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by Brian Keene

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Discover the secret origins of the "drink of the gods" in this dark fantasy fable by best-selling author Brian Keene.

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Discover the secret origins of the drink of the gods in this dark fantasy fable by best-selling author Brian Keene. Chalco, a young Aztec boy, feels helpless as conquering Spanish forces near his village.

A force that wants to take dry land away from the mammals. Those left alive soon realize that they must do everything and anything they can to protect humanity – no matter the cost. MoreLess Show More Show Less.

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Tequila's Sunrise book. Each book as some reference to the Mythos, often some character has some knowledge of it or you get the reference because you've read it somewhere else. In this book, set in the Americas pre-spaniard invasion, we get a Chalco that meets Huitzilopochtli that warns him that he This is a collection of short stories. The title story is one tale that Keene wrote to homage his followers.

Brian Keene (born September 22, 1967) is an American author and podcaster, primarily known for his work in horror, dark fantasy, crime fiction, and comic books. He has won the 2014 World Horror Grandmaster Award and two Bram Stoker Awards. In addition to his own original work, Keene has written for media properties such as Doctor Who, Hellboy, Alien, Masters of the Universe, and The X-Files.

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Discover the secret origins of the "drink of the gods" in this dark fantasy fable by best-selling author Brian Keene. Chalco, a young Aztec boy, feels helpless as conquering Spanish forces near his village. But when a messenger of the gods hands him a key to unlock the doors of human perception and visit unseen worlds, Chalco journeys into the mystical Labyrinth, searching for a way to defeat the invaders. He will face gods, devils, and things that are neither. But he will also learn that some doorways should never be opened and not all entrances have exits... Tequila's Sunrise. Take the shot and open the door... if you dare. Deadite Press is proud to present this author's preferred edition of Brian Keene's long out-of-print novella, which contains material not included in previously published editions. Also included in this edition are seven bonus short stories: "Dust," "Burying Betsy," "Fade To Null," "Golden Boy," "Two-Headed Alien Love Child," "That Which Lingers," and "Bunnies In August."

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Brian Keene always brings his A-game to his writing. This book's main story features his version of the origin of Tequila. Unlike most of his stories, this one ties in quite closely to his Mythos, but not to the detriment of the plot or characters.

For frequent readers who desire a deeper exploration of the Labrynth, this is the perfect book for that. For new readers, it's also a great read as Brian Keene's Mythos doesn't bog down the story. You're given enough information to understand the Labrynth and you'll want to be read more of Keene's work afterwards.

The short stories included with the book are also great reads. Each of them brings a unique take on horror, some in very subtle ways. Burying Betsy and Fade to Null were especially good.
Not typically advertised as such, but this book is actually a short story collection. The first piece, "Tequila's Sunrise" is the longest, followed by seven flash fiction pieces.

The title piece is great, but requires a little background reading first. This story references many of Keene's other works, and so if you've yet to read Keene, I'd advise picking up one of his other Deadite releases, Darkness on the Edge of Town. The black mass from that novel is seen in "Tequila's Sunrise" so that's why I advise it. Like I said, great story though. Can't wait to read his other work to see what else was thrown into the title piece.

The other stories are also splendid, ranging from solemn (Burying Betsy) to laugh-out-loud hysterical (Two-Headed Alien Love Child). The latter was probably my favorite piece in the collection.

So get your Keene on, and dig deep with this little book!
Brian Keene is a master of horror fiction. He clearly has a deep understanding of the genre, and a love for it that shines through in every one of these stories. He blends elements of horror, history, surrealism,gore, and humor to create a collection of stories unlike any other. The stories are fun and well done, with enough originality to drown an army of lesser writers.
Shining stars of the collection include: "that Which Lingers" "Burying Betsy" and "Golden Boy" all of which feature "twist" sort of endings, but not the sort made popular by Mr. Shamalan. These twist are revealed as the story progresses, instead of just ju8mping out at the end. This reveal is something you don't come across often in horror lit. and out of the few authors that try it, Keene is one of the still fewer who does it well.
While I don't think this was an amazing book I can't find a reason to give it anything less than a 5. It was damn good, just like everything else Keene writes. I loved the short stories in the back more than Tequila's Sunrise, but really enjoyed the glimpse into the labyrinth that was offered there. I think this is definitely worth checking out even if it's your first time reading Keene. It gives you a wide variety of Keene's ability as a storyteller, a glimpse into his mythos, and some interesting commentary on the short stories by the man himself--which is something I'd love to see more of by every author.
WOW!!!! This is one of the best Keene books ever! If your along time reader you will love this book. IF it's your first time here it is still awesome! Keene has knocked it out of the park again! EVERYBODY buy this book!!
This is a reprint of one of his earlier books but he added seven new stories with this reprint. If you are a Brian Keene fan, this book is a must have. The story touchs on Keenes mythos of the Labyrinth. Even if you have the original limited edition, you will still want this for the new stories.
First of all, I don't think the story Tequila's Sunrise is horror. It's more like supernatural historical fiction. Yes it's gory. Yes it's graphic. But it isn't horror. That being said, it was fantastic! It has his labyrinth mythos (which for you Keene fans out there, will be a real treat). One of his other stories that came after the main story (Bunnies in August) was really scary, but was more of a psychodrama than a horror story. I highly recommend this book.
This was a fun collection of Brian Keene's work. The title story is the highlight, but there are plenty of gems throughout.
Tequila's Sunrise download epub
Genre Fiction
Author: Brian Keene
ISBN: 1936383551
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Deadite Press (April 12, 2011)
Pages: 104 pages