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by Chuck Mason

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Gunman Notorious book. Another excellent read from Chuck Mason.

Gunman Notorious book. Last chance saloo. fter years spent as the most notorious gunman. Max Kane, notorious gunman, was hoping to finally hang up his gun and retire peacefully with his wife Aggie and their two small children. Deputy Hank Chase, had other plans for him. Chase wants Max to get in with the legendary Cantrip gang and save Hannah Bell, daughter of the millionaire Hiram Bell, who has recently been kidnapped and held ransom by Cantrip.

1966) A novel by Chuck Mason (Donald S Rowland)

1966) A novel by Chuck Mason (Donald S Rowland). After years spent as the most notorious gunman in Kansas, Max Kane was hoping to finally hang up his gun and retire peacefully with his wife Aggie and their two small children. Yet leaving such a reputation behind is easier said than done. So when Max makes the acquaintance of . Deputy Hank Chase and is offered another way out, he jumps at the chance.

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Max Kane was a notorious gunman for many years, but he's trying to go straight and spend his time with his beautiful wife and children now. But a reputation is hard to shake.

U.S. Deputy Hank Chase offers Kane a way to redeem himself for his past crimes. The daughter of a millionaire has been kidnapped by the Cantrip gang. Because of his gunman reputation, Kane needs to work his way in to the gang to rescue the young woman, Hannah Bell. But Cantrip isn't easily fooled and this won't be an easy task for Kane. But he's committed to going straight, and this could be just what he needs to prove it.

I'm pretty sure I have not read anything by Chuck Mason before this, but I would look forward to reading more of his work if this book is a good example of his writing. The story was well-developed and believable and our central character grew during the course of the book.

The action built nicely. This wasn't the sort of non-stop action book that we often find in Westerns, but that's because this is a book that is built on character and story to turn pages, not one gunfire and action sequence after another.

The ending really typifies the Western hero and set Kane above the average gun-slinger. A moral code to do what's 'right' even if it means putting a bullet through a bad guy, while persevering through unbelievable odds and weathering life-threatening injuries. Max Kane, in the hands of an author like Chuck Mason, is the sort of hero that you root for, despite a violent past.

It's a short book and a quick read, but it's more than just a little satisfying and definitely one to read.

Looking for a good book? Chuck Mason's <em>Gunman Notorious</em> is a notch above the shoot-'em-up Western novel, with a great central character and satisfying story.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
CM has penned a western about a middle aged gunman, 35 years old, who had married had two children before a stranger arrived the recognized him. He sent his family away and remained behind to keep anyone from following them. He meets a U.S. Marshal who placed him undercover and if they save the girl he will spread the word recess an undercover Marshal. This is an excellent read for the genre.....DEHS
Gunman Notorious download epub
Genre Fiction
Author: Chuck Mason
ISBN: 0709010583
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd (1983)
Pages: 192 pages