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by Marti Joan de Galba,David H. Rosenthal,Joanot Martorell

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Joanot Martorell (Author), Marti Joan de Galba (Author), David H. Rosenthal (Translator) & 0 more. Joanot Martorell, a fifteenth-century Catalan nobleman, is believed to have written about three-fourths of Tirant lo Blanc.

Joanot Martorell (Author), Marti Joan de Galba (Author), David H. After his death, the novel was completed by his friend, Martí Joan de Galba.

It deals with the adventures of a knight in the Byzantine Empire. Miguel de Cervantes, in the book burning scene of Don Quixote, says "I swear to you, my friend, it's the best book of its kind in the world".

Joanot Martorell, a fifteenth-century Catalan nobleman, is believed to have written about three-fourths of Tirant lo Blanc. Библиографические данные. Tirant Lo Blanc A Johns Hopkins paperback: Literature/medieval studies.

Tirant lo Blanc is the best European novel of the fifteenth century, says Damaso Alonso in his excellent study. This audio book was read by a computer program, in other words it sounds horrible.

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Joanot Martorell, Marti Joan De Galba, David H. Rosenthal. With great precision and verve, Martorell narrates land and sea battles, duels, hunts, banquets, political maneuverings, and romantic conquests.

The title means "Tirant the White" and is the name of the romance's main character who saves the Byzantine Empire. It is one of the best known medieval works of literature in Valencian.

With great precision and verve, Martorell narrates land and sea battles, duels, hunts, banquets, political.

First published in the Catalan language in Valencia in 1490, Tirant lo Blanc ("The White Tyrant") is a sweeping epic of chivalry and high adventure. With great precision and verve, Martorell narrates land and sea battles, duels, hunts, banquets, political maneuverings, and romantic conquests. Reviewing the first modern Spanish translation in 1969 (Franco had ruthlessly suppressed the Catalan language and literature), Mario Vargas Llosa hailed the epic's author as "the first of that lineage of God-supplanters―Fielding, Balzac, Dickens, Flaubert, Tolstoy, Joyce, Faulkner―who try to create in their novels an all-encompassing reality."

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I'm afraid that this "masterpiece" - acclaimed by Cervantes, Mario Vargas Llosa and other writers whom I greatly admire - was more than a bit of a slog for me. The problem, in a nutshell, is with the overbearing rhetoric in its 487 chapters, most of which are replies or responses to what another character has said. In other words, a great deal of the book, especially those regarding the bawdy, amorous dalliances in Constantinople, are responses to responses to responses.

Nevertheless, the book is worth reading for its historical value alone. It expresses, in a style that has become foreign to us, universal human situations and immerses the reader in a very exotic world. Also, its influence on Cervantes in his creation of Don Quixote, the character and the book, is clearly apparent and often striking.

And, whilst there is knightly romance, love, sex, gore and more gore in battle upon battle, and much to keep the reader occupied, if s/he fancies such things; There is also, as Mario Vargas Llosa has noted, a distinctly modern note to it all, best enunciated by Muslim wise man Abdullah Solomon:

"There is no harsher war than with one's own customs and spirit, for since it s fought within the walls - that is, within the man himself - there can be no truce."

This rather modern insight is borne out well as we follow the eponymous knight throughout his life even unto death; if only one were not assaulted by such a host of chapters!
The product came promptly, the price was fair, and the package was wrapped well. Will buy from again.
While I agree with all the positive reviews concerning the Tirant, I also have to say that Rosenthal took liberties with this book that render this book an adaptation. Having read the Valencian and a Castilian version, I am convinced that the book lost so much in Rosenthal's translation. And, contrary to what Rosenthal claims, the first translation of this book was Ray La Fontaine, whose dissertation was indeed the first translation of this text. La Fontaine's text reads like the real text; and, in doing so, provides every morsel of detail that renders the work more authentically. And, if you read La Fontaine's version, you will find an abundance of interesting details that Rosenthal omitted.
this novel was written in Valencia and is in Valenciano language.
please correct it because is a gross mistake.
its a really good book to read of Valencias literature.
Once I read an essay about anthologies written by Jorge Luis Borges. All anthologies (he said, I don't remember the exact words, but I do remember the idea) are arbitrary conventions, but only time makes real, unforgettable anthologies. Although I agree with the Argentine writer, I must add that time is sometimes an unfair judge. So unfair that it left behind this masterpiece of Catalan literature, one of the greatest book I've ever read, a book that stands alongside such undisputable masterpieces as "El Engenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha" and "War and Peace". Joanot Martorell built the Universe. After reading his rich work, we cannot but regret how poor is the literature of our times, how narrow-minded are the presumptuous writers of nowadays. "Tirant lo Blanc" is not just a chivalry story. It's much more than that. It's a book about love and romance, about honor and war, about sex and chastity, about boldness and bravery. Its settings comprise several countries; it has more than a hundred characters, many of them richly portrayed with subtle psychology. We, readers of the twentieth-first century, use to look despicably at the literature of the middle-ages for we take the "dark age" as a decaying era between the classical times of Greeks and Romans and the Renaissance (Dante is an exception to this tough judgment). If you think thus, read this book and you'll find how wrong and unfair your pre-conceived ideas are. I bet you'll be surprised with Martorell's boldness in sexual affairs, with his mastery of plot, with the unpredictable behavior of his characters, with the unsurpassed richness of scenarios. You will find that the literature of our times is too conventional notwithstanding all the modernist and post-modernist' experimentations.

But, be aware: this book is just for those who really love literature. If you are looking for entertainment, please buy another book. You will not bear its slow pace, the endless dialogues and the sometimes boring letters the characters send one to another.
Writen about 100 years prior to Don Quixote de la Mancha, and the appearance of the modern novel, Tirant Lo Blanc is a refreshing and interesting masterpiece on Mideaval society, love and the rules that governed the nobility of the time.

Indirectly, it gives us a look at the lives of Catalan knights, troubadours, merchants, peasants, sailors and the clergy. The book is politically incorrect (thank goodness), and if you are tired of modern "cleansed" interpretations of life during the middle ages, you need to read this book. Be prepared for the unexpected, and also be aware that its structure will at times give you the feeling of a slow read. But, as I said, the material is pure gold!
This book is a must read for the historical enthusiast! It was written by a knight about knighthood. The viewpoints and situations are very far removed from our preconceived ideas of the middle ages. It is written very well and reads almost in a 'modern' way. This book was difficult to read in some places, but for the most part was so interesting that I couldn't put it down.
Sheer genius! A joy to read! If anyone out there has my copy - I WANT IT BACK!!!

If you are in anyway interested in the late middle ages, chivalry or early literature... BUY THIS BOOK NOW!!!
Tirant Lo Blanc download epub
History & Criticism
Author: Marti Joan de Galba,David H. Rosenthal,Joanot Martorell
ISBN: 0801854210
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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press; Reprint edition (August 13, 1996)
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