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The men i didnt marry, . We’re also grateful to Gina Centrello for her early and continued support of our books

The men i didnt marry, . The Men I Didn't Marry, . We’re also grateful to Gina Centrello for her early and continued support of our books. Our thanks also to Sally Willcox and the team at CAA, and to our hardworking international agents who’ve made sure our books are read everywhere from Madrid to Moscow. Most of all, to our husbands, children, family, and friends, endless gratitude for your loyalty, love, and good humor. Chapter ONE. MY HUSBAND DOESN’T EVEN WAIT until we’re in the car to drop his bombshell. We’ve just brought our daughter-the brilliant, beautiful, and beloved Emily-to her first day at Yale.

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Being outside every day running on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and having sex everywhere, I’m in my best shape ever. Maybe when you’re separated, you lose two pounds a year. If I stay single another twenty years, I could end up anorexic. But at the moment, I have the best of everything. I’m feeling trim and healthy-and I have Kevin. Talk about slipping into things.

The Men I Didn't Marry: . .has been added to your Cart. It didn't make me laugh out loud like Marian Keyes does every single time, nor did it entice me to find out more about the main character.

Whatever happened to all those men she didn't marry? First up is Eric, now an international businessman and number 277 on Forbes's Richest People in the World list. He and Hallie used to put a nickel in the piggy bank every time they made love. Now Eric would like to renew the investment. Next she finds Rav Jon Yoma Maharishi–formerly known as Barry. Join Hallie Lawrence Pierpont as she's whisked away on a journey into her past love life that leads to her future. Hallie's husband, Bill, doesn't even wait until they get home from dropping off their youngest daughter at Yale to announce that he's leaving–for fitness trainer Ashlee (two e's, perky breasts, and shiny hair to boot).

The Men I Didn't Marry gives you an intimate look at one upper-middle class woman's journey through a marital breakup. The tone is pretty slapstick and the writing occasionally tries too hard to be deep. A fun diversion, full of one-liners and glimpses of affluent living.

Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Men I Didn't Marry: A Novel. Join Hallie Lawrence Pierpont as she’s whisked away on a journey into her past love life that leads to her future. Hallie’s husband, Bill, doesn’t even wait until they get home from dropping off their youngest daughter at Yale to announce that he’s leaving–for fitness trainer Ashlee (two e’s, perky breasts, and shiny hair to boot). After first succumbing to an Oreo-induced coma, Hallie is determined to get her life back. An unexpected call from an old college boyfriend sets a plan in motion.

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The Men I Didn't Marry.

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Silver Globol
More to the point, who on earth even wants to go see what our ex boyfriends look like after 20 something years??? Come on already!
This is an ultra light read that will soon be forgotten and never recommended.

It's flat and full of voids, the characters are not really developed and I just didn't buy the whole plot here, if you can call it a plot that is.

This is not the kind of book that will leave a print on your mind.... It didn't make me laugh out loud like Marian Keyes does every single time, nor did it entice me to find out more about the main character.

In all honesty just another plain lifeless chick lit book I won't recommend to you.
I liked it. Funny and sad. Adventures and realities both at the same time. A bit more of the real world than just fiction!
Hallie has been dumped. And not just dumped. Her husband of 21 years has left her- for the younger, perkier, cellulite free Ashlee. With her husband gone and children off to college, Hallie wallows her pain away in massive amounts of Oreo's at her empty house. But she needs to snap out of it and move on. She is a successful lawyer living in New York City with a fabulous best friend and a handful of kooky neighbors, and moving on is exactly what she is going to do. By visiting her past.

Hallie gets the idea to go looking for her ex-boyfriends; the men she didn't marry. Maybe that can help her figure out how she chose Bill, her soon to be ex-husband who doesn't seem to realize that you can't just have a `second act' with a younger woman when you are married. First up is Eric, a college boyfriend who has now become an extremely rich investment broker, but he seems more interested in himself, his money, and his Blackberry. Next is Barry, who Hallie met while backpacking across Europe. His experience turned out to be on the ...quiet side, and a whole lot different than Hallie could have imagined. And finally, Kevin. Hallie travels to the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda to find her high school boyfriend, and thinks she may have found love again.

The Men I Didn't Marry by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger is ferociously funny, a fabulous and witty tale that will keep your interest until the end. The main character's motivation to keep her head up and not give up on happiness is inspiring and thought provoking for readers. And the flair of mystery- what exactly did happen to Hallie's sister and who is the mysterious fourth ex-boyfriend- will keep you wrapped up until you can happily mark this must read novel as finished.
I see this book has gotten a few not so hot reviews, and I just wanted to say that sometimes, you don't want to read something so gripping that you can't get your laundry done, you ignore your children for 3 days straight. Sometimes you just want a light, fun book to make you feel like you have a friend arms reach away to entertain you during some downtime, or lounging pool side. For me, this was that book!

I kind of go back and forth between books like this, and dark thriller types, and this is a welcomed light and airy read that I need when I come back up from under the dark cloud my other books sometimes leave me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the dark, but I love me some light too!

Give it a whirl, see if you agree! :)

Heather Lynn Osting - Author
As Hallie and her husband Bill are dropping their last child off at her dorm, Hallie is looking forward to spending some quality time alone with her spouse. Unfortunately, Bill has other plans, namely a new apartment and a new relationship with his trainer Ashlee (with two "E's"). After emerging from a fog of Oreos, home shopping channels, and general depression, Hallie picks herself up and takes her daughter's advice to go out on a hike. Of course that ends up being a disaster, but a chance meeting with a Tom Sheppard on the side of the road hatches a plan. Tom is a friend of billionaire Eric, one of Hallie's college lovers. After hooking up with Eric, she wonders where the rest of the guys that got away are and what they are up to.

And so the quest begins. Many of her misadventures result in hilarity, as she discovers that most of her former paramours are single, and a few seem pretty interested. When she hooks up with Kevin, an underwater photographer based in the Caribbean, the sparks fly and she thinks he might be a match. But could conservative lawyer Hallie find everlasting happiness with bohemian Kevin?

The writing duo of Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger has penned another hysterical tale filled with wry observations and quick pacing, though a bit far-fetched, but hey - it's fiction after all! It is nice to see adult heroines once in awhile, and the duo does a great job of fleshing Hallie's character out.
I rated this book as a four stars because it was truly fun to read - an entertaining book. I laughed at a few scenes and I thoroughly enjoyed the premise and the writing style.

Now, for my negative comments. Throughout the entire storyline, I kept thinking "gimme a break". First off, it felt to me as though the authors never really had the main character deal with her pain - then again, looking up old boyfriends might have been her way of dealing???? Secondly, some of the lines in this book were downright corny - they made me cringe EEKKKK! and thirdly, the fact that the boyfriends she tracked down were all: 1) thrilled to see her (right!!!), 2) still in love with her (right!!!) and coincidentally still single (right!!!!!) - nope a little too convenient for me. Oh, did I even mention the absolutely perfect children who adore their mother so much (18 and 19 years of age) that they call her everyday AND fly to an Island to surprise her and be with her because they are afraid she is going to be lonely!! (yeah, that's going to happen in real life!!!)

Yet, I loved reading this book. So, there you have it - I am recommending a seriously ridiculous, but wonderful book.
The Men I Didn't Marry download epub
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