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by Bette Greene

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Home Bette Greene Summer of My German Soldier. Second, tell my questioner that the Library of Congress has classified Summer of My German Soldier as a work of fiction; and third, glance around for the nearest exit.

Home Bette Greene Summer of My German Soldier. Summer of My German Soldier, . Throughout my career, I have felt the need to protect my parents from being seen as the abusive people that I portrayed them to be in the pages of Summer of My German Soldier. The surprising thing, though, was that most of my family did not seem particularly upset by the constant physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that I withstood.

Summer of My German Soldier is a book by Bette Greene first published in 1973

Summer of My German Soldier is a book by Bette Greene first published in 1973. The story is told in first person narrative by a twelve-year-old Jewish girl named Patty Bergen living in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II. The story focuses on the friendship between Patty and an escaped German POW named Anton. Patty first meets Anton when a group of German POWs visits her father's store. Anton teaches Patty that she is a person of value

Like Beth Lambert, Bette Greene grew up in a small town in Arkansas. Bette Greene lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Like Beth Lambert, Bette Greene grew up in a small town in Arkansas. Her first novel, Summer of My German Soldier, won unanimous critical acclaim and became an immediate best-seller. Series: Young Puffin. Mass Market Paperback: 230 pages. Publisher: Puffin Books (September 1, 1999).

Nazi SaboteursI WAITED TILL I heard my father’s car accelerate out of the driveway before getting out of bed. Well, if it ain’t the Sleeping Beauty! said Ruth. Morning to you, Miss Beauty. a smile and then yawned again as I dropped into my chair at the table.

This short young adult novel is packed with philosophical lessons on human nature that make it very difficult for me to describe, but suffice it to say that it is an amazing little book.

Bette Greene went on to write a number of other prize-winning books, including "Morning Is A Long Time . The Question and Answer section for Summer of My German Soldier is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Bette Greene went on to write a number of other prize-winning books, including "Morning Is A Long Time Coming", the sequel to Summer Of My German Soldier. Update this section! You can help us out by revising, improving and updating this section. What did pearl expect her father to do? She expected her father to give Harry a job.

Greene, Bette, 1934-. New York : Laurel-Leaf Books. Sheltering an escaped German prisoner of war is the beginning of some shattering experiences for a 12-year-old Jewish girl in Arkansas. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana; bannedbooks.

The sequel to Bette Greene's National Book Award finalist Summer of My German Soldier. Patty is now eighteen, and a high school graduate-but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her past. The Drowning of Stephan Jones.

Bette Greene is a well established author who has won many awards for her classic novels. Summer of My German Soldier has won ALA Notable Book along with New York Times Book of the Year (1973) and National Book Award Finalist

Bette Greene is a well established author who has won many awards for her classic novels. Summer of My German Soldier has won ALA Notable Book along with New York Times Book of the Year (1973) and National Book Award Finalist. Her work is described as "courageous and compelling" by Publishers Weekly. She is known for her ability to evoke deep emotion through her writing style. Referencing the book's popularity, the mockumentary .

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I read this book when I was in the 7 th grade. I must have read it a dozen times. Then one day I was sitting down thinking of books that have made an impact on my life. I tried to describe the book to anyone who would listen, but no one could help me remember the name. Finally, I sat back and thought about it, I said to self, well it was about a little girl and a German boy. Finally it came to me. Summer of My German Soldier. I could not download fast enough. For some reason I thought the book was longer and much more intense, but then I was only 11 when I first read it, and everything seems more dramatic when you are young.

I am so glad I downloaded and read it again. I have so many highlights in this short novel. I will keep this on my kindle forever and will revisit Patti, Ruth and her horrible parents again in a few years. This is in my opinion a wonderful book to give to a young person, no matter their gender. And now at 52 it might not be the book I remember as a child but the message is still the same. 4 stars!
The story of Patty and why she doesn't fit in and how badly her family treats her and how her sister is the favored child (repeat that several times in breathless teenspeak) reaches across the span of time to any alienated late middle schooler. Most will not become as involved with the law as Patty does but they will understand what leads her there and how she feels.about the way people treat her. WWII and German POWs move the action along but it is the other parts of the story that reveal the most about Patty's lessened self-esteem.

I first read this 20 years ago and re-read it as part of my granddaughter's summer reading assignment. Clearly, it has stood the test of time as well as opening up a frank discussion about adolescent feelings.
My son selected this book as an outside Literature book to read for school. I decided to read it, as well. The story covers a period of time during WWII, when German POWs were held within the United States. This story is about one such soldier and a young Jewish girl in a small town in Alabama. Patty Bergen meets the young German POW when some of the prisoners are brought to her father's store to purchase straw hats. Anton, is different from the rest, and one quickly gets the sense that he does not support Hitler. One day, Patty finds him, outside the prison. He has escaped and is trying to get back to a life similar to what he knew before Hitler. Patty hides him. Along with this part of the story, is another story, of how Patty is abused by her parents, both mentally and physically. One thing she learns from her German soldier, Anton, is that she is a person of worth. The story is difficult to read, in part, because of how Patty is treated by her parents. The only people, who seem to truly love and care for Patty are Ruth, the Negro housekeeper, Anton the German soldier and her grandparents in Memphis. This book certainly lends a different perspective to that time period.
I first read this coming of age story 35 Yeats ago, as a teenager. Patty Bergen is a precocious, 12year old girl, wise beyond her years, intelligent and curious. Unfortunately her parents don't appreciate her huge heart and mind. Set near the end of WWII, Patty's interested when a Nazi POW camp is built in her small Alabama town. She begins to realize the propaganda she's been told may have another side.
When she meets escaped POW Anton, the young Jewish girl decided to help him, and learns there are other sides to the war than what she's heard.
Patty is a remarkable character, and the preface to this book states that she is not just a fictional character, but the personification of the author Bette Greene.
This is not a story just for young adults, but for anyone interested in history, and anyone who enjoys coming of age stories.
Besides Patty and Anton, housekeeper Ruth plays a pivotal role in this true story.
I read this book AND watched the TV movie (starring Kristy McNichol) as a young teen. I loved the story then and when I saw this book an Amazon I had to download it on my Kindle. It did not disappoint! Some 30+ Years later and this story still tugs at the heart strings. You won't be able to put it down.
I love this book! I read it as a child and now my son is reading it. I read it as an assignment in 8th grade, he is reading it for fun, he is in 5th grade. Probably best for a child with at least a comprehension/vocabulary level of 8th grade or higher.
The author writes very well about a very difficult human state:love for a man belonging to enemy nation which has tried to anihilate all Jews by genocide..The text is deeply moving but not pathetic.
Read this as a child and gave it to a child on READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY. The friendship that builds between two such different people. How a stranger values the young girl's life more than her own father does, the life a Jewish girl protected by a German soldier who is supposed to killing Jews. Friendship, above all, valuing each others differences seems to be the theme throughout. I wish everyone would read this simple story and take it to heart
Summer of My German Soldier download epub
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Author: Bette Greene
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Publisher: Bantam Starfire; 7th THUS edition (1978)