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including the right to reproduce. The prime-the superlative-source for all this book is of course The Winthrop Papers published by the Massachusetts Historical Society, five volumes of them, dating from 1498 to 1649.

including the right to reproduce. this book or parts thereof. Library of congress catalog card number: 58-5830. And these I am fortunate enough to own, for I constantly needed to check with the sources. Much of the story is in the published Winthrop Papers for the delving, but does not, as yet, go far enough.

The Winthrop Woman is that rare literary accomplishment living history. Really good fictionalized history often gives closer reality to a period than do factual records. Chicago Tribune In 1631 Elizabeth Winthrop, newly widowed with an infant daughter, set sail for the New World.

The Winthrop Woman book. Since Anya Seton is one of the best historical fiction authors in my humble opinion. this book may be considered as another masterpiece written by this author. Another unforgettable classic masterpiece about this subject is the book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. 4 Katherine 4 Green Darkness 5 Dragonwyck 5 Avalon 4 The Winthrop Woman TR Devil Water.

The Winthrop Woman is that rare literary accomplishment - living history Anya Seton’s riveting historical novel portrays the fortitude, humiliation, and ultimate triumph of the Winthrop woman, who believed in a concept of happiness.

The Winthrop Woman is that rare literary accomplishment - living history. Anya Seton’s riveting historical novel portrays the fortitude, humiliation, and ultimate triumph of the Winthrop woman, who believed in a concept of happiness transcending that of her own day. A rich and panoramic narrative full of gusto, sentimentality and compassion. It is bound to give much enjoyment and a good many thrills. Times Literary Supplement Abundant and juicy entertainment.

Anya Seton (January 23, 1904 – November 8, 1990), born Ann Seton, was an American author of historical romances, or as she preferred they be called, "biographical novels".

Golden girl: that was Amanda. In 1631 Elizabeth Winthrop, newly widowed with an infant daughter, set sail for the New World.

Theodosia's father is Aaron Burr-Thomas Jefferson's vice president, most famous for his great duel with Alexander Hamilton. With charm and tenderness, he holds sway over young Theodosia's heart, but his arrogance forces her to choose between the man he insists she marry and her love for a young soldier who will turn out to play a decisive role in her father's fate. Golden girl: that was Amanda. Born into luxury, she was pampered, adored, spoiled, and very beautiful.

The Winthrop Woman - Anya Seton.

First published in 1958 and set in the early 17th century, this bestselling novel-and follow-up to Katherine -follows Elizabeth Winthrop, a courageous Puritan woman who finds herself at odds with her heritage and surroundings. A real historical figure, Elizabeth married into the family of Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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Wow. I wasn't quite prepared for the power or the characters and imagery of this book. To take a subject as dry as the Puritans of the 1600s and turn it into a racy, riveting drama is quite a gift. Using the real-life Winthrop family of the early 17th century, Seton spins the tale of how the Puritan group came into being and how plans were laid to create the Massachusetts Bay Company. The historical accuracy seems excellent, yet the most powerful aspect of the book is Elizabeth (aka Bess) Fones (of Winthrop blood), who is without question the most corporeal, vital, and realistic Puritan character I have ever met. The book follows her through lusty and not-so-lusty marriages, telling the story of one husband who went completely mad, and of the bloody massacres of whites by Indians AND vice-versa, and of Elizabeth's long-standing attraction to the studly and principled settler Will Hallett. Elizabeth encounters so much hardship that I began to fear for a really heartbreaking ending to the story, but Seton does a beautiful job of imbuing Elizabeth's life -- even her final days -- with meaning and spirit. I cried good tears at the end.
This great classic doesn't require a review from me on how well it was researched or written. Elizabeth Winthrop is one of our country's "Foremothers" and her story was well-told by Anya Seaton. Whether or not you enjoy it may have more to do with the kinds of books you like than its actual worth. It was written in the late fifties and as I recall, when my older sister read it in the early sixties, it was considered quite a racy book. Well, in today's world it is pretty tame, but still an excellent story.

I rarely criticize Kindle books for their editing because there are so many first time authors that I give them a pass. I just want to have a chance to read what they have to say. And though I read many indie books that have editing issues I have NEVER seen such a badly edited book in my life! Considering that the original was well-edited, I feel that republishing an existing classic and charging almost $8 for such a lousy Kindle version with no value added is an absolute crime.

The book was obviously scanned and published with NO editing at all. Anybody who has even minimal experience with scanning-to-text would realize that the software doesn't always interpret the scan correctly and if you don't edit it there will be whole sentences that have so many mistakes that they make no sense. This was the case with the Kindle version of The Winthrop Woman. Saying that they did a poor job editing is to give them too much credit. If anybody even read through this book before publishing it they must have been illiterate.

SHAME ON YOU AMAZON for selling such a trashy piece of publishing!!!
Historically accurate, readable fiction describing life in Puritan America from the Winthrop Fleet into the 1650's. The protagonist is a young woman, niece and daughter in law to John Winthrop, but alienated from her Uncle/father because of his severity and her own wish for happiness. because she was a Winthrop, many records survive. Because she was unable to knuckle under completely, she had an unusual and interesting life. We follow her from Newtown (Cambridge) to Watertown in Massachusetts, and to locations in Connecticut and New York. Her first husband having died before she got to America, she married (at her Uncle's command) a weak man. Until he became insane this might have been tolerable, but it meant she had no support, and had all the male responsibilities of the marriage, with none of the authority. This is an uneasy reminder how thoroughly women in early New England were subject to the judgments of men in their lives. From her Uncle/father in law to her son in law, the men in her family expected (and were expected by society) to control her.
Fortunately, New Amsterdam was not quite as misogynist and she was able (by declaring herself an adulteress) to divorce her second husband when he left for England. This left her free in Dutch territory, but guilty of a capital crime in English lands. Eventually she found some happiness with her third husband, but they were beset with problems, and had to start over in a new place several times
The Winthrop Woman download epub
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