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by C.F. Tunnicliffe,Alison Uttley

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THE COUNTRY CHILD is a l story about a girl growing up in the country. Alison Uttley has drawn on her own youth to produce memories so vivid and nostalgic that you can almost smell the honeysuckle and hear the owls calling at dusk. She writes about the small intense joys and sorrows of life on a small farm: the fun of haymaking, the sadness of favourite animals being slaughtered, and the close sweetness of Christmas celebrations in the farmhouse kitchen. Also in A Puffin Book: A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley.

1969 – The Country Child, by Alison Uttley. Penguin Books: Middlesex. 1984 – Tunnicliffe's Birds, by . Little Brown: Boston. 1969 – The Island, by Ronald Lockley. 1969 – The Valley, by Elizabeth Clarke. 1972 – Secret Places and other Essays, by Alison Uttley. 1986 – The Happy Countryman, by . Salem House Publishers: USA. ISBN 48164-23-9.

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Books by Alison Uttley. The child’s heart ceased its heavy pounding and she took in deep breaths in readiness for the next ordeal, an immense rugged oak tree which waited at the crossroad, where her path cut across two others. One way led downhill to a cottage in the fields below the wood, a path no one used. The other went up the steep sides of the wood past great boulders which lay among the trees like primitive beasts crouching in the dark, until it faded away to nothing in the bracken.

Alison Uttley 'Country Things', Illustrations by . Really enjoying this book! The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century: Ian Mortimer.

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by Alison Uttley, C. Published 1963 by Penguin About the Book. A veritable delight of descriptive words to take you back to an idyllic childhood. Published 1963 by Penguin. An enchanting story of childhood based around the authors upbringing in rural Derbyshire in the early nineteenth century. Originally published, Faber, 1931.

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THE COUNTRY CHILD is a l story about a girl growing up. .

Tunnicliffe and, needless to say, Mr. Tunnicliffe has met the demand handsomely. The result is a book that almost asks to become yours.

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Wonderful book about the author's childhood on a farm in Derbyshire during the late 19th century. I would rexommend this book to lovers of both history and historical fiction. People who enjoy and appreciate books like "Larkrise to Candleford" will enjoy this book. The child, Susan's, anxieties about relgion and morality mau seem strange to some modern readers, but are important to creating the sense of the time and community in which she lived. There were a few colloquial / period words related to farming, hand crafts, and plants for which I have not yet been able to find clear definitions. The hunt will continue!
Hǻrley Quinn
I enjoyed this simple, nicely written, slow paced book very much. A happy rural childhood on a secluded, medium size farm. The protagonist - a small girl, an only child - describes her life and life on the farm in general during various seasons of the year from her point of view, which feels very natural. She lives very close to the nature; the countryside, the farm, its trees and animals are both her important friends and subjects of observation.
I was inspired to get this book by the other reviews on the site here, and I am so glad I did!! This is an absolutely wonderful, magical book. The writing is consistently superb, some of the best I have ever read. I am reading it slowly, and savoring every moment. I know it is one I will read again and again. What a beautiful, detailed picture of English country life just before the 20th century, in a place where cars and electricity were still unknown. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of her childhood country life: Trees, the Moon, Christmas, and others. I feel lucky to have found this book!
I read this book as a 12-year-old, and it has stayed with me over a quarter of a century. It's the story of a year in a 9-year old girl's life on her family's farm in Victorian-era England. Little Susan Garland is an only child, highly imaginative, and used to keeping herself entertained. The descriptions of life on the farm, her walks to school, the farm animals, the holidays, are intensely vivid, bringing late 19th century rural England alive to a late 20th century American city girl.

A sample paragraph from the chapter "December": "Holly decked every picture and ornament. Sprays hung over the bacon and twisted round the hams and herb bunches. The clock carried a crown on his head, and every dish-cover had a little sprig. Susan kept an eye on the lonely forgotten humble things, the jelly moulds and colanders and nutmeg graters, and made them happy with glossy leaves. Everything seemed to speak, to ask for its morsel of greenery, and she tried to leave out nothing."

It's not for everyone: children who want a lot of adventure in their books, or who prefer books with a lot of interaction between characters may find it boring.
I had read a small portion of this book that was included in a Christmas Stories book and it was enough to make me want to read more. I'm so glad I ordered the book. It is a quick read and is one that is very hard to put down once you've started it. If you are one of those people, as I am, who longs for a more simple time when life was slow and peaceful, then get this book. It will take you into a little girl's life in England where the days are full of wonder and the nights are magical.
This was a Kindle download. It is possibly the most beautifully written book I've ever read, and I've read many! It is a shame we don't expose our children to this level of literature anymore. The descriptions of the child's life are nearly poetic. Great book!
I read this book as child many years ago and has just reread it 50 years later
The incredible detail of life on the farm and the fantastic imagination of Susan.
Loved this book
Wonderful poetic writing which conjures up a vivid picture of life in rural England long ago. An authentic,evocative, and thoroughly enjoyable read.
A Country Child download epub
Author: C.F. Tunnicliffe,Alison Uttley
ISBN: 1903252016
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Gardners Books (April 30, 2000)
Pages: 216 pages