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by Rosalind Laker

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I am a big fan of Rosalind Laker. I have thoroughly enjoyed all her books and this one was no exception. She makes historical periods come alive with believable characters and authentic relationships played out in the swirl of well researched historical events. This book takes place in 17th century England, the the era of the Civil War, the plague, and the Great fire. Julia, the daughter of a staunch Royalist family grows to womanhood during these years. She knows both the priveleged life of an aristocrat and suffers through the years of Cromwellian rule. She experiences the turmoil and strength of love and the pain of loss. Around her are equally interesting characters including Christopher Wren to whom she is drawn from her early encounters as a child and Adam whose love she both spurns and desires. Even the lesser characters are interesting in their own way... her grandmother, Katherine, her mother Anne, and her brother Michael as well as several commoners who become a significant part of the story. There were times when I wanted to shake Julia into reality and then suddenly she shows a softer, mature side to be admired. This is a long book but it held my interest to the very end. Laker has a special talent that makes her novels both entertaining reading and a source of historical learning at the same time. I find myself thinking about them long after I have finished reading
There are such wonderful characters in this story. Each one is well developed and I have felt a connection to each one. I love Adam, and appreciate the way we see the man he truly is. Julia is so complex...there were times I just wanted to sit down and try to help her get over her childhood love, and then there were times I want to cheer for her. Likewise so many of the other characters. The history is there, but told in such a remarkable manner that you don't feel like you are getting a history lesson - you are learning about how history affected so many people. Well done Miss Laker. You have written a story I will read many, many more times.
This is the most interesting historical novel I have read in a while. It tells the saga of a family and the trial and horrors of being a royalist when Oliver Cromwell came to power and executed King Charles I. Julia of Southleigh is outspoken and runs into problems but when her home is taken from her she fights to get it back.
All of Rosiland Lakers are a joy to read for me. I do have my top 5 or so and this is right up there at the top, gave me a far better understanding of the English Civil War, Royalists vs. Cromwell's Roundheads ~ well now you will get it all straightened out, easily ! The horrible crimes of war, the total vulnerability of women completely with out protection, property, freedom, considered by the Puritans to be soulless , Now I know why my ancestors fled England for Jamestown in 1635. A wealth of knowledge about an awful time for England and it's joyous "Restoration".
This book was really enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the very real Sir Christopher Wren. The author did an excellent job of intertwining real people and events with the characters she created. I only just finished the book and I already miss the two main characters. Now, on to my next book, whatever it maybe.
Not sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this novel, but once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. The historical references added realism and the characters were beautifully developed. It's a must read for history-lovers.
Strong women, supporters to the tradition and keeping the family togheter. Romance, love, war, dead. All is here.
Keeps one's interest to the end
Circle of Pearls download epub
Genre Fiction
Author: Rosalind Laker
ISBN: 0385269218
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: New York Doubleday c (1990)
Pages: 400 pages