tulip was more valuable than gold. It is a book about how far one is apt to go in pursuit of love veiled as redemption. It shows through the story of how our insatiable needs can lead to horrible consequences. Throughout the story, I felt as though I were looking beneath the layers (you will soon identify if you read the book) of an onion, always exposing another revelation. I loved this author's writing and loved the story.
Disappointed no artwork in Kindle version as referred to in other reviews. Disappointed wasn't based on real artist or artwork. Nowhere near as good or involving as Girl With a Pearl Earring. Tulip mania shallowly told, not well explained, and quickly jumped into as a device but not a natural progression for the story line. Ending abrupt and not very satisfying. Ultimately book is corny romantic predictable novel not particularly well told. I purchased book because of trailer for upcoming film which is being marketed as a thriller which ultimately it is only barely. Love the actors though so hope they can salvage it.
I chose to read this book because it came highly recommended by one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. Luckily the book was short. I actually liked the writing style of the author, but the storyline was thin and the prose was way too flowery even for my taste. The meat of the book was composed of unnecessary quotes and verbose descriptions. If you need a short book to read, this may be okay. But if you are looking for a more developed and intricate storyline, I suggest that you skip this read.
It was an interesting narrative set in 16th century Amsterdam. I could somewhat relate to the descriptions of the city and the paintings of the Dutch Masters since I have been there and look forward to the film that is suppose to be based on the book. Beautifully written and kept my interest throughout. I would like to read more about the real "Tulip Fever" after having read the book.
Tulip Fever download epub
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Author: Deborah Moggach
ISBN: 0099288850
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Vintage; 1st edition (2000)
Pages: 259 pages