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by Robert Asprin

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Читать онлайн Myth-Ing Persons. Chapter One. "Reputations are fine up to a point.

Читать онлайн Myth-Ing Persons. Myth 05 -. Myth-Ing Persons. After that they become a pain!" -. UAN. THERE is something sinfully satisfying about doing something you know you aren't supposed to. This was roughly my frame of mind as I approached a specific nondescript tent at the Bazaar at Deva with my breakfast under my ar. uilty, but smug.

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Robert Asprin died on May 22, 2008 at home due to myocardial infarction at an age of 61. His glasses and a Terry Pratchett novel were found next to his body. The following weekend, he was to receive Guest of Honor at the Marcon. His family donated his archive to department of Rare books and special collections at Northern Illinois University. He may have written several outstanding novels, but Myth Adventures and Phul’s Company are considered as his best works

The Adventures of Duncan & Mallory: The Beginning.

The Adventures of Duncan & Mallory: The Beginning.

Until I had hooked up with Aahz, I had never had occasion to pretend I was anyone but myself. As such, I had no way of knowing how long it took to don a physical disguise without resorting to magic. By the time we were done, I had a new respect for the skills I had learned, not to mention a real longing for a dimensio. ny dimension with a strong force line to work with. Tananda was a major help, her experiences with the assassin's guild came into play and she took the lead in trying to coach us into our new roles.

Publisher: Ace Books, New York, 1986

Author: Robert Asprin. Publisher: Ace Books, New York, 1986.

Robert Lynn Asprin was born June 28, 1946 in St. Johns, Michigan to Daniel and Lorraine Asprin. Asprin attended the University of Michigan from 1964-65. In 1965, Robert served in the . He died of a myocardial infarction at home in his bed on May 22, 2008. Библиографические данные.

Robert Asprin's Myth-Quoted (2012) sole author: Jody Lyn Nye. Though written without Robert Asprin himself, the . Myth-ing Persons, Little Myth Marker (2002). Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Volume One (Books 1–6) (July 2006). Though written without Robert Asprin himself, the book is logically part of the Myth Series. MYTH Adventures (1984). Myth Adventures One (1985). Myth Alliances (Myth-ing Persons, Little Myth Marker, . The MYTH-ing Omnibus (1992). The Second MYTH-ing Omnibus (1992). Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Volume Two (Books 7–12) (January 2007).

Book by Asprin, Robert

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Myth-Ing Persons (1984) is the fifth Fantasy novel in the Myth series, following Hit or Myth. In the previous volume, Skeeve settled the problems in Possiltum. Aahz conceived a devious plan to foil the Mob on Deva. And Don Bruce made an agreement with Skeeve.

In this novel, Skeeve is the representative for Mob on Deva. He is also receiving a retainer from the Devan Merchants Association to keep the Mob out of the Great Bazaar. Skeeve still doesn't know how to travel between dimensions without using a D-hopper.

Aahz is a Pervect from the Perv dimension. He had been a master magician, but lost his magical powers due to a practical joke. Now he is Skeeve's partner and mentor.

Massha is a mechanic from an unknown dimension. She uses devices to produce her magic. Now she is learning real magic from Skeeve as his apprentice.

Chumley is a Troll from the Trollia dimension. He is also the big brother of Tananda. He uses the Crunch persona to hide his shyness.

Tananda is a Trollop from the Trollia dimension. She has green skin and hair and a very voluptuous body. She is Chumley's little sister and an assassin.

Guido is a senior gangster in the Mob. He is now the personal bodyguard of the Great Skeeve.

Nunzio is Guido's cousin and is also a senior gangster. He is now another personal bodyguard of Skeeve.

In this story, Skeeve is returning to their tent when a kind soul warns him about the person who lives there. He is earnestly told about the strange doings of the Great Skeeve. After playing dumb for a while, Skeeve finally tells the Deveel his name and he runs screaming from the area.

Then Skeeve is confronted by Nunzio. Skeeve is not supposed to go out without his bodyguards. Skeeve apologizes, but gets Nunzio to admit that he and Guido would only slow down any magical assaults.

Then Skeeve goes upstairs to break up an argument between Guido and Aahz. It seems that Aahz believes that Guido has lost them some clients. Guido explains that he left them downstairs and they were gone when he returned.

Then Aahz and Skeeve let Guido know that there is another way out of the reception room. They run downstairs and find that the backdoor has been opened. They have kept it locked because they don't know where it leads.

The tent is much larger on the inside than it looks from the outside. It is actually the entrance to another dimension. Skeeve and his friends have been using their small portion of that dimension, but they have never checked out with whom they are sharing the place.

Then representatives of the Devan Merchants Association -- their landlords -- show up and demand the persons of three con artists. The "clients" were running a scam within the Great Bazaar and now they have escaped through the backdoor.

The Deveels insist on the return of the scammers, a full refund of the ill-gotten loot, or the banishment of Skeeve from the Bazaar. Naturally Aahz doesn't want to refund the money. So Skeeve asks for a little time to locate the con artists.

Skeeve insists on following the two men and a woman through the door. Aahz thinks he should go alone. When Skeeve keeps arguing, Aahz cold cocks him and leaves alone.

After Skeeve awakes, his first impulse is to rush after Aahz. But he decides to wait for a reasonable length of time. After a few days without word from Aahz, reasonable is looking closer.

Then a woman knocks on the backdoor and tells them that Aahz has been arrested for murder. Skeeve panics and starts issuing orders. Guido finally attracts his attention to mention that the young lady was one of the trio. When they look out the door, she is gone from the area.

Nunzio is left behind to explain to Chumley and Tananda when they return. Skeeve, Massha, and Guido leave within an hour. They step into a dim day.

This tale brings Skeeve and his friends into a dimension inhabited by vampires. The vampires usually get their blood from bottles, but they still have fangs and can turn into bats. For some reason, the vampires are very afraid of humans.

This story has the usual twists and turns and a few surprises. The next installment is Little Myth Marker. Read and enjoy!

Highly recommended for Asprin fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of simple magic, unusual vampires, and a young magician. If anyone has not previously read this series, the initial volume is Another Fine Myth.

-Arthur W. Jordin
I loved these books in High School & college. The copy on the e-books is terrible. So many errors it detracts from the story. There are typos & clear fails in translating from hard copy to e-books. So much of the humor depends on puns & word plays these errors are a serious fail. Avoid the e-books and get the hard copy.
Love the Myth series books, this one filled in a gap in my collection. Great story and ties in with the rest of the characters and books.
I love the MYTH series of books! entertaining and easy to read with lots of puns and humor throughout the series!
this series is always good. funny and entertaining. not too deep.
I was disappointed when I found my copy of myth advertures had for some reason reprinted about 80 pages of Mything-Persons and the begining of Little Myth Marker again in the middle of Little Myth Marker, then skipped to near the end so I had to purchase the book since the place I bought it from only had this misprinted copy.
It was worth paying for seperate. I loved it as my kid did. Skeeve comes of age in this one and if you make it through this one without a laugh or two it is your own fault.
Love It
Hard to give it a nicely thought out review because I have read most of this series several times. It's predictable largely because I've been here before.

Still, these book a quick, fun read and I never tire of them
Myth-Ing Persons download epub
Humor & Satire
Author: Robert Asprin
ISBN: 0783895488
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Humor & Satire
Language: English
Publisher: G K Hall & Co (July 1, 2002)
Pages: 248 pages