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Born in 1937, Emma Tennant is the author of, among others, the classic novels Wild Nights, Woman Beware Woman, Black Marina . I felt like Emma Tennant polluted all the characters I grew to love in the original.

Born in 1937, Emma Tennant is the author of, among others, the classic novels Wild Nights, Woman Beware Woman, Black Marina and Faustine. With Pemberley (1993), Tess (1993), An Unequal Marriage (1994) and Elinor and Marianne (1996) she has created a new literary genre, now much emulated, the classic sequel.

But this time Emma is playing for dangerously high stakes. Recently widowed John Knightley, her brother-in-law, is in need of a wife, so when a fascinating French woman enters Highbury society, Emma sees a golden opportunity

But this time Emma is playing for dangerously high stakes. Recently widowed John Knightley, her brother-in-law, is in need of a wife, so when a fascinating French woman enters Highbury society, Emma sees a golden opportunity. Eliza d'Arblay is of French aristocrat whose parents fled the French Revolution. Beautiful, intriguing and romantic, Emma deems her to be the perfect match for John. But as Eliza charms Highbury society, John isn't the only one who falls deeply in love with he. passion awakes in Emma that she never would have expected. Romance Fiction Historical Romance.

We first met at Lyme. We had taken the children from Weymouth. We were there two days. d but a half hour back, she felt already that a great span of time had passed since their utterance, by Jane Fairfax. She had hoped for more; but the governess, more reserved even than in the days before her employment by Mrs. Smallridge, would vouchsafe nothing further.

She was known for a postmodern approach to her fiction, which is often imbued with fantasy or magic. Several of her novels give a feminist or dreamlike twist to classic stories such as Two Women of London: The Strange Case of Ms Jekyll and Mrs Hyde (from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). She also published work under the name Catherine Aydy.

Emma in Love - Emma Tennant. Allow me to summarise the two hours I wasted in reading this book with an equation: Emma Tennant + Jane Austen's Emma x illegal substances Emma In Love.

Two years after Emma Woodhouse married Mr Knightley and they have settled into loving, if not quite passionate, matrimony; Emma is bored. To amuse herself, Emma decides to take up matchmaking again, whether her husband will have it or not. But this time Emma is playing for dangerously high stakes.

In writing Pemberley, the sequel to Pride and Prejudice, Emma Tennant created a new literary genre: the classic progression.

Emma in Love - eBook.

A sequel to Jane Austen's "Emma", this is the story of Emma two years after she has married Mr Knightley. There may be harmony between them but Emma is frankly bored and to amuse herself she decides to take up matchmaking again.

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I LOVE Jane Austen novels. I was excited to read a sequel, but this one was TERRIBLE. How could Emma Tennant take Jane Austen's beloved characters and turn them into whining, conniving, vindictive people?

If you love Jane Austen, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Terrible.
This early Austenesque sequel to EMMA has really racked up some bad reviews since its 1996 publication. The story starts four years after Miss Emma Woodhouse and Mr. George Knightley were united in matrimony. They are in residence at Donwell Abbey, after the death of her father, dear Mr. Woodhouse two years prior. Emma’s elder sister Isabella has also met her maker after catching a fever in London leaving five young children and husband John Knightley in deep grief. Jane Fairfax is working as a governess to August Elton’s friend Mrs. Smallridge after her feckless fiancé Frank Churchill jilted her at the altar for a northern heiress with £50,000. It is July and the charms of the Surrey countryside have drawn the two former lovers back to Highbury. Frank Churchill is staying with his father, and Jane Fairfax, obliged to travel with her employer, is staying at the Parsonage with Mr. and Mrs. Elton. Both have brought a mysterious guest with them: Frank’s brother-in-law Captain Brocklehurst, and Jane’s friend, the exiled French Baroness d’Almane.

Two beautiful strangers have come to Highbury in one day! Remarkable as this is to Emma, she only sees the marriage possibilities for the single people around her and reneges on her promise to her husband never to match make again. Determined that Jane should marry her widowed brother-in-law John Knightley, she devises a dinner party at Donwell to bring them together. Emma walks to the parsonage to extend an invitation to the Baroness, Jane, the Elton’s and Mrs. Smallridge to her soiree. On the path she encounters Frank Churchill picking wildflowers in the hot sun. He entreats her to deliver them to Jane. Emma begs off and is concerned by his emotional behavior. At the parsonage, Mrs. Elton introduces Emma to the beautiful and beguiling Baroness. She is mesmerized by her charms and annoyed by her lingering touches and loving gazes at Jane Fairfax. Feeling a pang of jealousy, Emma wonders if they are more than friends? Conflicted, Emma feels compelled to warn Jane and learn all she can about this intriguing creature.

Told in Austen’s inventive third person narrative style, EMMA IN LOVE reunites us with many of the Highbury characters we adore, but that is where any similarity to Austen’s tale ends. Heavy on exposition and light on dialogue, the story begins well enough with a curious setup and conflicts, but soon lacks a balance of show and tell—and logic. Things are definitely not as they should be in Highbury. Tennant’s Emma and Mr. Knightley’s marriage is very odd. They are indeed “brother and sister” – platonic and unromantic. He treats her like an errant school girl while engrossed in estate business and sleeps in his own room with his dogs. Immature, Emma clings to the advice of neighbors Harriet Martin and Mrs. Weston before every move. Even dimwitted Harriet can see the writing on the wall. “Mr. Knightley was no more – and no less – than a father to her in reality.” 53 Mesmerized by the exotic and bewitching Baroness, Emma recognizes her intimate gestures to Jane Fairfax? My first reaction was a question. How would a Regency era woman raised in a sheltered country village, who has the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old, know about, let alone detect, same sex relationships? Many other eye-popping events occur that I will not reveal here. It was all so far-fetched and sensational that it just smacked of exploitation of Austen’s characters for pure monetary gain.

Was EMMA IN LOVE truly the worst Jane Austen sequel ever written? Quite possibly, at least by a professional, award winning novelist. It failed not only because it did not present the same sex love relationship in any believable way, but it relied on sensational social issues as an axis that Austen would never have written about directly. It lacked “honour, decorum, prudence -- nay, interest” as Lady Catherine would say. Yes interest. I was just annoyed and bored.

Laurel Ann, Austenprose
I have heard many fellow online Pemberlians speak with loathing of Emma Tennant and her novels....but naturally I was curious to check things out for myself.
I must admit, it is as bad and far more than everything I have heard. Nearly every aspect of this novel is atrocious, and a true Jane Austen fan will detest every page of it. If you are not an avid reader of Austen novels, you may tolerate it, or at least not feel such a revulsion; but in that case, the plot and characters will simply be confusing, not to mention completely uninteresing.
Tennant takes the delicious, intriguing characters in Jane Austen's "Emma" and turns them into horribly twisted, shallow, misguided, and unappealing cardboard cutouts. The motivations and representations of our dear Emma, Mr. Knightley, etc., as mentioned in other reviews, is skewed as far as is humanly possible; if this were a parody, perhaps this could be acceptable, but it is not, and the novel takes itself far too seriously and inaccurately to be enjoyable in any way, shape, or form, either as an Austen sequel or parody.
Plotwise, "Emma in Love" is hackneyed and boring, taking liberties with events that certainly would never have happened in a lifetime of Austen stories. The writing is equally bad - about on par with ... romance novels that come a dime a dozen. This is certainly no kin whatsoever to the Jane Austen I know, and the witty and engaging Regency author does not deserve such a degrading and trashy "sequel." Far from being adventurous, "Emma in Love" treads overtrodden ground as simply a twisted romance novel, and comes close to desecrating a classic author's grave (to use a melodramatization worthy of the Austen heroine Catherine Morland). Rereading the original will do you a world of good, especially to cleanse the mind from dreck such as this.
Tennant writes: Mrs. Elton, like a shark that waits in waters bloodied by a fall, swam up with her repeated offer of an excellent situation for Jane. Need I say more? What ever possessed Tennant to think this gory word picture would bring to mind the beautifully restrained writings of Jane Austen? Austen's polite restraint and gentle humor are only a few of the reasons she can deal so effectively with the controversial topics of her times. While this book wrestles with controversial topics, it is done without finesse, beauty or regard for Austen's original character development. What passes for wit in this book comes across as mocking Austen's characters and style. I wanted to like this book but wound up hating it.
If you love "Emma" as much as I do and you really want to read some more, try "Jane Fairfax" by Joan Aiken - it's so much better than "Emma in Love"! I felt like Emma Tennant polluted all the characters I grew to love in the original. Truly bad!
Emma Tenant has managed to completely regress every single character that grew in character in Austen's Emma. The writing and the use of the English language leads you to wonder if Ms. Tennant actually READ Emma or anything by Austen before beginning her tale.
It is unclear to me how anyone could take the liberties she has taken with this story and introduced shuch lewdness. The things that are introduced in the story would certainly be more suited for trashy dime store romance novels.
It makes me wish there was a rating less than one star.
I was so excited when i saw this book; imagine, more of my beloved friend, Emma! However, I was dismayed to find that Emma Tennant, the author, could distort and trivialize these characters I had grown to love. Please! Emma kissing a chick, even if she was really a man, is unthinkable. Please do not read this if you want to think of Highbury the same way.
Emma in Love download epub
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Author: Emma Tennant
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Publisher: Fourth Estate Ltd (September 16, 1996)
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