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by Graham Masterton

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I came across the right one almost by accident. I was heaving out a heap of six or seven books, when I dropped the lot with a clatter on the floor.

I came across the right one almost by accident. An old guy in glasses who was studying a huge tome on seals (see under SE) turned around and glared me into the ground. I'm sorry," I said apologetically, and gathered up all the fallen books. And there it was, right under my nose.

Author Biography In 1975, Graham Masterton wrote THE MANITOU, the story of a Native American who returns from the dead.

Graham Masterton (born 16 January 1946 in Edinburgh) is a British horror author. This novel was adapted in 1978 for the film The Manitou.

It is very easy when you start reading The Manitou to assume that it is just another novel of mystery and suspense, but like burning phosphorus, once ignited, it sticks and envelops you, and refuses to stop until you have been consumed. For true horror buffs The Manitou has a multi-pronged advantage. By combining elements like a master chef, the author has concocted something with a flavor that is vaguely familiar, enough to make you devour it voraciously, and afterward come to the realization that you have tasted something quite unique.

It only grows at night. I loved loved loved this book, could not put it down. This is my first Graham Masterton book and definitely will not be my last

It only grows at night  . This is my first Graham Masterton book and definitely will not be my last. It's creepy, it's crazy, it takes turns that you don't expect (the x-rays), it's full of spooky Indian folklore and mythology, a creepy hospital setting, it's got it all. It had a slower burn 70s feel in the beginning, which I really dig. I like it when authors lull you into a quiet creeped out state, then suddenly ramp up the terror later in the book, and that's I loved loved loved this book, could not put it down.

The Manitou introduced the great Graham Masterton to the canon of horror, instantly placing him among the genre’s elite.

Author: Graham Masterton. It only grows at night. Karen Tandy was a sweet and unassuming girl until she discovers the mysterious lump growing underneath her skin

Author: Graham Masterton. Karen Tandy was a sweet and unassuming girl until she discovers the mysterious lump growing underneath her skin. As the doctors and specialists are puzzling over the growth, Karen’s personality is beginning to drastically change. The doctors decide there is only one thing to do, cut out the lump. One fee. Stacks of books.

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Graham Masterton n were shifting and sliding apart, like iron filings drawn away by a magnet. He’s breaking it! shouted Jack Hughes. Singing Rock – for God’s sake!.

A paranormal event leads to the discovery that an elder god is about to return and take over the world.

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The first Masterton HORROR genre novel I read was CHARNEL HOUSE, so I had a masterpiece as the standard. When I quickly got to THE MANITOU, I loved the supernatural thrills, and the spine-tingling power of Masterton's work.The key thing to know about Masterton's style is that he is down to earth and follows a first person narrative technique which totally takes you there. Masterton has absolutely no other peer. He acquints you with each character, and every situation is finely detailed. With this in mind, when he goes to such lengths, Masterton makes for the best and most powerful scares this side of Clive Barker, except that Masterton is very accessible. He is clearly not out to impress with how many words he can churn out, not how many technical flips he can do, masterton Achieves his power by straight forward high quality scares in a simple yet non-condescending manner.
From interviews and reports, it seems that Masterton can produce a book very quickly. The few mistakes in story and plot that I am aware of are basically the fault of an editor. According to the accounts, Masterton produced this book inside of 2 weeks, basically to see if he could, and he did. He seems to have little patience for writers who take up to a year or more to produce a book... not a complaint, but what annoys me incredibly is just how little of Masterton's back catalogue is in print. It is not clear if sales figures are the reason for this, or something else.
This special edition is a great bonus, and has material not seen in published material. If you want to read a great item that shows how finely Graham crafts a work with deft skill, see the story SEPSIS in either Chapbok format ( I was lucky to get a autographed version) and it also is in a collection I think called CARNIVAL OF FEAR, and if you go to Graham's website as at the writing of this part ( 2013), check the fiction section for a story called ERIC THE PIE, and you can see a Master writer at work. Whether it is the supernatural chill, or the political Horror Thrillers, CHAOS THEORY, GENIUS ( both non-supernatural, but brilliant reads ), Graham crafts his work like the past master of prose and character exposition that his fans, or friends ( as Graham Calls us ) does; All I know is that since I started reading his work, I have never been disappointed with any of his stories.
9 Oct 2015: Excellent version of the MANITOU from 1988 with an intro by Bernhadt J Hurwood. Love this version came in great condition.
Loved thisbook! I actually read This book in the 1980s . It came out in 1976 I believe , but as soon as I started reading it I got hooked on Graham Masterton. Everyone of his books has a twist that you don't see coming in your average horror books. This book does not let you down if you're looking for a good horror read. I admit it takes off slow at first, but after a few chapters you too will be hooked! Following the psychic/private detective as he tries desperately to save the heroine's life is compounded by the Medicine man that is trying to avenge his life and people of his tribe. It gives a unique perspective to the Indians trials and tribulations with the white man and makes you feel sorry for him as well as the people he has murdered. Great read!!!!
This book is a "guilty pleasure"! Lots of fun to read as well as suspenseful with a plot that defies description. I had to read this after seeing the wild 1978 movie of the same name starring Tony Curtis (!) A duel between American Indian mythology and technology circa the mid-70s (including a typewriter!). As I read, I wondered how our modern computers would fare against Misquamacus. Highly recommended for those who like offbeat horror.
I enjoy reading Graham Masterton. This story is well written, fast-paced and weird to the core. Gory and touching too. A great read.
Despite the simple descriptions Amazon asks for, the book is quite good. First half is slow, but the second is quite suspenseful. Nothing too twisty in the plotting, but I wasn't expecting anything more than a great '70s vibe off this and got it! Harry's an interesting character, and while most of the others, save Singing Rock, are fairly one-note, it's certainly not a bad book and if you're okay with a slow, steady plot build-up, then give it a try; it's only a bit over 200 pages, a weekend read.
I last read this book when I was about 12 years old. Now I'm almost 49, and was thrilled it was available on Amazon.com
Great product
I read this book many years ago, but didn't keep it. I got the book to have as part of my digital library. I haven't started reading it again, but will. I very highly recommend this book. It's one of those books that you'll find hard to put down
The Manitou download epub
Genre Fiction
Author: Graham Masterton
ISBN: 1587541033
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Olmstead Pr (November 2000)
Pages: 216 pages